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EwaldvonKleist -> RE: Game Suggestions: (9/5/2018 5:49:04 PM)

During the war, the Soviet union received somewhat significant deliveries of AT and AA guns from the UK and USA, yet there is no armaments points lend lease as there is for supply points.
Wikipedia states 5k AT guns from the UK ( and 8k AA guns from the USA (

chaos45 -> RE: Game Suggestions: (9/5/2018 6:21:19 PM)

EvK interesting find, however even with extra armaments points would the soviets be able to use them due to the Caps on production most guns now have in the game. Unless lend lease just gave the soviets x amount of certain extra AT/AA guns each turn.

Also on a secondary note- in the game the soviets would have a hard time digging up the men to man all those guns until 1944 lol.

Denniss -> RE: Game Suggestions: (9/5/2018 8:22:41 PM) has some info about US shipments
5.5k 40mm AA
400 57mm AT (I assume this is the gun also delivered from british + 2pdr)
250 90mm AA

morvael -> RE: Game Suggestions: (9/5/2018 8:28:55 PM)

I guess it would be better to represent this by adding support to the game for guns produced like tanks. That way you could model LL delivery exactly.

chaos45 -> RE: Game Suggestions: (9/5/2018 8:45:29 PM)

Also would need to make sure soviet units ToE could use the weapons.

morvael -> RE: Game Suggestions: (9/5/2018 9:03:50 PM)

That should work without problems.

musashi64 -> RE: Game Suggestions: (9/7/2018 7:10:49 PM)

As far as I know the English Governement sent 2pdr (40mm) and 6 pdr (57mm) AT Guns and 40mm Bofors AA Guns.

EwaldvonKleist -> RE: Game Suggestions: (9/7/2018 10:56:53 PM)

Is it possible to show artillery built Limits in the production screen?

What does default(xx%) mean in the editor behind the artillery build Limit in the equipment screen?

Stelteck -> RE: Game Suggestions: (9/8/2018 12:39:32 PM)

I'am testing currently the new merge order. It is a great tool, but i have some remarks.

- The merge is often impossible for no displayed reason. In fact i think the reason is that the resulting units would be too big / over 100%. But the error message say nothing it is hard to guess. It would have been more interesting to set the unit to 100% and send excess troops to the pool. Having a more meaningfull error message would be great too.

- If the units you merge have attached support units. (Such as rifle corps with support units merges into rifle corps with support units), the merged units will return but the support units disappear. They are not transfered to upper HQ like a disband.

Russell Osterlund -> RE: Game Suggestions: (12/5/2018 1:39:02 PM)

The following was suggested in one of my posts (but in the wrong location).

I apologize ahead of time if these two suggested enhancements have been presented (and, perhaps, discarded) but here it goes:

1) Adding to the map display the option to display historical front lines based on the current turn. I realize the display can already be very confusing and overwhelming, but unless one has access to a nice reference book with good maps or has deeply studied the campaign to the point of memorizing the entire course of the Eastern front, it would be nice to see at a glance how one is doing compared to the actual battle. Obviously this idea would not work with hypothetical scenarios, but for those historically based, it would be a nice, easy touch.

2) Some sort of past results display for individual scenarios. I have a personal weakness for always trying to improve on the last game, but justify it with the excuse that I am learning how to "really play" the game. That being said, I have taken to archiving the saved snapshots between each turn and then pulling these archives back and extracting a particular turn to check on past performance - a clumsy procedure at best. What would be contained in this "display results" could be just the final victory points and results with a snapshot of the final front-line.

thedoctorking -> RE: Game Suggestions: (12/5/2018 5:22:44 PM)

Yes, you can only merge two units if the resulting unit would be under 100 TOE. That's why generally you put a brigade into a division. Brigades come back faster anyway.It would be nice to have an error message to that effect. Devs? [:)]

JTP -> RE: Game Suggestions: (12/12/2018 3:30:17 PM)

Don't forget all the Duece and a half trucks sent by the US to the Soviets. The trucks were a large part of their getting their motorized divisions truly motorized, especially second half of the war.
I believe they even copied them later.
Lots of food too; spam anyone ?

thedoctorking -> RE: Game Suggestions: (12/12/2018 4:46:51 PM)

You get a lot of vehicles from Lend-Lease.

