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Q-Ball -> RE: Disaster in the making. Oloren (axis) vs Terje (USSR) (10/11/2011 3:51:02 PM)

Quick comments on items I saw in the posts:

1. For PLANES and TANKS, you do NOT need to move 50% in order for it to be effective. If you move only 1 point, the factory will live. It will be out of production for quite awhile, but it will live. The more you move, though, the quicker it will be back online.

Don't bother with moving MIG-3s. They go out of production in December, the factories don't upgrade, they aren't that fantastic, and you have plenty of other fighters. Same goes for the Su-2 factory in Kharkov, the BA-10 factory in Leningrad. The T-50 in Leningrad eventually upgrades to T-34-42, so it's worth saving.

Make sure you move the IL-2 factories if Moscow or Voronezh is threatened. Hopefully you saved the KV factory from Leningrad. The T-34s in Kharkov need to be saved. If Moscow is threatened, move the LI-2 transports, and the Pe-2s.

2. DO NOT use NKVD regts as Aurelian suggested in post #20. They will disband eventually, allowing the Finns to cross the line. Doesn't matter anyway, it looks like you have lost Leningrad already, so they are active regardless

3. You should build a couple FORT ZONES in front of Moscow, and help your diggers there. Don't forget the approach from the North of Moscow

4. Good job along the Dnepr, if you are holding him T-9, that's pretty good there

terje439 -> RE: Disaster in the making. Oloren (axis) vs Terje (USSR) (10/11/2011 10:59:58 PM)

Thanks Q-Ball.

About your posts;
1. The manual says that I need atleast 50% of the "named" factories? Ok since I know you have played this far more than me, I guess it is a case of me misunderstanding the manual. That i sgreat news though as it makes my job easier.
The MiG-3s were just an example, and seeing how they perform so far I'll agree to this hehe.
All the factories in Leningrad are safe, so we should eventually have KVs coming into the pool again, although it seems they perform less well in this game than irl, but guess that is due to game mechanics, and I can live with that.

2. Nah, I used fortified regions, but it does not really matter now as Leningrad is overrun. Should I disband those fortified regions if the enemy keeps pushing in the north or keep them to force him to attack.

3. Yes, that is something I did not consider. Will do!

4. I think that is more about him focusing on Leningrad and Moscow but anything, however the line will fall as I can only mount one counter-attack per turn that holds any chance of succeeding.

Anyhow I find that even losing a pbem is a very good way to get to learn the game, so I will keep fighting even if that in the end my reinforcements arriving in the east can march to the front in one turn [:D]


terje439 -> RE: Disaster in the making. Oloren (axis) vs Terje (USSR) (10/12/2011 12:53:41 AM)

Turn 10

A neither good nor bad turn. The Dnepr line is forced on several places and we only manage to beat the enemy back on two locations. This means the entire southern front is in danger of collapsing.
We keep digging in, falling back, reforming and regrouping around Moscow. It must be frustrating to the Germans as they only make one or two hexes progress per turn. Our only non routed unit in the Prepjet is ordered to try to break out and head north-est in an attaempt to wreck havoc on Axis supply lines. Probability of success rated around 10%.

We moved all the armaments factories in Zaphorozhye, Bryansk and the village NE of Bryansk. We also moved the vehicle factories, the armaments factories and one IL-2 in Western Moscow. To top things off, we also managed to send out 3 U2-Vs and 3 T-40 factories from Moscow proper (only got to do so as these are cheap to move).

Our army saw one of the biggest growths ever this turn with a total net gain of 21 divisions and 2 brigades.

The moving of factories. Allready Heavy Industry factories are started to be captured by the Germans, and it seems alot more of them will follow. Also some of our armaments factories will fall to the invaders since they are located in towns the Germans are adjacant to, hence not allowing them to be rail transported.
The formation of armored killer stacks that are kept in the rear and only moves forwards seems to work well. Although the USSR armor divisions do not compare to their German counterparts, these stacks can makea big inpact where they arrive. However alot of the German units have an unadjusted defensive CV of 40+, these units are untouchable for the moment.


terje439 -> RE: Disaster in the making. Oloren (axis) vs Terje (USSR) (10/12/2011 4:36:45 PM)

Turn 11

The turn is not too bad, as we end up gaining forces, and no major enemy breakthrough has occured. However the current turn sees a rise in lost AFVs. Contemplating making a amphipious assault on Rumania to force him to take the rear areas into account. The enemy does not seem to garrison any cities in the rear, atleast my recon flights show no garrison in any city.
We tried to bomb a few airfields, but the A2A loss ratio is appealing at best. 210 fighters and 88 bombers go in against 6 fighters and ground installments, losses 1:45 in his favour.

