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Ctaardvark -> Frontage problem (7/15/2011 10:02:14 PM)

Hi all,

I'm thinking of buying the full game, but am currently working my way through the manual with the demo (DIY tutorial!!). I'm having a bit of trouble with frontage though. No matter what I set the frontage to, the units always occupy much the same area. Surely a wide shallow frontage would spread the units out all across it, not just in a cluster in the centre? Or am I missing something. Ta much for any help.

Lieste -> RE: Frontage problem (7/15/2011 10:26:46 PM)

Depends on exactly what is going on... if you are crossing an unfordable river across a single bridge, I'd expect to see everything pass over the single bridge (although hopefully not all at the same time ;) ), the same applies to advances along valleys with steep slopes/forest and mechanised troops.

During an approach march (ie prior to the FUP) they will minimise fatigue and friction by moving in column. The process of shaking out into formation takes a little time, but once done the defensive position (or assault formation) should approximate the settings given.

If the force is too small to fill the footprint chosen, then you might also get some odd results. Do you have any screens showing the tactical situation, and what you are trying to achieve?

Ctaardvark -> RE: Frontage problem (7/17/2011 9:36:19 PM)

Hi Lieste. Not sure what I was doing wrong but I've come back to it and tried the same and it works. I think maybe I didn't order the Defend option, just a Move. Been right through the tutorial mission now (got a Marginal Victory)and am all set to buy the full game. Just need to win the lottery so I've got time to play it. :-)

Thanks for help.

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