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Arjuna -> Patch #2 Fixes/Changes (10/20/2011 11:38:44 PM)

For Patch #2 we have basically:

  • overhauled the AI engine
  • fixed the few UI glitches that had been identified
  • added some additional AAR reporting
  • revised the force estabs to correct some factual and systemic data anomolies
  • reviewed the scenarios for play balance.
  • added support for subDirectories within the Scenarios directory -so you can now organise your own scenarios better.
  • added historical reinforcement schedule type so you can design scenarios with both an historical schedule and multiple what-if standard schedules
  • added "deployed" arrival type so you have reinforcements arrive already deployed, dug in or entrenched. This allows the scenario designer to crreate multiple reinforcement schedules with different locations for dug in forces.

We have listened to our users and I believe we have addressed the major issues raised on the public BFTB forum. In particular, we have addressed:

  • excessive fatigue and cohesion,
  • formation lockups,
  • stop-start movement by large forces in road column,
  • retreating and routing towards the enemy,
  • excessive facing and deployment changes,
  • forces not facing the way they have been ordered to,
  • excessive reassessments and replanning,
  • HQs leading the charge,
  • support units getting in harms way,
  • fire and bombardment having too little effect against dug in units,
  • attacks being replanned unnecesarily,
  • waypoints not being culled as units pass them,
  • bridges not being blown,
  • bridges not being constructed efficiently with the engineers available
  • supply lines not being updated properly
  • RPG and mortar ammo not being resupplied
  • RPGs not firing at enemy AFVs
  • Units not exiting
  • Units exiting in excess of victroy requirements

Along the way there has been little of the AI code left untouched. Major changes have been made to the scheduling, force allocation, reaction, fire, movement, reassessment and planning code. If it were an arty gun, it's been rebored to fire a bigger more powerful shell. Things that you will notice will include:

  • smooth sequencing of units moving in road column
  • adjusting waypoints causes a replan with consequent orders delay
  • HQs no longer in the assault but in the reserve for attacks
  • formation frontage and depth constrained to realistic limits
  • better allocation of units to attack tasks
  • overall a tougher AI opponent

The full list of fixes follows.

Arjuna -> RE: Patch #2 Fixes/Changes (10/20/2011 11:39:49 PM)

Here is the full list of fixes for Patch #2:

