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You are trying to exterminate a vast country of hundreds of millions of people. I'm sure a few of them will try to get in your way.....One thing the soviets were never short of was people...

Yes, but one should not assume that Soviet population is inexhaustible. The Soviet Union had a population of about 200 million in 1940, compared to Germany 80 million. That is only 2.5 times as much. Germany of course fought on many fronts, the Soviet union only on one, but OTOH there were the Axis minor allies. All I want to say is that the difference is not infinite.

Yes, being outnumbered 2 1/2 to 1 really isn't bad at all. [:'(]

Jakerson -> RE: That dang Soviet speedbump line... (7/25/2011 12:43:38 AM)


After playing several games as the Soviets I came to the conclusion Axis players are nuts.

Me being one of them [:D]

Soviet needs to attack with 9-10 divisions at same time just to get one fortified German infantry divisions retreat at 42. It is next to impossible rout German units at 42.

Most of the time Soviet can only advance 1-2 hexes per turn to German controlled territory even at best when there is no defending troops at all.

Even thin German lines (having unit only every second hex) can hold on 5 times more Soviet troops. If Soviets attack with whole front sized troops 400 000 - 500 000 men then German Player have to send couple divisions from reserves to hold whole offensive.

If you dont beleve me just play Soviet side and you see their abilities.

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