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Aditia -> 43-45 tip: move FBD units west (4/11/2011 11:30:59 PM)

In the 43-45 campaign you get confronted with a host of partisan attacks in the opening turns as the Axis player. Make sure that you move your FBD units back to the German border on turn 1 to prevent them getting stuck in a maze of unconnected railway where they are barely useful. The exception is the FBD in the North. The rail network there is quite simple and you will barely get any partisan attacks in the baltics (if any).

Alternatively, you can keep your FBD units directly behind the front on an important north/south railway to try and free up rail road for strategic movement. Whatever you do, do not send to the area around Minsk/The Pripyat, which you will be instinctively tempted to, since that is where the majority of the attacks take place. You will get stuck somewhere in the Russian expanse, fixing non-important railway hexes. Obviously, this is exactly what I did XD

Mynok -> RE: 43-45 tip: move FBD units west (4/12/2011 4:47:50 AM)

I got tons of partisan attacks in the north this past turn in the game I took over from Bob. Wouldn't count on that.

molchomor -> RE: 43-45 tip: move FBD units west (4/12/2011 9:51:25 AM)

Hm, in the 42-45 campaign I'm in currently (against normal AI) I'm on turn 60 or so and *always* have 20-30 partisants visible every round, mostly in or around the pripyet marshes. Perhaps I pop 10 of them or so each round (all that are reachable from garrisoning forces) but 10 or so new always pops up.

And I have 100% or more garrisons in all cities always when I end a turn (except for the first 1-2 turns as it took some time for the garrisons to reach their cities).

Are you telling me you have zero partisans for most of your game? Something must be really broken in mine then.

Aditia -> RE: 43-45 tip: move FBD units west (4/12/2011 11:12:41 AM)

I am currently in turn 7 and partisan attacks have decreased to a few dozen each turn.

Regardless of how many attacks you have though, you want your FBD's repairing crucial hexes, not some random hex around the pripyat marshes

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