All armaments factories have been moved from Poltava, and from Moscow proper, we move out 7 vehicle factories, and one of each of the following;
Yak-7A, IL-2, IL-4, Pe-2, Pe-2r, IL-10, Pe-3, Pe-3.
The Pe-3 is mentioned twice since there are wo factories producing that aircraft, and both had one production unit moved.

A net gain of 3 divisions and 4 brigades this turn, not alot, but something. All we need to do is keep the enemy advance to a crawl, and we should be able to survive into -42 atleast.

Nothing major, the same whining about factories, that goes without saying. Apart from that, I am unsure as to what to think about te Finnish attacks in the north. I am also getting a feeling that we might soon see the German Panzers revitalized, if o, things could get ugly quite rapidly.
Also, worried about maybe conducting an amph invasion from Sevastopol and into Rumania. Have to look at a few rules etc about that move.
Also, the losses for the current turn is a major headache/wonder/curiosity. How such numbers were lost when no pockets were eliminated, and most my lost battles were mere retreats is beyond me.


Aurelian -> RE: Disaster in the making. Oloren (axis) vs Terje (USSR) (10/12/2011 9:56:50 PM)



2. DO NOT use NKVD regts as Aurelian suggested in post #20. They will disband eventually, allowing the Finns to cross the line. Doesn't matter anyway, it looks like you have lost Leningrad already, so they are active regardless

Yeah, I botched that one.

terje439 -> RE: Disaster in the making. Oloren (axis) vs Terje (USSR) (10/13/2011 1:31:04 PM)

Turn 12

Well in the words of 1990 - "It's hammer time". Too bad it is not me doing the hammering. This turn sees a potential disaster far bigger than anything recieved so far. Not that the losses will be that bad, but my centre is being ripped apart, and is extremely exposed for the time being.

19 armaments factories are moved out of Tula, and 1 T34 factory is moved from Kharkov. I really wanted to wait to move the factory from Kharkov, but that would be a big gamble as things are unfolding too fast right now. Seems the enemy panzers found a gas station somewhere.

Although our gain is substantial with 26 divsions and 24 brigades being formed versus a loss of only 4 regiments, that does not really help now. We need to march those guys from all over the map to the front as we use our rail to move factories. Also add the newly formed pocket in my centre, and things could be alot better.

A wide open centre is the biggest one, but also the fact that a flight of 250 bombers managed to kill of a mere 39 enemy troops is a concern (makes me miss even the Blenheims from WitP..). So is enemy interdictions. Without those we should have been able to reopen the pocket as the Wiking Division has been fractured into 3 brigades and is the unit(s) blocking my escape route. However by the time my forces got close to those smaller units(defensive values of 4-4-5), all their movement was spent due to those aerial ttacks.


BletchleyGeek -> RE: Disaster in the making. Oloren (axis) vs Terje (USSR) (10/13/2011 3:51:31 PM)

Wow, that's quite a disaster, indeed. What are your plans? I would be already falling back towards Kursk and Kharkov. The worst part, as you say, is that he's got the bulk of his armor just where you don't seem to have anything at all. Seeing the global situation map of two turns ago, it seems to me that you're overcommitted north of Moscow, more so when Leningrad is already in Axis hands. I'd try to keep the Valdai Hills - it's an excellent position - but you might need all the forces you can strip from there to seal the huge gap you have right in the middle of the front.

Good luck!

terje439 -> RE: Disaster in the making. Oloren (axis) vs Terje (USSR) (10/14/2011 3:36:03 PM)

Thank you, well my plan...
I intend to try to slow him down at all possible defensive positions (rivers etc) and use to as big an extent as possible, the overlapping ZoCs.
However it is now a matter of a few turns before I MUST fall back, but every turn I manage to form a defense this far ahead allows me one more turn to save my factories.
It seems to me to be a damned if I do, damned if I don't situation.

