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kirk23 -> Morale (3/6/2011 5:03:15 PM)

I'm sure that this question has been asked before but,can anyone tell me why MORALE appears to play no part in the naval side of the game,when from what I have read on the subject, in reality it played a vital part on any combat out come,due to the fact that ships were very hard to sink and that it was the crews morale that really decided the course of a battle in that they surrendered!

borner -> RE: Morale (3/6/2011 6:51:46 PM)

the naval side of things is one shortcoming of the game. Morale/training/equipment is reflected in the +1 GB gets in combat rolls, and wind gauge. Another thing that is missing that you bring up is that ships are not captured. I am not sure the coding in the game can work with this, but to have a % of lost ships captured by the other side and eventually put in use would be a good addition. It has been this way all through EiA, not just the computer version and is far from a game-breaker. Nice "wish list" item though.

kirk23 -> RE: Morale (3/6/2011 8:48:03 PM)

Thanks for reply,I understand a bit better now.The reason I asked was that due to the sudden death of my beloved uncle Graham ( hellfirejet ) a few months back, I have been left all of his Matrix games in his will,along with all of his reference books + his year old Mitsubishi I Miev electric car,boy all my friends are so chuff about that,I knew that uncle Graham and I were close but he never hinted that I would ever get anything from him,I should have guessed because he was always very caring and generous towards me,I miss him so much he has left a huge void in my life.

Mardonius -> RE: Morale (3/7/2011 1:39:27 PM)

He always seemed a great fellow on the forums, that is for sure!

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