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rev rico -> Accelerated Ship Production? (12/30/2010 3:18:20 PM)

Hi all,
I have a few questions about accelerating ship production.

1. If a CV arrives earlier than usual does its air complement arrive with it?
1a. If so, then what happens if it contains plane types that are not yet available?
1b. If not, then what is the use of accelerating CV production?

2. How can you determine when accelerated ships will arrive? Intelligence window has a different date than Tracker.

3. Some ships' build rate cannot be changed in the Intel window - why? I'm guessing it has to do with blueprint/queue/building status in Tracker?


Mike Solli -> RE: Accelerated Ship Production? (12/30/2010 4:50:33 PM)

Hi. Welcome to the dark side.

1. Very few Japanese carrier air units arrive as reinforcements. It's mainly some CVLs and CVEs and the units come much later than the ship. The rest come with the carrier. Below is an example of the Ryuho's TB reinforcement. It comes with B5N2s, which are already in production so there's no issue. If you click on a carrier that has it's air complement with it, you'll see what the air complement is composed of (# & type of planes). You get that number and type of planes regardless of whether or not that plane is being produced. The concern is that you don't have access to replacement aircraft until they start production. If PDU is on there is no problem. You can "upgrade" to a model that is in production. If PDU is off, you're out of luck. You have what you have until production starts.

Look at the picture below. Note the number of aircraft inside the red circle. It shows 9 B5N2s. The unit comes with this many aircraft that do not come out of the pool. This is the case with all air units. Most come with just 2 aircraft but some come at or over strength.

2 & 3. Here's the scoop on acceleration. It's all based on the durability of the ship.

When a ship is >30*(ship durability) in turns until it arrives, you can do nothing to affect it's arrival. Each turn it moves one day closer to production. The important thing to note is that it does not use ship production points.

When a ship is between <30 and 10 *(ship durability) in turns until it arrives, it will still move one day closer to production without the use of ship production points. The only option you have is to leave it at normal or to accelerate it. If you accelerate the ship, a number of ship production points equal to the ship's durability will be expended and the ship will move 2 days closer to production each turn (assuming sufficient ship production points are available).

When a ship is <10 *(ship durability) in turns until it arrives, you have additional options. The AI begins to spend ship production points equal to the ship's durability to advance the ship one day closer to production. You can accelerate the ship at the cost of 2*(ship durability) in ship production points to advance the ship an additional day each day. This then costs 3*(ship durability) in ship production points to advance the ship 2 days each turn. The other option is to halt the ship. There is then no cost in ship production points and the ship does not advance toward production.


n01487477 -> RE: Accelerated Ship Production? (12/30/2010 11:28:35 PM)

Might want to watch my video about Tracker & ship Production here... best viewed in Firefox.

topeverest -> RE: Accelerated Ship Production? (12/31/2010 12:42:13 AM)

Rev Rico,

I would carefully consider acceleration tradeoffs prior to executing any that will significantly affect your total production capabilites.  There is no 'free lunch' when doing this.  You definately reduce your total production outputs.  So make the decisions with your eyes open.

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