And about the north, well the problem as I see it, is that if I fall back too much, that frees up alot of his forces as well, allowing him to put them to use on a narrower strip. Seing the relative CV of the Axis vs The USSR divisions, I NEED him stretched out.


terje439 -> RE: Disaster in the making. Oloren (axis) vs Terje (USSR) (10/14/2011 3:48:35 PM)

Turn 13

We somehow managed to form another coherent line of defense, but we are running low on units to guard the areas immediately behind the front. This is something we will have to deal with for a few more turns untill our reinforcements are able to take their place on the line. Moscow is also most definitively doomed, as is made clear this turn, thankfully most of the factories have been railed away.
I am somewhat confused as to why the Axis are not garrisoning his rear area cities to prevent the formation of partisan units. He still uses his SEC units as frontline forces. This is actually a good thing as they have such a low CV that I can effectively force these units back, and on occation force him to spend time to relocate his forces.
Had my units been somewhat braver, I could allready have made him pay for this, but it is to no avail as long as my units fear going more than one hex into Axis territory.
On the positive side. If my lone gunman division in the enemy rear is not attacked in the next two turns, I WILL break the enemy rail lines north of Pripjet!

We moved 1xMiG-3 from Northern Moscow (I know this is a poor fighter, but if possible we do not want the enemy to gain any more factories from us than absolutely needed for morale purposes (mine IRL[;)])). From Moscow proper we manage to move out 1xMiG-3, 3xVehicle, 9xArmaments and 4xHI. This means that only 5HI remains in all of Moscow. I am quite sure this is less than hoped/wished for by the Axis. I doubt I will get those out though as Moscow is estimated to fall during the next Axis impulse (but we never know).

A net loss this turn.
19 divisions arrive vs 32 lost in the pocket
4 brigades form vs 9 lost in the pocket
2 regiments lost in the pocket

This being said, we have alot of units running across the Soviet Steppes to take up positions on the line. Some arrived this turn, some next turn, and some will require yet another turn.

The constant need to use my rails to move factories is hampering the rapid relocation of my forces. I need a turn where no factories are threathened so that I can move alot of forces. if the enemy fixates on Moscow, this might very well be the case next turn.
The Dnepr line is starting to falter, and I do not know how long I can make it hold, but every turn is valuable.

It seems I am not the only one to worry about our airforce, as a message from Stalin read;
"Southwestern Air Command commander Evgeny Ptukhin is arrested and executed"


Flaviusx -> RE: Disaster in the making. Oloren (axis) vs Terje (USSR) (10/14/2011 4:08:44 PM)

The MiG-3 factories go away at the end of the year, btw. They have no upgrade path. No point in moving them. Ditto the Su-2s in Karkhov. Ditto the BA-10s in Leningrad.

terje439 -> RE: Disaster in the making. Oloren (axis) vs Terje (USSR) (10/14/2011 5:17:29 PM)

I know, but the morale boost for me for denying them to the Axis - Pricelss [;)]


terje439 -> RE: Disaster in the making. Oloren (axis) vs Terje (USSR) (10/17/2011 12:33:37 PM)

Turn 14

Another part of the line is fractured, so we redeploy, and somehow manage to reform a line. Fortunately we manage to rail no less than 10 divisions to the front this turn, and another 10-ish manage to walk up to the front. It is clear that the Axis is after our factories, but we still manage to stay that one vital turn ahead of him.

4 cities railed out factories this turn. From Tula we sent 6 armaments factories and 2 heavy industry far to the east, leaving Tula without any remaining factories. Kursk too was emptied when the last two armaments factories were railed out, and by moving 2 armaments factories and 2 heavy industry from Kolomna, that city too is empty. Kharkov is just getting started in moving their factories, and no more than one armament factory was moved this turn.

Another turn where we record a net gain in number of units. We get 8 divisions and 5 brigades while we lose 2 divisions and 3 brigades, so I guess we will count this as one of the good turns.

It now seems certain that the Dnepr line will fall also in the south as the Axis seem to have realized that the Rumanians cannot control that sector on their own. More German units are seen down here now, so I guess it is a matter of time before a breakthrough is achieved. The question then will be where the line is shattered, as this will determine how large a portion of the army that will have to withdraw towards Sevastopol, and how large a portion will be withdrawn towards Stalingrad. I would prefer to withdraw more units towards Sevastopol as that area will be harder to reinforce than the Stalingrad area.


Q-Ball -> RE: Disaster in the making. Oloren (axis) vs Terje (USSR) (10/17/2011 7:12:01 PM)

A more current loss screen would be helpful, but absent that I don't think you are doing badly. Depends on how much you lost in that pocket, but at T-14 if you have lost less than 2.3-ish million or so, you should be fine.