  • Formation Movement overhauled.
  • Route finding through waypoints now done in one single route rather than a series of sequential tasks.
  • Formation Effects modified especially for InSitu formations
  • Fatigue overhauled.
  • Bridge demolition now works as intended. Removed requirement that unit must be an engineer to blow.
  • Fixed Infinite Loop causes by not culling waypoints prperly inside DevelopMissionPlan(). ( NOTE - need to ensure waypoints culled properly as force moves. See AdvanceAlongRoute(). Waiting on suitable saved game. )
  • Ensured that Player Waypoints are not being ignored by subordinates.
  • Ensured that Player waypoints are being removed as force passes.
  • Ensured PlanMove now calls proper formation pathing routines when catering for crossings.
  • Ensure task waypoints set correctly for all subordinate Move tasks.
  • Ensure CullRouteLoopbacks() factors in waypoints.
  • Ensured that suboprdinate units now processed for exit eligibility.
  • Fixed assert at ScenRoute.cpp, line 3622. Was erroneously choosing a foot path instead of a mot path because the FG Values hadn't been recalced since reallocation of units. Now forces a recalc of FGValues before calcing route.
  • Fixed assert at ScenMissionPlan.cpp, line 3887 caused by not adjusting end times of missionTask and planTasks if these were of a different type to bossTask. It now caps the end and StartAT times of missionTasks and planTasks if these are greater than the bossTask. It also ensures that orders are sent to subordinates with changes.
  • Fixed Assert at ScenMissionPlan.cpp, line 3920 caused by not checking for valid route before determining route duration. Now checks and if invalid due to boss routing it sets the end time for task to missionEnd. When the bos finishes rout recovery he will recalc route and send orders.
  • Fixed Assert at TaskDoctrine.cpp, line 3550 caused at Game start when a subordinate tries to reschedule its boss's reassessment and it's boss doesn't yet have a curr unit task. Now checks and ignores if no curr unit task. This just depended on the sequence of seeding the on map forces at game start.
  • Ensure that new formation movement mods work with non-road column formations.
  • Modified ObjectiveAchieved() test for TaskDefend. Now returns true if formation type is inSitu and unit within task radius. This prevents a lot of atStart units moving a few metres.
  • Modified move code to ensure bases stop moving if enemy ahead within 500m.
  • Supply Routes and supply status now updated for all units at each ResupplyDetermination event even if they don't require more supplies
  • Ensured that CanMoveAhead() caters for route loopbacks. This fixes one source of formation lockups.
  • Ensured Orders Delay occurs for all task changes greater than thresholds - ie for formation, route and waypoint changes and all replans.
  • Removed double dipping on orders delay modifiers for human player orders.
  • Fix divide by zero error in ScenRoute::GetUnitAhead() caused when prev and next locs are the same and tries to get direction.
  • Reduce maximum grids for initial phase line from 10 to 5 in an attempt to limit scope for HQs moving too far ahead on recalcing route.
  • Ensure uniform labelling for Task view thresholds. All fields now use three level naming convention.
  • Fix Assert at ScenTask.cpp, Line 4056 HasAchievedObjective(). Ensure that if no MissionTask it returns false.
  • Fix Divide by Zero error caused by adding TaskLoc to end of formation route when the last loc was already the same as the taskLoc.
  • Ensure subordinates only delete waypoiints from their bossTask if they are the subject of the bossTask. Otherwise let the subject itself manage the waypoints. This fixes a problem where ordered waypoints are not removed when the force goes through them.
  • Changed the option labels for Aggro, ROF, Losses, Ammo, Fuel, Basics to all use Min-Norm-Max.
  • Ensured that formation constraints with the boss were ignored by the subordinate during their move to join the boss's route and after they had left it. Similarly ensured that the boss ignored the subordinates after they had left their route but factored them before they joined. This was a major cause for lockups, especially with larger formations.
  • Fixed assert at PlanAttack 2342. Ensure that complex attacks are not undertaken where a force comprises of only one line unit and/or only one subordinate HQ.
  • Fixed assert at PlanDelay.cpp, line 159. Ensure PlanDelay::DevelopTaskPlanSelf() tests that the force has more than one non-refueling line unit before trying to split it into multiple groups.
  • Fixed assert at ScenPlanScheduling.cpp, line 17731. The Assert now includes soak off attacks.
  • Stopped reporting that a unit had fired when in fact it had pulled out of the fire event without firing a round.
  • Stopped reporting that a unit had been fired at if the firer had pulled out of the fire event without firing a round.
  • Mods to APerFire and AArmFire including:

    • Reduce prob of firing if the hit probability gets below a threshold ( 20% for RPGs and 10% for all other weapons ).
    • Reduce impact of covered terrain mod if the engagement range is under 100m and even more if under 50m.
    • Reduced adverse impact of weapon accuracy for RPGs.
    • Ensure FirerLoc and targetLoc are used for determining grenade range. This should now make the grenade bonus work for APer fire when firer and target are within 25m.
    • Ensured targetsPerShot uses burstArea not burstRadius. This increases lethality of heavy cannon fire against personnel targets.
    • Adjusted impact of acquisition mod on APerFire.
    • Increased suppression effects.
    • Ensure that the range used for AArm fire against Mot and Mech Inf when dismounted is set between the mid and long range of the unit formation. Is set between min and long range if mounted. This increases survivability of half tracks in the assault.
    • Ensured BFTB casualty figures were within historical values. Baselined the first day of the tutorial scenario and reduced personnel casualty figures to a realistic 5-7% for the attacking force and between 21 and 28% for the defending force.

