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lolz -> WitM (1/7/2011 2:26:07 AM)

hello folks,
where can i find it? and does it work with AE?

Smeulders -> RE: WitM (1/7/2011 9:50:24 AM)

There is no War in the Med for AE, maybe for normal WITP, but I wouldn't know where to find it.

augustinus -> RE: WitM (1/7/2011 5:29:21 PM)

An excellent scenario from the war in the Mediterranean Sea, would be the operation known as Hercules, I think, wherein from April to May 1942 the Axis powers did all they could to neutralize Malta in order to send in transport TFs unhindered in order to supply Rommel -- with the final effort being the conquest of Malta itself. I hope some energetic programmer can come up with this one.

Ambassador -> RE: WitM (1/7/2011 8:16:29 PM)

I'm not sure WitP/AE would be the best base game to use for any scenario in the Med, except for very limited scenarios like this one (or the invasion of Crete, Sicily, or short "battle scenarios")as the war in Africa and in Italy was in a large part a ground war and the combat model is not appropriate.

anarchyintheuk -> RE: WitM (1/7/2011 9:51:27 PM)

It would work w/ a front that moved according to historical timetables w/ an in-game +/- according to the # of troops or tons of supply transported in theatre. Something similar to the WiR and BtR system.

Dali -> RE: WitM (1/8/2011 7:54:36 AM)

I do not know what you see on the model of ground combat bad ...
I think it's significantly improved.
If it is appropriate to fight for China, India, Australia, Philippines, etc., so it is suitable for everything ....

Reg -> RE: WitM (1/8/2011 9:37:31 AM)

War in the Mediterranean Mod (WITM) by Fremen for WITP (not WITP-AE) can be found here: Spooky's UV & WITP Fansite - Files Section

Spooky's UV & WITP Fansite - Home Page

It has not been adapted to WITP-AE and is not likely to be adapted. It was an interesting mod but many compromises had to be made.

Dali -> RE: WitM (1/8/2011 4:10:36 PM)

There is small modified this mod...


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