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Balou -> Rule suggest no need for 100% garrisons (10/25/2011 9:49:15 PM)

17.2.2. Partisan Creation from Un-garrisoned Populations

As stated in the rule book, the result of the formula used to create new partisan units if garrison requirements are not 100% is rounded down. The example given is Brest-Litovsk (8 Manpower) with a garrison of 69% or 31% unmet. The result of the formula is 2.48 partisan squads every turn, rounded down to 2.
What if the result is less than 1 ? Because for a city with a manpower of 8, it would only require 88% or 12% unmet, and I would end up with a result of 0.96, which should be rounded down to 0. Right or wrong ? Or is it never lower than 1 if requirements are not 100% ?
In numbers: for Brest Litovsk alone I could spare 480 (12%) men of the required 4000 (requirement for a city hex) and even more if the unit in town exceeds 4000. If I consider how many cities the Axis has to keep at bay, that would add up to a lot of men to spare.

Balou -> RE: Rule suggest no need for 100% garrisons (10/27/2011 9:28:57 PM)

Just curious: is there no answer to a very simple question? Well, my question above might seem a lesser problem at first glance, but I would really know whether I am right or totally wrong about the partisan risk out of the formula in the rule book.
The rationale behind all this: some posts repeatedly deal with "how to spare axis troops for more important tasks". Maybe one of the devs could comment on my conclusions around the "rounded down".

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