  • Ensured unit formations use task setting for openSpacing.
  • Ensured task setting for openSpacing only set to false for attack tasks and where defending in urban terrain.
  • Adjusted Formation frontage and depth values in BFTB Estabs. Of particular note, increased depth of road columnfrom 3 to 4m per man. This had a significant effect on combat losses by reducing unit density of forces in road column. This one factor alone virtuall halved combat losses.
  • Modified AAR screen to show losses rather than kills.
  • Added extra data to AAR screen to show causes of pers losses.
  • Ensured HQs are not allocated to Assault tasks.
  • Ensure no unit engagement indicator is animated on firer or target unit icons if no rounds fired during fire event.
  • Ensure that mounted flak, AT, Mortar, RL and Gun typoe units are not disbanded until they are down to their last principal gun system.
  • Modified CalcNonFormationMoveLoc() to slow down movement when actual enemy nearby and even further if friendly and enemy footprints overlap.
  • Fixed error in isOverlap code that was preventing units slowing down when footprints overlap.
  • Ensured that when units Halt() they do not get an opportunity to change facing.
  • Ensured that dug in or better units do not change facing if they are at their objective.
  • Added extra data to AAR screen to show causes of armour losses.
  • Ensure that the bossOffset route culls duplicate continguous locations - prevents divide by zero errors.
  • Ensure that a unit can always move at least one metre when determining the distance a unit can move in a given move event.
  • Ensure that when building an interim crossing large forces defend within the nearbyRange.
  • Add mountedMod to CanSee() such that mounted units trying to observe dismounted units are penalised based on range ( especially over 500m ) and in covered terrain ( urban, woods and orchard )
  • Ensured distance calc between firer and target factors in unit radius of both firer and target.
  • Cap nearby range for large formations to 300m when determining to clear waypoints or not. This ensures that waypoints are not ignored by large forces. However, please note that waypoints within 300m of theSubject or another waypoint will be ignored. So the general rule is keep them at least 300m apart.
  • Enforce formation constraints between phase lines if enemy firepower influence too great or visible enemy threats ahead. This prevents certain cases of HQs leading the charge.
  • Prevent the culling of objectives if they have futureVPs and are either achieved or not enemy controlled. This prevents the abandoning of victory objectives because the side thinks it doesn't have eneough combat power. So it will always endeavour to hold a victroy objective that it has.
  • Fixed Assert at ScenCommonAI.cpp, line 7096 caused when truncating the boss route and it end up with a loop back. Now it kills off the truncate route.
  • HQs Leading the Way issue resolved by ensuring three things, namely that HQs do not move while subordinates await orders; whenever the next task is scheduled an there isn't a next task and a replan ensues that if the force formation is dud, it holds instead; and that on rceiving orders all tempMission plans are replanned if the force is reacting or on Hold.
  • Fix access violation inside HasThreatWithinRangeOfRoute() caused by trying to recalc route values when it should have.
  • Ensure single HQs are not allocated to guard formation roles without a line unit.
  • Reduced enemyFPInfluence along supply routes where these pass through friendly controlled territory ( FP / 4 ) and in contested territory ( FP / 2 ). This should aid in supplying frontline troops that are engaged with enemy.
  • Ensure HQs and support units stop if enemy ahead when moving forward on the finalReorg or to the reserve loc of attacks.
  • Reduced prob of retreating when mounted troops close to deployed inf in cover. Now must fail gungHo test to retreat, otherwise will halt.
  • Prevent firing units changing facing if they are dug in or are not autofacing or if they are autofacing then make sure they are not at the objective or objectiveAchieved. Also prevent change in firer's facing if they are in road column, all round defence or inSitu unit formation.
  • Reduced Fatigue rate from combat by getting rid of the generic "IsUnderFire" accrual. This was in effect double penalising units already fatiguing from the fire event.
  • Modified the setting of unit frontage and depth so that depth is only adjusted gradually as a unit moved along its route from a standing start.
  • Removed orders delay from the sending of orders upon a unit exiting..
  • Fix infinite loop in DoUpdateExitVectoryPoints().
  • Ensured HHour constrained to <= endTime when cribbing independent attacks
  • Modified the setting of unit frontage and depth so that road column depth shrinks as the unit approached the end of the route.
  • Ensured that forces don't try and launch attacks if one of their subordinates already has an assault underway.
  • Extend the range at which HQs and bases will stop moving along their route if enemy ahead from 500m to 1km.
  • Ensure all HQs are prevented from beinmg assigned toi assault tasks.
  • Cap the threat range used to cull multiple objectives, based on the range to the nearest other objective. This helps prevent the double counting of enemy in the combat power ratios.
  • Fix Assert at ScenSideIntel.cpp, line 47 by increasing max GridRadius to 8 to cater for large bases in road column.
  • Fix Assert at ScenRoute 7833 by ensuring CalcFormationRoute() handles cases where the join index is one of the boss' waypoints.
