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Are you looking for the best Cataclysm gold farming? In that case, I'm sure this article will help. Here are a few bits of wisdom, shared by the pros of World of Warcraft.

Best Cataclysm Gold Farming for Herbalists

Since there's basically just one way to make gold in WoW as a herbalist, by wow gold gathering herbs to sell them at AH, the problem is which herbs and where to gather them. Well, since most of the herbs in the new zones continuously decrease in price because everyone gathers them, it's best to take a look in the low level or intermediate level zones. An excellent solution: Sungrass in Eastern Plaguelands.


1. As a herbalist, an important investment is the Artisan flying skill. Without speed while gathering you'll never be effective.

2. Herbs that grow underwater are usually more expensive, regardless what level. Not many players like to dive to gather them so, it's not a bad solution to make nice WoW gold this way.

3. If you plan to roll a druid, Herbalism is the best gathering profession for it, because you can gather herbs without shifting into humanoid for, picking them directly from flight form, which save a lot of time. Also, if your druid is a Tauren, it's even better because they have increased herb gathering speed, plus 15 additional skill points in this profession.

Best Cataclysm Gold Farming for Enchanters

Enchanting is quite an expensive crafting profession. If you want an enchanter, you'd better be financially prepared. Anyway, once this craft is maximized, it's quite profitable. However, even if you don't have 525 in Enchanting, you can still make solid amounts of gold, if you know what recipes to invest in. An excellent solution: Formula: Enchant Weapon - Crusader.


1. Although this profession is expensive to level up, you can save a lot of gold yelling in trade chat that you're enchanting items for free, but using other players' materials.

2. Best profession to choose and level up with Enchanting is Tailoring. Everything you craft as a tailor, you can disenchant and use the materials for skilling up Enchanting.

3. Some item enchantments don't cost too much to craft as materials can be bought for low prices. However, the final product can be sold for a lot of gold. Those are the enchantment formulas that you should get first.


I know that you may not have an enchanter or a herbalist, that's why, here's the best Cataclysm gold farming that fits to any player and character.

Auction House trading is currently the best gold making strategy in WoW. It's risky, I know, but risks can be reduced to zero if you work with the right helper. The helper I've been working with is a Cataclysm gold guide. And yes, it really paid off, because in less than a week, I got me a Vials of Sands (see my picture, here).


So, if you're looking for best Cataclysm gold farming, and become a super AH broker that never loses an investment, a Cataclysm gold guide is the best tool to work with.

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