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nalivayko -> Pursuing cavalry (3/4/2011 7:07:26 PM)

If the number of cavalry units in your army exceeds 8, is there a factor(s) that determine(s) which units take part in the pursuit or is the selection completely random? It pains me to see my Companion cavalry on the bench, while Italian units take the lead (more poetic than accurate, the presence of four Numidian units did balance things out, but still, my manual selection would have been a bit better).

mercenarius -> RE: Pursuing cavalry (3/4/2011 7:34:10 PM)

When there are more than 8 cavalry units available for pursuit, the units which actually populate the pursuit line are chosen randomly. There is an exception: if a unit is doubled by the use of the Inspired Troops option (and hasn't been routed), that unit is always one of the 8 units selected.

The game's philosophy is that pursuit is somewhat chaotic. Of course, you are allowed to make the choice of any pursuit losses manually. That is something of a contradiction, but the alternative is to have the losses removed somewhat randomly as well.

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