  • Ensure SEPs remove Bases that are no longer drawing from them. This ensures that the correct supply line is drawn.
  • Overhaul the code that allocates bases to supply entry points. Subordionate bases now more likely to be allocated to superior base. More priority is given to distance and where supply routes are hostile the SEP is ignored.
  • Revised FPRouteOutput::CalcValues() so that enemy firepower is ignored where friendlies present along supply routes.
  • Emergency Resupply now factors in current fulfillment ratio thereby rationing supplies as the available stocks drop.
  • Lowered priority for arty units when sorting multiple resupply requests. This ensures non-arty units get first go at any supplies.
  • Fix Assert at GameTask.cpp, line 1049 by amending assert to handle cases where subjectLoc is impassable to group and final objective orientation drags effectiveStartLoc onto FUP waypoint.
  • Prevent unnecesay route recalcs and formation adjustments.
  • Ensure RPG, Mortar and Anti-tank ammo is resupplied.
  • Ensure unit has actual weapons that can use the type of ammo before trying to resupply it.
  • Fix bug introduced in Replacememt Exe #14 that prevented orders from being received properly.
  • Ensure waypoints removed properly.
  • Ensure hierarchical formations are taken into account when determining if a unit can move ahead or must wait.
  • Ensure the new task is used when determining unit ahead from StartProcessingTask(). This avoids using the old task formation.
  • Ensure unit speeds up to close gaps in formation.
  • Restrict the range of frontage and depth options that can be set by the user. Now contrained to within one third and three times the normal frontage and depth.
  • Ensure one shot weapons like PzFausts are resupplied properly.
  • Ensure SeedMissionWaypoints() handles cases where a Move comprised both reachable and bridgable groups.
  • In PlanMove ensure construction eng units are allocated to support bridge construction and that they deploy within bridge construction range ( 500m ) of the bridge.
  • Ensure nonSlip task version updated correctly. This prevents units missing out on new orders where they had slipped their old task.
  • Ensure the "From" time displayed in the Side Objectives view of the sidebar in the Game displays the activation time and not the start time. Note that the scenario designer sets the start time for the AI to give them a heads up while the activation time is the time from which victopry points can be accrued.
  • Prevent the exiting of units where they cannot contribute further to the attainment of a victory condition.
  • Fixed crash bug in ScenCrossingPoint::UpgradeToRespond(). It now only tries to process current plans.
  • Fixed crash on selecting About from Help menu.
  • Ensured that the IsAlreadyThere test is conducted after the defendLoc is determined for bridgable force groups.
  • Ignore IsPartOfAttack test if waiting on orders when determining AllCrossingRoute.
  • Revised Estabs - including reductions to size of bases and arty Bns and mods to RPG ammo.
  • Revised code handling resupply of RPG ammo. Amount resupplied now rounded up to nearest min order qty.
  • Revised scenarios.
  • Revised Attack code. Now HQs and support units allocated to the reserve stay at the reserve loc to the end of the mission. thye no longer join in for the final reorg.
  • Added ObjectiveReached() to all Task Doctrines so the AI can differentiate between a force reaching the objective but not "attaining" it eg for the attack it may be on the objective but the force ratio may still be less than the ten to one required. This allows for smarter behaviour by the AI to reschedule attack tasks and avoids long delays in attacks.
  • Added warning message when user tries to im port force list to a supreme force that does not have an estab assigned yet.
  • Added smart to the import force list code so that it automatically creates a new supreme force if none exists using the highest unit in the list. This means you can create a new scenario and simply import a force list to seed the force tree - no mucking around with setting up the supreme force beforehand.
  • Added warning to AddNewSubordinate() in SM if the superForce doesn't have an estab. This avoids crash.
  • Modified PlanMove code to ensure that route durations are at least two minutes, regardless of the path estimate. This avoids cases of one minute tasks, which can cause scheduling problems in some cases.
  • Moved AsessToDeploySupport() from ReassessAttack to ReassessAssault in line wuith changes that strip HQs from assault. This avoids erroneous attempts by HQs to deploy support units they don't directly control and ensures the proper scheduling of assault tasks in the boss' plan.
  • Ensure waypoints are removed from all related plans including from force formation subGroups.
  • Prevent all units from change facing when firing.
  • Ignore the regular facing checks for all units at their destination who are dug in or better or not reacting or whose rout status is <= halted. Units still determine facing on start of the task and at arrival at the objective, but otherwise stay facing the same direction.
  • Restrict the copying of formation details for the final reorg by exempting the copying of the frontages and depth and formation type. This allows for a more realistic defensive occupied area in the final reorg, rather than staying in the same line dimensions used for the assault.
  • Ensure ShouldEndAssault() determines the cribbageAmount based on the assault end time minus timeNow. This ensures the termination of the assault task.
  • Ensure scheduling code adjusts end of resewrve task with end of final reorg task.
