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jimkehn -> Did u ever notice? (1/19/2011 2:34:26 PM)

The computer cheats!! lol I played case blau as both sides and the computer has had more units than I as both sides. By a LOT. And not just units but he gets plenty more Guard units as Russian than I did. Maybe three times as many. Now as the German I have a hand full of German units in comparison to his hordes that went down into the caucasus. LOL but thats ok I primarily like to play another human anyway. AI is just for training and entertainment between human turns. LOVE THIS GAME!!

gradenko2k -> RE: Did u ever notice? (1/19/2011 3:22:37 PM)

Yeah, the AI has an infinite amount of admin points.

stewartbragg -> RE: Did u ever notice? (1/19/2011 4:13:03 PM)

Could the AI be breaking down it's unit's? Just a thought.

jimkehn -> RE: Did u ever notice? (1/19/2011 4:41:25 PM)

Stewart I am sure the German AI breaks down but even at that it seems they have an unlimited source of units..Maybe I am just bein too paranoid lol.

gradenko2k -> RE: Did u ever notice? (1/19/2011 4:52:11 PM)

It's not just the AI breaking down its units: the Soviet AI will fill the Finnish Stop Line with Fortified Regions in the first turn of the game.

This has been confirmed by the devs, the AI has no limits on its Admin Point spending.

Joel Billings -> RE: Did u ever notice? (1/19/2011 6:07:20 PM)

Yes, AI is allowed to create some extra Soviet units to reach a certain number of units (and build the forts on the Finnish front). The German AI gets no extra units.

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