Don't worry about Tank losses; you should lose 20,000+ this year. Most of them are trash. Once 1942 hits, you'll never run out. Soviet light tanks combust instantly in combat.

terje439 -> RE: Disaster in the making. Oloren (axis) vs Terje (USSR) (10/18/2011 3:02:06 PM)

Guess I am pshycic or something Q-Ball, since a tally of losses is on the way [:)]
But the thing I think about regarding tank losses. It seems that the KV tanks dies like flies, while historically they were the mere definition of Steel Monsters as most of the German tanks had severe difficulty penetrating their armor. But I guess those might be lost when my armor divisions surrender or something. Anyway I can live with it [:)]


terje439 -> RE: Disaster in the making. Oloren (axis) vs Terje (USSR) (10/18/2011 3:20:18 PM)

Turn 15

I think I like this turn.
True, we are still pushed backwards in some areas.
True, the Finnish are becoming a severe PITA.
BUT, the Germans are capable f routing some divisions, but they are not able to make a breakthrough for the moment. Nor did they manage to get any furter around Moscow. And we plugged the holes in the line, and withdrew from some areas that might have become new pockets.

I do find it somewhat pseudo-historically funny that we now have a salient close to Kursk, but a German one.

Operation Move Kharkov is undertaken this turn. 8 armaments factories, 8 vehicle factories and 7 Su-2 factories are moved this turn, this does however imply that we need one more turn to remove the remaining armaments and vehicle factories in the city, but that should not be an issue as Kharkov is in no immediate danger, but will propably fall in 2-3 turns.

A net gain of 11 divisions and 5 brigades this turn as our losses were a single brigade. An even more positive effect that we see this turn, is that we now have a total of 6 Armor divisions with CVs from 4 to 6 as well as an Infantry division with a CV of 5. These guys will hopefully be able to cause some concern to the Axis during winter.

Our total losses so far (Axis:USSR);
Infantry 407k : 2348k (6 : 1)
Guns 3699 : 38106 (10.5 : 1)
AFVs 1636 : 14114 (8.5 : 1)
Aircraft 1751 : 8605 (5:1)

In divisions, our losses were 90 infantry divisions, 10 armored divisions and about 50 brigades and 50 regiments of various types. This is far less than what the Germans took out historically (about a total of 210 divisions by the end of the year, unless my memory is playing tricks on me).

Nothing big really. Just a realization that my fighter-bombers are obviously made of glass, as they account for alot of my aerial losses.
Also the Finnish units are somewhat troubling up north, but they should run into supply issues sooner rather than later.
My lone gunman rear area inf did cut the Axis rail this turn but found out that Minsk had a fort in it, and one more unit I could not spot. This means that my inf will now be spotted for sure.


terje439 -> RE: Disaster in the making. Oloren (axis) vs Terje (USSR) (10/18/2011 3:22:03 PM)

And a question;
-I have somehow managed to turn of the colour of my various fronts and armies, so they are now all white (and no, they are not all directly under STAVKA). Any idea how I have managed to do this? It sort of makes it hard to figure ot where I should move what units...


sillyflower -> RE: Disaster in the making. Oloren (axis) vs Terje (USSR) (10/18/2011 11:48:03 PM)

I've just read your thread for the 1st time. Your english is so much better than my norwegian :)

I was just thinking you had too much in the front line and not enough depth then I saw the picture of Kiev encirclement. Unpleasant but not too bad if the were weak units. Overall your losses are light (500K fewer men lost than I would like to see as German player) which should enable a good blizzard offence provided you do not allow any more major pockets.

Good move at Minsk. If you have taken out his only supply line to Moscow area you may even hang onto Moscow before mud hits and then you should be able to hold it or most of it in the snow.

Oloren's failure to garrison cities may well cause him severe supply problems in the winter too.

You also seem to have lost few HI and arms factories which is good. Do you know how many? With a strong economy you look like being in good shape.

I can't answer your colour question but it's probably in one of the options screens that you turned colour off.

Aurelian -> RE: Disaster in the making. Oloren (axis) vs Terje (USSR) (10/19/2011 1:13:49 AM)


ORIGINAL: terje439

And a question;
-I have somehow managed to turn of the colour of my various fronts and armies, so they are now all white (and no, they are not all directly under STAVKA). Any idea how I have managed to do this? It sort of makes it hard to figure ot where I should move what units...