  • Implement dynamic range rings - ie now uses actual current values rather than estab values for determining the range rings.
  • Ensure GetForceGroupValues() and the force ratio determination code now uses current firepower values rather than estab values.
  • Fixed bug introduced in previous build that caused arty not to fire.
  • Fix bug introduced in previous build that stopped displaying firepower values of reinforcements.
  • Overhauled OnCall Support and BombardingForces code. Now ensures that mortars nested under Bn HQs in a Bde level basic attack are included in the bombarding and onCall force groups. This ensures the proper location of reserve task and their availability to support attacks. Also now restricts ability to go across and down force structure to onMapBoss for human player. All other forces can get those arty units directly subordinated ( and/or nested for basic attacks ) plus go up the command chain. they cannot go across it. Further the commit probability for units up the chain has been further reduced from a max reduction of 40% to 50% and this is further reduced by another 20% if Axis.
  • Fixed bugs introduced last build with mods to OnCallSpt and Bombardment forces.
  • Modified Assert at ScenMissionPlan line 4206 so that it handles cases where the assigner is waiting on an abandon or complete mission event.
  • ScenRoute 3974 fixed by ensuring that retreating and routing units do not receive new equipment.
  • Handle cases where a unit currently moving by foot because it has lost all its vehicles, now receives some new vehicles from a disbanded unit., by killing the existing route.
  • Modify Retreat code so that it ignores the viz check when getting threats. So long as they are in the current threats list, then they should be considered as "known" and hence avoided.
  • Ensure that arty units that can no longer bombard ( ie have lost their guns ) are not relcoated during the standard firebase reassessment. This addresses the assert at ScenCommonAI 10477.
  • Prevent unnecessary relocation of arty and depots when reassessing to rebase.
  • Ensured that TransferSuitableResource() uses the right task when checking to see if a resopurce fulfills the special requirements.
  • Added code to IsSurplusToSpecialRequirements() that will retain an engineer unit if removing it would drop the assigned engineer value below a min quantity.
  • Modify PlanMove to ensure that where a force has engineer units within construction range of the crossing that the force defends rather than tries to move there ( even if the subject is further away ). This prevents a lot of moving about by eng units trying to get into formation and thus wasting valuable construction time.
  • When reassessing for base relocation, ensure bases are no relocated if boss is holding. This addresses assert at SPS 20024.
  • Ensure all allocation code uses new dynamic eng values. Addresses assert at SFTTAR 2131.
  • Ensure StartAt time is greater than timeNow before sending orders. This reduced the orders processing and addresses assert at SMP 4304.
  • Don't crib AdvanceToReserve tasks if this would kill off the advance unless the missionEnd is also being cribbed. This prevents the killing off the route and subsequent leading of the charge byu the HQ and reserve forces.
  • Ensured one minute tasks are slipped properly. Addresses assert at ScenMissionPlan.cpp, line 4225.
  • Ensure reserve tasks are slipped properly. Addresses assert at \ScenMissionPlan.cpp, line 5547
  • Fixed Unit Display Filter so MechInf Units actually displays mech inf units.
  • Added new functionality to ForceAllocation routines. Now does pre pass to allocate eng units capable of constructing bridges to any Construct Bridge objectives set by the scenario designer in the ScenMaker.
  • Added new functionality to PlanConstructBridge class that automatically defends if any assigned engineers are nearby to the crossing. This overrides the usual test for isNearby based on the planSubject and avoids unnecessary delays in construction.
  • Added mugshots for David, Ivan and Stephen. Well done lads.
  • Modified Race for Bastogne scenario - aligned timings, adjusted VPs for Construct Bridge tasks.
  • Modified Estabs for three units with engValue - one removed value and the other two changed their SubForceType to Combat Engineer.
  • Ignore ReassessToDeploySuypport during assaults if there is only one unit assaulting. Addresses the assert at TaskAssault 370.
  • Ensure ObjectiveAchieved() can handle cases where main mission is finished or aborted due to loss and an ind task is still proceeding. Addresses assert at ScenTask.cpp, line 7031
  • Exempt calls from the UI requiring an actual task when determining special requirements for ConstructBridge.
  • Ensure for EndOfScenarioQuickAttacks that the misionTask starts at timeNow + 1. Addresses assert at ScenMissionPlan.cpp, line 4292
  • Handle cases where a unit abandons its mission plan but by the time the responding force processes the event the subject of the plan has changed. This can ocur if the onMapBoss reallocated forces during a replan. Addresses assert at ScenAbandonMissionEvent.cpp, line 368.
  • Ensure that bossTasks are stopped if their end <= timeNow even if their version number has changed. This addresses the assert at ScenMissionPlan.cpp, line 4225.
  • Prevent units under direct and indirect fire from recovering cohesion while defending.
  • Ensure that units receiving fire lose cohesion even if no casualties suffered.
  • Remove ObjectiveAchieved() test from WillReschedule() for attack missions. Now only requires ObjectiveReached() test. This prevents some instances of attacks bing called off too early.
