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Data -> on colonization (1/9/2011 8:01:10 PM)

i'm going through the drill again (reading the manual, galactopedia, following the tutorials) because i don't want to miss any new addition however small :)

i get to the part where we're told that when colonizing a world the colony ship will be used for the resources it contains in order to kick start the colony; so a colony should have the exact resources that are used to build the colony ship or less (as some components should be used on the actual colonization let's say)

I won't rant on the details of the test but the conclusion is that this is not so. The resources that go into the colony ship can be easily checked on the construction summary screen.

For the three test planets I've created I eliminated (with the new usefull additions in the game editor, praise Elliot :) ) all the native resources and brought all of them to the same size and quality to make them identical.
On all three we can see in the initial cargo 7500 of caslon, hydrogen and stell; 800 carbon, helium, lead, gold and polymer; 500 silicon and 300 of iridium, aculon, chromium and nekros stone.
Some of these resources went indeed into the colony ship build but many others did not; also the amounts are vastly different.

Three conclusions so far:

1) the colony kick start is serious kick start comparing to what the colony ship has brought (forgot to mention that i also checked the colony ship's cargo holds and they were empty as expected)

2) this explains the funny situation we get when we first colonize planets and we see freighters going overthere....to bring resources back to the capitol; later they will also send resources but initially they usualy retrieve fuel like caslon and other needed resources depending on what is needed at that point in time

3) this is an exploit i think as we're actually creating not only new colonies but also large deposits of strategic resources - the colony ship is also a temporary mini mining station

Oh, and another funny thing is the map I got for this test (100 stars with differently sized clusters). Not sure if I've uploaded the picture correctly, let me know because it's really funny (i see i managed it :) )


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