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Zoetermeer -> What Do You Build? (3/19/2011 9:52:36 PM)

I'm playing as the Soviets in a GC, and am approaching the end of October '41, when the admin point costs for creating units return to their usual levels. I'm starting to think about what, if any, units I should be building. I could always use more rifle divisions, even though these arrive as reinforcements in large numbers throughout the first year. What do the experienced Soviet players build after the initial increased-cost restrictions are removed?

CheerfullyInsane -> RE: What Do You Build? (3/19/2011 11:03:33 PM)

Can't say I'm an experienced player (only just reached the blizzard in my PBEM games), but I wouldn't build anything until spring.
Maybe FZs on a front where you expect things to become static anyways, but certainly not new divisions.

All infantry units destroyed prior to November '41 gets thrown back in eventually, so you'll have plenty of units for the winter offensive. The problem for me is finding the manpower and armaments to flesh out those units, it's not a lack of units themselves.
Besides, there's no need to overload the CPs of the HQs you have.

I'd rather save my APs for reorganizing my army after the '41 slaughter, and hopefully have a nest-egg of APs to use when summer comes and corps can be formed.

randallw -> RE: What Do You Build? (3/19/2011 11:27:28 PM)

You don't really need to raise up more rifle divisions; eventually you'll have more than 300, including the rifle brigades grouped up.  You'll want those APs to group the cavalry divisions together in December.  In 1942 the rifle brigades can be grouped; you may want to build a brigade or two so there are no strays left, and you can build a tank brigade or two so there are no strays when you start their grouping for tank corps.

Marquo -> RE: What Do You Build? (3/20/2011 1:18:49 AM)

I build cavalry divisions....[:)]

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