  • Modify ObjectiveReached() to handle cases where we need to check the final reorg has been completed properly. This ensures attackjs are not called off prematurely.
  • Prevents attacks from being relaunched after they achieve the objective.
  • Ensure CullFUPs() handles cases where the assault is not led by a HQ.
  • Removed errant Assert at ScenPlanScheduling.cpp Line: 13692
  • Ensured that the margin between the attack missionEnd and the bossEnd is taken advantage of. This prevents unnecessary termination of attacks when the HHour is slipped.
  • Ensure that bombardment units don't commit weapons that are suppressed or fatigued.
  • Ensure whenever abandoned task types are changed to defend that their planTaskType is adjusted accordingly - ie to kIndDefendPlanTaskType or kUnspecifiedPlanTaskType
  • Ensure that only the subjects of updated tasks are sent orders in ProcessCompletedMission events.
  • When responding to abandoned subordinate missions ensure those that have ended are stopped rather than changed to defend. This addresses the assert at FPDateTime 500,
  • When reschedueling the next task and there is no next task but we are waiting on replan or change orders, then go on hold rather than replan the existing orders. This prevents unnecessary processing and mitigates against forces moving off in the wrong direction.
  • Ensure we handle cases where the attack mission HHour has already passed and we don't adjust the end by any differential with the new bossHHour. This addresses the assert at ScenMissionPlan.cpp, line 5025.
  • Ensure the PlanMove code handles cases where an Art Bn is suboprdinated to a line inf company. This addresses the assert at ScenForceGroup.cpp, line 1490.
  • Ensure a copy of the current misionFG is made before stopping the current mission plan to DevelopTempFillerMission. This addresses the assert at PodDatabaseSource line 89.
  • Modified the Game events sort routine to sort by unitAhead before partialMinute. This achieves a much smoother sequencing of units when these are moving in road column.
  • Tweaked ForceAllocation routines to make it more likely that a senior HQ ( Div+ ) will be assigned to a friendly objective.
  • Only reschedule attacks if the missionObj is reached, the assault task is current and it has a future final reorg task. This addresses the assert at ScenPlanScheduling.cpp, line 13688.
  • Modified ScenMaker to automatically set the activation time for tasks to the task start time if nothing has been entered or the activation time is out of bounds ( ie < start or > end ).
  • Modified ScenMaker to dynamically update the task data window and victory conditions window if a task is saved or OK'd.
  • Ensure we have an assault task before using it during WillReschedule(). Addresses access violation introduced as part of previous fix. Oops! :)
  • Ensure orders are sent to subordinates when its current task is slipped. This addresses assert at ScenMissionPlan.cpp, line 4176.
  • Ensure the DevelopScenarioEndAttack() does not double allocate onCallSpt units. This addresses assert at ScenRealForce.cpp, line 16095.
  • Ensure DevelopOptionsForIndependents() in PlanAttack can handle cases where the attack forceGroup is unpopulated.
  • Ensure that the HHour and StartAt times are also adjusted when slipping the final reorg task. Addresses assert at ScenMissionPlan 5026.
  • Handle cases inside DevelopScenarioEndQuickAttack() where there are no line units after determining independents. Fixes CTD near game end.
  • Added Scenario sub directory control to support multiple sub directories within the Scenarios folder. This allows users to organise scenarios as they please and still gain access to them from within the Game.
  • Converted scenarios ensuring siteTask StartAt times were all valid ( ie = start time )
  • Ensured that when using the boss's StartAtTime, we don't double dip and modifying it by the Scenario OrdersDelayFactor ( this will have already been factored into the boss's StartAtDuration ). This mitiagates against subordinate HQ heading off before their subordinates.
  • Modified DetermineForceGroupLevels() to include Subject and modified calling functions as appropriate. This avoids applying a level that is in fact one less than it should be.
  • Added Historical Reinforcement Schedule type. This is in adition to the Standard, Favour Us and Favour Them types and can be used to ensure you play with the historical schedule, while giving you the option to play with one of the Standard schedules picked at random. Previously the histroical schedule was included a one of the Standard ones.
  • Added Deployed arrival type to reinforcements. These will now arrive and use whatever Deployment type that is set for them in the ScenMaker, rather than using the default Undeployed type. Also if the reinforcement is only a single unit it's deployment radius will be 0m instead of the default 100m. This allows scenario designers to setup a precise defensive layout for the arriving reinforcements - especially useful fore thoise set to arrive at scenario start.
  • Fixed bug preventing the use of the drop down lists used when trying to set percentage values in the ForceData:Summary view.
  • Ensure non-bombard capable static units are handled inside VerifyAllocation(). This ensure correct handling during force allocation and addresses Assert at ScenFTTAllocationRequirement.cpp, line 43.
  • Ensure we use the DivideLargeInts() to divide the VP totals inside UpdatePrioritiesForVictoryPlans(). This addresses assert at PodFloat.cpp line 36. There were several occurances that triggered from different locations due to large VP totals.
  • Updated BFTB scenarios utilising Historical reinforcement schedules and Deployed arrival types where appropriate.