In your user/map preference is a box for Army/front color.

terje439 -> RE: Disaster in the making. Oloren (axis) vs Terje (USSR) (10/19/2011 12:12:48 PM)

Thank you Aurelian [&o]
Well, quite a few Norwegian words in English you know Sillyflower, but atleast a basic understanding of English is needed if I am to keep visiting your marvellous city. [:)]

Hehe apart from a few armored divisions I have nothing but weak units [:'(]
As to my knowledge, the only factories lost to date is the ones in Minsk (since I cannot rail our factories on turn 1), and about 10 or so HI factories.
Yes, the front line was somewhat thin, but it is a trade off. I could have had more units at the front, but then I would lose more factories, so I decided that I would save my factories and give up space for the time being.


terje439 -> RE: Disaster in the making. Oloren (axis) vs Terje (USSR) (10/19/2011 12:25:30 PM)

Turn 16

Hmm Oloren keep pulling rabbits out of his hat. I keep reinforcing the threathened areas only to find out that he pierced my line elsewhere. He is doing a superb job at keeping me guessing.
It seems Moscow might be kept after all, but this turn Kharkov seems to be his new target.
Once more a small pocket is formed, but it contains only 4x1CV Inf Divs, so it is not a major concern, espesially since we manage to shuffle our forces around and reform a frontline.
Alot of the Finnish troops are heading back into Finland, this frees up no less than 14 divisions for other areas of the front.

With the threat to Kharkov, we use all our rail capacity on moving 6 armaments and 12 vehicle factories, leaving only 4 Heavy Industry in the city. Hopefully we will manage to move even these next turn, but for the moment the front close to the city is somewhat thinner than I would wish for.

8 divisions and 24 brigades arrive, and we lose 2 divisions, so I guess we cannot complain.
Also our net frontline strength increased, as we recieved 225k reinforcements to replace a loss of 114k troops.
It seems the adventures of the lone gunman infantry division might soon be over. The Axis managed to get a flieger division to the area, so for now we are trying to run away. But with our forces' ability to move in enemy controlled area, things look dire.

Nothing for the moment apart from the fate of our lone gunman division.


terje439 -> RE: Disaster in the making. Oloren (axis) vs Terje (USSR) (10/20/2011 7:11:59 PM)

Turn 17

This is the turn I have waited for, for some time. With no new industrial areas under threat we are finally able to move alot of units by rail.
The Lonegunman Division are all declared Heroes of the Soviet Union, although all medals are awarded posthumously. They did manage to sever the Axis rail line before dying, so a hob well done!
It also seems that the zig-zag pattern of the front is causing some problems for the Germans as there are now the occasional gap in their front despite the fact that alot of German divisions have been broken down into fragments. It seems there is too much front for the Germans at the moment.
A gathering of German Armoured and Mechanized troops is a concern though.

Only 4 Heavy Industry was moved from Kharkov this turn.

7 divisons and 13 brigades arrive as reinforcements, and 9 divisions are lost. Although of the 9, 5 of them will arrive as brigades later, so not too bad.
The good news is that we are able to move roughly 40 units by rail, meaning the front will be all the stronger next turn.

The buildup of fast moving Axis troops is the only current concern.


terje439 -> RE: Disaster in the making. Oloren (axis) vs Terje (USSR) (10/25/2011 10:23:31 PM)

Turn 18

***We are back on track after a little "I thought that you thought"-interruption***

Ah, the Germans are not used to a little mud it seems. They only launched one attack this turn, and although our brigade retreated, they inflicted higher casualties to the Germans than they themselves took. This is what we like to see.
We went after German HQs this turn flying heavy airstrikes on 5 different HQs that we spotted in the open. About 1000 men and 50 guns were reported destroyed.
We decide to not let the Germans get any rest, and follow their retreating forces, but make sure we are still 3 units in depth. Just like in real life, the Germans got close enough to see Moscow through binoculars, but that was it. We might of course still lose it next year, but the end of -41 it seems Stalin can still celebrate in the Kremlin.

With no German offensive, we are able to be picky, and we use about half the rail capacity to move units. We end up moving 3 armaments and 4 heavy factories from Kalinin, making that city void of factories. That was all this turn

9 divisions and 21 brigades arrive this turn, while no units are lost. It does not get much better than that

Still our fighters. 200 Soviet fighters escort 87 Soviet bombers, they encounter a total of 10 Bf109. Our losses are 23 fighters to no losses for the Axis. This is simply not good enough!


lycortas -> RE: Disaster in the making. Oloren (axis) vs Terje (USSR) (10/25/2011 11:47:25 PM)

Great AAR, your English is fine. Your opponent seems extremely skilled. He is managing his forces and deployment efficiently.
Sometimes you might want top put your second line 2 hexes back from the first line to 'tar baby' the Germans.

