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Gareth_Bryne -> War Revolt Madness (11/21/2011 4:21:05 PM)

Okay, guys, here's something I ran into and it bugs me.

I've played three games using Boskara and in each one, though on different stages, the following scenario repeats itself. I (or another Boskara civ) declare war at another Boskara civ (or myself). Within 2 days in-game time half of my colonies erupt in successful revolt, and in the first two tries, my homeworld as well. The third time it happened, the other Boskara civ in question was two planets' size. This EXTREMELY annoying tendency has no connection with a) war weariness, b) war justification (i.e. who started first), c)relative empire size or d) colony happiness. The only thing about it is the sameness of primary race. Oh, and in the first two cases it seems that revolts happened in the other civ's empire as well.

In Crusader Kings the situation was similar, but at least there were several logical realpolitik consideration written in. Here, it seems completely illogical and, believe me, realpolitik it ain't. My questions are:
1) Has anyone run in similar extreme situations?
2) Eric and the DW team, can anything be done about it? It is quite annoying, at least for me.

Thank you ahead of time for your attention.

ehsumrell1 -> RE: War Revolt Madness (11/21/2011 4:36:24 PM)

Hello Gareth,
Yes the team is aware of this situation. It seems that during a colony takeover or
internal revolution (due to government change, etc.) that the colony tax rates were
not being dropped to zero. Since the rates were usually high pre-invasion or the
population was previously very high this immediately set off the revolt triggers.
At least for that colony, and as we found out through testing, sometimes the ripple
effect occurred throughout the players empire.

This has been fixed in Legends and the fix will also be included in the update to ROTS
Elliot is doing next. Hope this answers your inquiry! [:)]

Erik Rutins -> RE: War Revolt Madness (11/21/2011 6:04:59 PM)

Hi Gareth,

This should be improved in Legends, as ehsumrell1 posted. It's also something we'd like to address in the next ROTS update. The main way to address it until then is to keep population happiness high in other areas so that the unhappiness of fighting the same species does not push colonies into full rebellion.

It sounds like you may be seeing this despite high colony happiness, so if that's the case please feel free to upload a save file for us to look over as well.


- Erik

Sithuk -> RE: War Revolt Madness (11/21/2011 6:05:02 PM)

ehsumrell: tax rate contributes to the problem but more important is the "you are at war with our race" negative modifier.I understand in Legends that we now have options to assimilate / annihilate / enslave other race populations on our worlds.

I agree that in RoTS the mass planet revolts are a serious fun killer.

Gareth_Bryne -> RE: War Revolt Madness (11/21/2011 7:23:12 PM)

Eric,  ehsumrell1, thank you very much!!
I will note that it is closer Sithuk's conjecture. And, again, in my case it was early in the game and it was my primary race, which constituted over 99% of my empire population...

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