Tejszd -> RE: Patch #2 Fixes/Changes (10/21/2011 2:45:30 AM)

Wow, impressive list of changes....

Grim.Reaper -> RE: Patch #2 Fixes/Changes (10/21/2011 2:53:23 AM)



Wow, impressive list of changes.... we just need the patch:)

Renato -> RE: Patch #2 Fixes/Changes (10/21/2011 3:24:15 AM)

It's really an impressive list, thanks. I'm ready to replay all the scenarios.

By the way, did you give up the old idea to revamp COTA?

Arjuna -> RE: Patch #2 Fixes/Changes (10/21/2011 4:16:24 AM)

We're going to focus on the east front next. Maybe one day we will get around to revamping COTA, but not now.

loyalcitizen -> RE: Patch #2 Fixes/Changes (10/21/2011 7:02:04 AM)

This list is great. Haven't played in months waiting for the patch and ready to get back into it.
Also looking forward to the Eastern front in 2 years. [:'(]

wodin -> RE: Patch #2 Fixes/Changes (10/21/2011 8:08:08 AM)


Looking forward to the Eastern front in four years.

PirateJock -> RE: Patch #2 Fixes/Changes (10/21/2011 9:12:59 AM)

Holy shmoly [X(] ... been busy then [;)]


Renato -> RE: Patch #2 Fixes/Changes (10/21/2011 9:49:42 AM)

I don't know if I'll be still alive by then! [:)]

JeffroK -> RE: Patch #2 Fixes/Changes (10/21/2011 10:58:42 AM)

Not even the slightest bit interested in the Eastern Front, might have to learn the editor.

wodin -> RE: Patch #2 Fixes/Changes (10/21/2011 12:39:03 PM)

Not interested in the East front...whats wrong with you man!! So much more to it than they sideshow that was the West front with it's few major campaigns being done to death with regards to Wargames, you have Normandy, Market Garden and the Bulge over and over again...

Just messing with you, I do suggest you find one of the better east front books and I'm sure you will change your mind. I usually find it's Amricans who show little interest in the East front.

Phoenix100 -> RE: Patch #2 Fixes/Changes (10/21/2011 2:19:48 PM)

Incredible list. Can't wait to try it - some time before christmas, maybe....

East front will be a welcome addition in 2018.

Shadrach -> RE: Patch #2 Fixes/Changes (10/21/2011 7:08:22 PM)

What a list!! [X(][X(]

Now Le Patch SVP.

wodin -> RE: Patch #2 Fixes/Changes (10/21/2011 9:10:37 PM)

East front will be getting installed on my 10 terra HD, Intamd 16 core @6.6ghz CPU, nviati 90210tit 10 gig infinity 4d card and 42 DDR7 gig, Win 15 128bit PC in 2020.

Can't wait!!