Damn, i feel like i am playing Third Reich.


terje439 -> RE: Disaster in the making. Oloren (axis) vs Terje (USSR) (10/26/2011 10:46:05 AM)

Thank you Lycortas.
Hmm since my opponent has no pbem games under his belt, and only a few of the minor scenarios against the AI, I guess that means that either he is a natural, or some abysmal play by me is enabling him to do so. Not sure which I want it to be [:D]


terje439 -> RE: Disaster in the making. Oloren (axis) vs Terje (USSR) (10/26/2011 10:53:35 AM)

Turn 19

Bring out the chaulk!
For the first time, Axis losses on the groun are heavier than the losses of our Glorious Union.
This turn also saw our airforce come out in force, and they were the ones that paid the price for the higher Axis losses.

In the end, the total losses for this turn are listed at (numbers are Axis/USSR);
Men: 37103 / 26629
Guns: 171 / 128
AFVs: 60 / 40
Of these losses, our airforce accounted for 7934 men and 39 guns.

The Axis retreat continues, and now there are cracks in the German line, so we press on.

Nothing was moved. Instead all rail capacity was used to sort out the front lines.

No losses and a gain of 5 divisons and 16 brigades.

Planing Operation Annoyment
We are now getting alot of naval infantry brigades. 3 of these have been allotted to this plan. When winter sets in for real, these guys will attempt an amphibious assault behind the Rumanian line. Their only objectives are to a) break rail lines and b) to annoy the h**l out of the Axis.

Aerial losses and our inability to kill of transport planes. We also see alot of mechanized and armoured divisions behind the enemy frontline near Kursk. Is this a mobile reaction force for the upcoming winter, or are the Axis planning something sinister?


Attack -> RE: Disaster in the making. Oloren (axis) vs Terje (USSR) (10/26/2011 10:56:39 AM)

Your losses are not too high, IMHO.

I think that the Germans will attack Kursk and Kharkov, trying to encircle some of your units: in november, the destroyed units will not return for free. Be careful.

BletchleyGeek -> RE: Disaster in the making. Oloren (axis) vs Terje (USSR) (10/26/2011 11:32:12 AM)

Rather than retreating, I think your opponent is trying to get nearer of its railheads to stockpile more supply and reduce fatigue levels. I don't think he'll have much trouble recovering the ground he's ceded (how much, by the way?).

Following him in force I think it's not a sound decision, terje. He can hit you back in Turn 22 with a vengeance, and you won't be as well fortified as you could have been. I'd have followed him with a "screen" force, to generate attrition and use ZOCs to complicate a bit his movements.

terje439 -> RE: Disaster in the making. Oloren (axis) vs Terje (USSR) (10/26/2011 11:32:58 AM)

Thank you for the heads up.
Yes, that is certainly one possibility, however I think it should be hard for him to achieve just that. But then again, that might very well be why he is gradually falling back. Will keep this at mind during my next turn. [&o]


terje439 -> RE: Disaster in the making. Oloren (axis) vs Terje (USSR) (10/26/2011 11:31:59 PM)

That makes sense Bletchley_Geek.
Will have to reconsider on turn 21.
He has not fallen back alot, some 4-5 hexes around Moscow, about the same around Kursk/Kharkov, and the retreat in the North I think has to do with the withdrawal of alot of his Finnish units.
So you guys think I should send a one line fron out to force attrition and then make ZoC "traps" in the rear?

As the title says, mistakes are BOUND to happen [:D]


terje439 -> RE: Disaster in the making. Oloren (axis) vs Terje (USSR) (10/26/2011 11:37:19 PM)

Turn 20

Another turn where the Axis makes small steps backwards. Since my turn was made prior to reading Bletchley_Geek's advice, we follow him [:)]
This turn too sees Axis losses rise above our own after some heavy bombing runs all along the fronts where we focus on 5 AF and HQ units.

Since we CAN, we move the MiG-3 factories out of Moscow proper.

No losses, save a partisan unit that retreats. We gain 10 divisions and 11 brigades, and our existing units gain a net of 140k men.

Planning Operation Annoyment
3 naval brigades now in place. All we need now is the winter to set in.

Those units behind the front between Kharkov and Kursk. Also, how hard will he be able to hit/how much damage will he be able to inflict when the ground conditions improve and before the winter is here in earnest?


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