Zebtucker12 -> RE: Game Suggestions: (12/16/2018 4:52:42 PM)

Would be lovley to see losses a bit more indepth in WITE2.
If not what type of divisons if its armoured or inf etc have lost how many men/afv/artyetc then one step up and by nationalityfor axis maybe.

uw06670 -> RE: Game Suggestions: (2/10/2019 9:14:52 PM)

A simple request. For Forts, how about instead of displaying them On/Off you have 4 states: Show All, Show Sov, Show German, Off. When I'm planning my attacks, I like to see the defense forts, but my own forts make it harder to see counter info at times.

Neogodhobo -> RE: Game Suggestions: (2/14/2019 5:53:30 AM)

I would like to have the possibility to write on the map of the game. Pretty much like in Hearts of Iron III (one of the DLC) did. Draw plans, or markers, whatever you want to help you out while playing.
A reason I say this is because I would like to write the enemy's armies I am facing on the actual game map. Say I am fighting against 31st Army commanded by Zhukov in a certain sector, I would like to be able to draw "31 Zhukov" in a square box, with 4 stars on top.

Eventually, the map could look like this :


Neogodhobo -> RE: Game Suggestions: (2/14/2019 7:22:23 AM)

Also..maybe its time to give better stats to General Pavlov !!

Yes youv heard right. He was a good General, and made a scapegoat. He only mistakes were caused by disrupted C and C. And the total surprise the Germans inflicted on the Soviets.
I think giving him poor stats is really not paying tribute to a General that was killed for no reasons really. Just my two cents.

821Bobo -> RE: Game Suggestions: (2/14/2019 7:27:33 AM)

Pavlov stats are not that bad, 1/2 of Soviet generals have worse. Just the political rating of 1 makes him a scapegoat.

kubakas -> RE: Game Suggestions: (5/20/2019 9:19:04 PM)

Add older versions of the game to Steam beta branches. So those of us that bought the game from there can also play the older versions when necessary.

Maybe it's too tedious to do it retroactively, but at least from here on. Upcoming patch seems to include some quite drastic changes.

EwaldvonKleist -> RE: Game Suggestions: (9/16/2019 12:18:07 PM)

It should be possible to disband units with an auto-disband date manually. I understand why we can't disband units which are withdrawn at a later date but why limit units with a disband date too? It makes no sense.

xhoel -> RE: Game Suggestions: (10/2/2019 10:49:05 PM)


ORIGINAL: EwaldvonKleist

It should be possible to disband units with an auto-disband date manually. I understand why we can't disband units which are withdrawn at a later date but why limit units with a disband date too? It makes no sense.

Big +1 on this. We need this in the new beta.

Hanny -> RE: Game Suggestions: (10/9/2019 5:58:39 AM)

In options have the ability at start of campaign game, when playing as SU, have the ability to let the AI play as normal, or load in a turn one save from German play. This would be useful when playing as SU to practice against human first turn trickery.

Hanny -> RE: Game Suggestions: (10/20/2019 3:04:52 PM)

My bad, the in game editor (first time ive looked at this bit of kit[:(]) already gives this ability.

4.14. SCRIPTING THE AI Scenario designers can employ AI scripts in their scenarios that will tell the computer-controlled units where to move or make offensive thrusts. You record them by playing your scenario in human-versus-human mode. Here’s how to do it. Open up your scenario as a human versus human game and then play the first side’s turn like you would want the AI to do it. The game will automatically track your moves and attacks as a script. Once the turn is ended, select the end turn button and save the game. The game saves the scripting information in its own file (scriptRec.dat) in the Dat folder of the GGWITE game directory. Now exit out of your game, open up the editor and load your scenario. Go to the MAIN tab and select ‘Load Recorded Script’. The editor will automatically load the script that you just generated.

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