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SMK-at-work -> Alternative troops values for 1914 (5/22/2011 3:48:40 AM)

I've used the editor to create an alternative set of troop values for the 1914 scenario. I haven't tried it yet, but if anyone cares to have a go send me your email & let me know what you think.

Basically I've set all the infantry corps strengths to the same - 24 points - and modified the quality values and national manpower levels to offset the increased strength, and reflect the new manpower required.

Exceptions are the US troops and the British Empire units that are over 24 already (1st & 2nd BEF, ANZAC, Canadians)

The formula I followed is a bit rough and ready - for every 4 combat points the standard corps increases to get to 24, I dropped all quality levels by 1. If there is a 2-point increase then I dropped the quality of "C" class units and below by an extra 1.

So for example the Serbs - they increase from 16 to 24 points, which is 2 x 4 point increase, so I altered their quality from 9,8,6,5,4 to 7,6,4,3,2.

There were some exceptions - IMO the Austrians & Russians are already a bit hard done by with low manpower & low industry respectively so I just dropped them 1 point.

FYI the worst troops in the game are now (and always were) the Greeks with quality 3,2,1,1,1 - the editor doesn't allow anything lower than 1!! [:D]

The starting manpower pools can't be changed, but I increased the extra manpower per turn by the same % as the increase in unit size.

Note that you should make a copy of the original scenario somewhere, and copy this one 2 another directory - I recommend a sub-directory of the GOA scenario directory - then copy whichever you want to use into the scenario directory before starting a game.

Edit: Oh and I did change the Americans a bit - the 1st US Corps is "C" grade to reflect the low quality of the first US troops & the need to train them up, and I delayed the arrival of the subsequent ones by 1 turn each, having had a look at the time line of US arrival/involvement - the first US Corps HQ's weren't organised until June 1918 - 7 turns after US declared war, so they shouldn't' be able to get 3 or 4 corps fighting before then IMO...unless they want to commit he incompletely trained early troops arrivals.

And I made the US cavalry B class......'cos they didn't actually have a cavalry corps as far as I can see, but again it could possibly be used to reflect early US troop commitment.

SMK-at-work -> RE: Alternative troops values for 1914 (5/24/2011 7:15:42 AM)

Unfortunately as it turns out the editor lets you change the maximum strength of units...but not the starting strength!! :(

So alas I think it is a waste of time & the changes I made are it were

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