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Enigma6584 -> Widescreen Format (12/24/2010 6:19:09 PM)

High, I'm new to this game and I've got to say I'm extremely impressed. So much depth discovered in the few days I've been looking at it. I'm starting my first small scenario against the AI. I will use it as a practice run and educational teaching tool with respect to learning how this game works.

One question for the players out there. Do you use the widescreen options or do you prefer the standard resolution when playing this game. What-ever your choice, please tell me why.

PaxMondo -> RE: Widescreen Format (12/24/2010 6:33:03 PM)

As wide as my monitor will support.  The more map I can see, the better for me. 

pmelheck1 -> RE: Widescreen Format (12/24/2010 11:08:27 PM)

I use wide screen.  I have a wide screen monitor and it's nice having the additional real estate displayed.  Also I've been an air power fan for a very long time.  When I don't use wide screen the aircraft pics are stretched and it drives me nuts.  When I play I prefer full screen rather than windowed.  If you prefer windowed mode you won't have the issue with stretching.

Enigma6584 -> RE: Widescreen Format (12/25/2010 5:06:07 AM)

Do you find the pictures of the ships and aircraft on the ship/aircraft pages to be too small?  What about the text...too small or readable for you?

Reg -> RE: Widescreen Format (12/25/2010 7:10:16 AM)

Not if the monitor is big enough... [:D][:D][:D]

Alfred -> RE: Widescreen Format (12/25/2010 7:49:27 AM)



Not if the monitor is big enough... [:D][:D][:D]

How big is big enough[;)]

I do find that on a 15.6 laptop, the 1920x1080 is uncomfortably on the small side for prolonged exposure.


Reg -> RE: Widescreen Format (12/25/2010 11:01:37 AM)

<<Must resist urge to come back with questionable comment regarding comparing (monitor) sizes... [sm=innocent0009.gif]>>

I have a 15.6" laptop was well but it is plugged into an excellent 24" external monitor. In hindsight, this is probably the best computing decision I ever made. It won't be obsolete after a couple of years (just plugs into the latest computer if I ever upgrade) and has probably saved years of my eyesight.

Dell are currently advertising a full HD 24" monitor for $215 so you can't even say they are expensive any more.

On a 24" monitor, I find all the text quite readable and the lordy, doesn't the full screen look nice at 1920x1200...... [:D]

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