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Oliver Heindorf -> BOB 40 Full Campaign (9/20/2011 6:43:19 PM)

Hi there, Derfel and I decided to clash our heads against each other and doin some AAR here to boost the Forum a bit because it is a bit silent here.

Derfel playes the Third Reich and I am the poor british defender in this full campaign.

Well, since it is my first PBEM in this game and I only played the AI before and I never played the defender before as well it could only lead to utter desaster on my side. Well anyway, fun is all I need ! [:'(]

mikkey -> RE: BOB 40 Full Campaign (9/20/2011 8:53:40 PM)

super, looking forward to your AAR, thanks for revival of this forum

7th Somersets -> RE: BOB 40 Full Campaign (9/21/2011 5:27:59 AM)

Great news. Looking forward to seeing the AAR. Good luck.

Oliver Heindorf -> RE: BOB 40 Full Campaign (9/30/2011 6:22:50 PM)

OK we had some first turn action !

Overall an intresting turn. For example, Martin refused to use Stukas. No Stuka was visible this day. On the other hand, he managed perfectly to kill Spits from me as they were circling around my landing site- a classic manuever well done by him.

I think I have to manage my planes better to win. Oh, and night attacks in 1940 are useless imho.

here are some screen shots:


Oliver Heindorf -> RE: BOB 40 Full Campaign (9/30/2011 6:24:45 PM)

Aircraft losses :

Note my Spitfire loss after just 1 day ! [8|]


JeffroK -> RE: BOB 40 Full Campaign (10/1/2011 12:03:37 PM)

Losing 6 fighters isnt going to lose the game!

You probably learned a lesson cheaply

Oliver Heindorf -> The war goes on... (10/10/2011 7:59:54 PM)

The next turn showed some more losses and more gaps in radar coverage in the UK. Overall I think I did good but Derfel made another major blow to a Fab and my radar coverage. Airfields are almost unharmed, only 2 Airfields were hit so far. F´Derfel made another strafe and killed some hurricanes and killed 3 Spits while landing. 

7th Somersets -> RE: The war goes on... (10/11/2011 12:44:14 PM)

Well done for doing the aar.
What is Derfel's strategy? From what you say he seems to be having some success with fighter sweeps against your landing aircraft?
Which radar is he taking out?
Sounds like he is trying to test and soften up your fighter responses while preparing an onlslaught (against your airfields first?)

Oliver Heindorf -> RE: The war goes on... (10/11/2011 4:33:21 PM)

Hello, first here are the two sceenies from the last turn before I try to answer the questions....last post, I had simply forgotten to attach them.As you can see, things are a bit quiet, at least if you compare to other AARs within the same campaign... Well the more quietness the better for me. That does not mean I am without problems I am just curious what may comes next ?


Oliver Heindorf -> RE: The war goes on... (10/11/2011 4:46:20 PM)

here are the plane losses. Maybe you now understand why I am a bit surprised about the low noise turns so far.... my losses are OK compared to his losses and the KIA ratio of the Pilots is OK as well. What bothers me if the fact that my radar coverage ist in bad shape. Six more radars are gone and the only good news is that they repair at a goodspeed compared to factories.

So far an Engine Fab has beed doomed and an Frame Fab as well. Another one was tryed to be hit at night but luckily, those 120 He-111's hitted only farm land killing 40 sheeps and the shepherd.

I need to be more carfully when I sent out fighters becasue Derfel is an excellent fighter sweep plner so far. the last time he fooled me again, sweeping one Airfield in the middle of three - and the time where my spits arivved from another AF, they went over to patrol at the Airfield where the Spits have come from. Somehow the LW planes had even longer legs (???) and then my Spits landed and got mauled again.

I catched another two recon JU 88 D's this day trying to ruin the moral of those recons. However there is nothing you can do against Ju86's. And I seem to do bad against Bf110's so far as well. I have troubles deciding which plane group is composed of what aircraft.
Guess I have to learn this better.

Af, I forgot to mention one interest thing : I killed Werner Mölders !

He got shot over the Water by a Spitfire I. I saw a three Plane group Heading to Sector 13 Airfields, Speed was something with 320-340 miles so I guessed it could be a Stab Gruppe or somthing like that. I wonder why they where sent alone on a sweep. I decided to sent 12 Spitfires against those high ranked officers to get some of them. Well, I did, Werner Mölders is out of the game forever as there was the message that he got killed.

The other names that got killed were from those 2 Ju88 D's recon planes.

The other intresting thing is that Derfel used alot of night attacks. I tried to get them with my Blenheim IF planes but they are a waste of materiel. They got just one He-111 despite having almost every Nightfighter in the Air.

The Flak did well against the Do-17 Z flying pencil killing 10 of them alone when Derfel tried to bomb another Fab east of London.

I have a hard time facing the raids coming in below 5000. I see them in the minute they drop their ordnance....that is really not the way I want to have things this way.

Well we will see what comes up next.


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