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scalp -> Russian Manual/Мануал на русском (7/6/2011 12:51:23 AM)

If someone here is intrerested in manual in Russian, we ve made unoffical translation.
Heres a links to it:
Если вам требуется мануал на русском языке, то мы перевели и сделали неофициальную версию, доступную здесь:

Fishbed -> RE: Russian Manual/Мануал на русском (7/6/2011 11:03:25 AM)

Thanks a lot! [&o]
Did you contact Matrix about that? Could be helpful to them too!

zanekin -> RE: Russian Manual/Мануал на русском (7/6/2011 12:42:44 PM)

I hope to add the french translation for the end of summer (end of my vacations [8D] ).

What's next ? German, spanish, italian... maybe Ch'ti someday ?

IainMcNeil -> RE: Russian Manual/Мануал на русском (9/30/2011 6:02:58 PM)

Hi guys

there is a chance we might be able to find a distributor in Russian but the cost of translating to Russian is prohibitive with the high word count for the game. How far have you guys got with the Russian manual and any other files? If there is enough done we might be able to persuade them to complete it as it would cost them less.

If anyone is interested in helping out with what they ahve already done or translating more text to Russian further then please let me know - All help is appreciated!


Joel Billings -> RE: Russian Manual/Мануал на русском (10/5/2011 7:19:55 PM)

I see some of you are discussing Iain's recent post here on the Russian wargaming forum. I'm sure that the publishers of the game would ultimately give you credit for the work you did on the manual (it would only be fair). There should be no need to do coding for the translation as we have a translation kit that uses an excel spreadsheet for almost all of the text that appears in the game. There is much more text in the manual then there is in the game code. It's not perfect, but it does a decent job. I don't know how the publisher would ultimately try to get the in game text translated and the Russian text inserted into the spreadsheet so it was read by the game, but if the manual is translated, then many of the wargame jargon words would already be translated. No doubt they would be looking to people like you to test the game, if not to actually help with the translation of the spreadsheet. From what Iain says there's probably not much money in this. It really must be something that you'd want to do because you'd like to see the game reach a broader audience in Russia. As for the time involved, once we had the localization system put together early last April, it took about 3 months to get the German translations done with about 1 month testing the game. The game was actually ready before the German manual since there was much more work translating the manual then there was translating the game code. If a publisher is found, there's no reason the Russian version couldn't be ready in a few months. Please contact Iain and he can hopefully answer your questions.

Adler -> RE: Russian Manual/Мануал на русском (10/5/2011 10:10:02 PM)

I'm an administrator of the Russian wargaming forum mentioned above.
I've sent an e-mail to Mr. McNeil. Wait for your response.

scalp -> RE: Russian Manual/Мануал на русском (11/14/2011 6:51:00 AM)

Updated manual version is available(up to 1.05.39)

Konrad_Novak -> RE: Russian Manual/Мануал на русском (2/4/2015 7:42:18 PM)

Updated manual (up to 1.07.15) is here
Partly translated changelog of 1.08.00+1.08.01 is here.

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