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ScooterV -> Computer control of subs? (7/4/2011 8:08:02 PM)

I don't want to use auto-sub ops and have the computer moving them all around where I have no AS or other support, but a question on individual sub patrols. If I set the patrol area and switch just that patrol TF to computer controlled what does it do? Does it just keep resending it back to the same patrol location unless there is damage?

Wally Wilson -> RE: Computer control of subs? (7/4/2011 8:43:55 PM)

More or less. Set your own patrol zone. The TF will continue to recycle back to port then on patrol. I don't know if there is a damage thresehold where the AI will stop the patrol and return the TF to human control. I think it simply continues on until you stop it, the sub runs out of fuel, or sinks.

Periodically, check your ships, select subs and sort by sys damage (and the various other ones), to see if any need attention. Of course, check on any subs that have been in an engagement during the last turn.

Manual sub ops is a hassle, but under AE the patrol zones are a wonderful improvement, but at least you can decide where you want your subs to operate based on your strategic situation.

ScooterV -> RE: Computer control of subs? (7/4/2011 10:59:39 PM)

Thanks!!!  Now I can start trying to use that, other than when I see damage or the spot is no longer what I want.  I DO wish I could just turn on the auto-sub ops, but from what I have read here and there in other threads it will move my subs all over the place and often to where there is either no support or I know the base will soon fall.  That's one hassle reduced anyway, lol.

Don Bowen -> RE: Computer control of subs? (7/5/2011 1:01:27 AM)

Yes, there is a damage threshold to terminate patrol. Two of them, in fact. One to cause the TF to terminate patrol and head for home and a second (less damage) one that will prevent a TF from going out again. If the damage threshold is hit the TF will disband in the home port.

crsutton -> RE: Computer control of subs? (7/5/2011 6:12:51 AM)

If you leave the computer on manual control then it will go home refuel and return to it's assigned patrol zone. If you set a patrol zone and then set it back to computer control, when the sub returns home then I think the AI can assign it to any patrol zone that it sees fit.

Wally Wilson -> RE: Computer control of subs? (7/5/2011 3:52:17 PM)

I've played many games of the old WitP, but only started up AE in the last week or so. I'll have to keep my eyes on them and see what they do. I think the AI only re-assigns the patrol zone if the game is on auto sub ops. Otherwise, the computer sub TF will continue to follow the patrol instructions it was given, even after refueling - I know my ASW TF's do.

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