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steverodgers801 -> factory move (11/20/2011 6:02:36 PM)

I clicked rail move I clicked on the city name but I dont get a screen to move the factory is something wrong?

elmo3 -> RE: factory move (11/20/2011 6:16:16 PM)

A little more information would be helpful.  What city, what turn, are there enemy units adjacent, etc.

carlkay58 -> RE: factory move (11/20/2011 8:22:02 PM)

It is important to remember that the first turn or two you may not do any industry evacuations.

larryfulkerson -> RE: factory move (11/20/2011 10:28:53 PM)

Yeah the same thing happened to me.  I was in railroad movement mode, clicked on the city name in the upper right corner, got a screen showing the industries in the city but had no 'move' label to click on and it was then that I found out that you can't move any industries in the first turn.  Second turn I could move them.

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