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buchand -> Saved Games and PBEM (2/26/2011 6:49:38 AM)

When playing the AI, I use the autosave function to avoid tears and rage if a crash happens. For PBEM games is it possible to create separate sub directories for different opponents that will work with the game menu?

JAMiAM -> RE: Saved Games and PBEM (2/26/2011 7:19:28 AM)

Unfortunately, no.

pompack -> RE: Saved Games and PBEM (2/26/2011 1:59:44 PM)

Install an additional instance of the game in the Matrix folder in a different subfolder, e.g. WitEPBEMjames. Create a shortcut to this exec and rename the shortcut accordingly; now your desktop will have icons for each opponent by name. There is no limit to the number you can create in the Matrix folder. Be sure to shut down one game before you switch to a different one. The biggest drawback is insuring that you update every instance each time there is a new patch.

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