Only kidding...I hope;)

BigDuke66 -> RE: Patch #2 Fixes/Changes (10/22/2011 3:07:20 AM)

Impressive juggs, now please drop the bra and let me get my hands on them.[:D]

Pawsy -> RE: Patch #2 Fixes/Changes (10/22/2011 9:48:04 AM)

Wow - and thank you. Been waiting for new patch before getting back to playing

+1 for eastern front = buy on sight!

sweeteye -> RE: Patch #2 Fixes/Changes (10/22/2011 10:28:54 AM)

The code for this game must be an amazing piece of work.Really appreciate all the time you have to be putting into it![8D]

MorningDew -> RE: Patch #2 Fixes/Changes (10/22/2011 2:27:56 PM)


ORIGINAL: starbuck310

Wow - and thank you. Been waiting for new patch before getting back to playing

+1 for eastern front = buy on sight!

Me too. Been on the bench, but getting ready to crank it up again.

Buying all enhancements on site here.

Pawsy -> RE: Patch #2 Fixes/Changes (10/23/2011 7:12:31 PM)

Looks like a new game with all those changes :)

Genghis Khan -> RE: Patch #2 Fixes/Changes (10/24/2011 2:00:32 AM)



Impressive juggs, now please drop the bra and let me get my hands on them.[:D]

Gets my vote.[:)]

elmo3 -> RE: Patch #2 Fixes/Changes (10/25/2011 4:26:39 PM)



We're going to focus on the east front next.....

Looking forward to that!

Ctaardvark -> RE: Patch #2 Fixes/Changes (10/25/2011 6:39:39 PM)



We have listened to our users and I believe we have addressed the major issues raised on the public BFTB forum.

If only all developers followed this lead then more games would hit the quality of this one. Perhaps its because they have a passion for their project rather than just seeing it as a money making machine. To all working on BFTB I salute you [sm=00000436.gif]

Shadrach -> RE: Patch #2 Fixes/Changes (11/23/2011 9:59:50 AM)


Added mugshots for David, Ivan and Stephen. Well done lads.

Well done indeed!! [&o]

Thanks for the patch, great changes :)

fleischer -> RE: Patch #2 Fixes/Changes (11/23/2011 8:00:13 PM)

Just tried the patch with the Hofen scenario, and I still get the same formation lockups and excessive fatigue...

simovitch -> RE: Patch #2 Fixes/Changes (11/23/2011 9:45:43 PM)


ORIGINAL: fleischer

Just tried the patch with the Hofen scenario, and I still get the same formation lockups and excessive fatigue...

Improvement in fatigue recovery while resting should be quite noticeable. Are you letting them rest at night? They will not recover sufficiently if they are in 'defend' or other stance besides 'rest'. Do a 'bed-check' around 2100 hrs to see who is still not resting.

What you are seeing as 'lock-ups' are likely formations that are halting due to a nearby threat. We would need a saved game to really see what is happening.

Major SNAFU_M -> RE: Patch #2 Fixes/Changes (11/24/2011 2:49:11 AM)



Not interested in the East front...whats wrong with you man!! So much more to it than they sideshow that was the West front with it's few major campaigns being done to death with regards to Wargames, you have Normandy, Market Garden and the Bulge over and over again...

Just messing with you, I do suggest you find one of the better east front books and I'm sure you will change your mind. I usually find it's Amricans who show little interest in the East front.

All one might need to do is read Barbarossa by Alan Clark to get a good overview of the East Front. I was amazed, once my eyes were opened, as to the amazing East Front battles/struggles/etc.

Fred98 -> RE: Patch #2 Fixes/Changes (11/24/2011 5:25:42 AM)

As an example: Just before Stalingrad, in mid 1942, a large German force was surrounded and cut off. It would just be a matter of time before it would be annilhilated.

However, it was supplied from the air long enough for other German forces to break in and relive the trapped forces.

With that experience, Goering and Hitler decided to supply Stalingrad from the air.

Is "that experience" ever wargamed?


nicwb -> RE: Patch #2 Fixes/Changes (11/24/2011 9:36:17 AM)

I think that was the seige of Velikiye Luki.

johndoesecond -> RE: Patch #2 Fixes/Changes (11/24/2011 2:32:05 PM)


ORIGINAL: fleischer

Just tried the patch with the Hofen scenario, and I still get the same formation lockups and excessive fatigue...


Just tried the patch with the Hofen scenario, and I still get the same formation lockups and excessive fatigue...

Can you describe a little more the lockups you're saying you see? Can you provide a screenshot or a save?

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