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vicberg -> AE Really Unconfidential (except for witpqs) (11/23/2010 5:47:25 AM)

I’m starting a game with my esteemed opponent witpqs. This is scenario 28…da big babes… This scenario greatly reduces air and engineer support. Things are far slower

The name of the game for the Japanese is speed, without losses. Not an easy feat, but the Japanese have a short period of time to capitalize on phase 2 (India, OZ, South Pacific, PH). Time is of the essence.

To do this, conquering the SRA as quickly as possible is the goal. The following is planned:
- Attack Manila with the KB with support of Bells and Betties from Takao. KB supports northern Luzon invasions. The goal is the subs. Everything else is gravy.
- Invade Balikpan as fast as possible
- Move Nells, Betties and Zeroes into Balikpan once conquered
- Attack Soerabaja and any available shipping
- Invade Soerabaja at first opportunity
- Invade Koepang at first opportunity
- Attack Darwin with air assets from Koepang.

I would normally invalid Balikpan in scenario 2 first turn, move Nells/Betties/Zeroes down on turn 2 and then dominate the region with sea and air power. 3 SCTFs provide protection and support of Balikpan with naval and air HQs to insure that Balikpan is a fuel producing, level 4 airbase and naval support base for the entire ops. In this scenario however, the ability to keep planes in the air is greatly limited as is the pilot quality, which based on scenario 1, so not nearly as good, nor are there extra air squadrons that scenario 2 provides. Therefore, the axis of attack will be a bit slower. Cagayan will be the first target, close to support bases and the KB. From there, a major invasion will be launched against Balikpan and then onto Java and Koepang.

Once the region is secure, KB moves to Truk to support operations in the Solomons and PM.

Phase 2 is somewhat open but will most likely be an east/west assault on OZ.

Phase 3, which is basically, cover my a$$, will be a defensive scheme base on either cap & gowns model (also playing witpqs) of multiple, interlocking, 4+ airbases or a variation. The only problem I have with multiple level 4+ airbases is the lack of supporting infrastructure in this scenario, which makes me wonder if I’m doing my opponent a service by building up multiple airbases. We’ll see as the game progresses

vicberg -> RE: AE Really Unconfidential (except for witpqs) (11/24/2010 12:51:13 AM)

We are actually at turn 15, so rather than give a blow by blow, here's the situation.

Invasions at aparri and laoag supported by KB...the KB port attacked manilla. Fast TFs invaded Cagayan and Jolo (to project zeroes into the Makassar straights). He's moving all forces to Clark to defend. I'm not going to take Manilla because I don't want to waste 200 AV to garrison. Instead, I'll do a paradrop on Atimonan to prevent resources from getting to Manilla for supplies and continue air bombardments to take out his supply. The 33rd and 4th divisions from the home islands will support this operation. Subsequent invasion on Tanjoengselor (that's a mouthful) to move to tarakan for assault. A turkey shoot occured on fleeing allied shipping in the Celeb, Sulu and South China seas.

Normal invasions in Kota Bharu, Singora, Patani...and movements towards Georgetown. Air Assets ground attacked units in Alor Star and Taiping to prevent strategic movement out of area. Alor Star units are now isolated and 2 regiments are moving on it to capture the base. 2 regiments of armor have moved onto Taiping to capture that base. In about a week, a Mersing invasion will be ready using 25th army units based out of the home islands.

15th army is moving towards Rangoon. Air units out of Bangkok are attacking airfields in Rangoon. Wiptqs has moved part (or all) of the flying tigers into Rangoon, so I've temporarily suspended airfield attacks and moved a second squadron of Oscars into Bangkok to sweep them out of the area.

China is where things are most active atm. He's an aggressive player and so am I, so this should be interesting. In the north, I have the 32nd, 35th, 36th, 63rd, 110th and Mongolian Division moving on Loyang and Chengchow. He's move a hoard onto Ichang. I have the 34th in defense plus a garrison force. I've moved the 13th division and 14th independent brigade into supporting position. His shock attack this turn resulting in the following:

Japanese ground losses:
1631 casualties reported
Squads: 1 destroyed, 84 disabled
Non Combat: 1 destroyed, 87 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 2 disabled

Allied ground losses:
1826 casualties reported
Squads: 3 destroyed, 125 disabled
Non Combat: 1 destroyed, 100 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 11 disabled

I don't mind this at all. Even if he takes Ichang, I replace faster than he does and he's using valuable supply doing it. Other attacks by me netted large chinese losses...However, he's moving to isolate Nanchang...I have a division moving from Hangchow to the area. 2 other 13th army division are moving on Chuhsien. Divisions from the 11th are moving on Changsha...this is a feint as I don't have enough juice to take the city, but he is moving in response, so it's achieving my goals of taking pressure off other areas.

vicberg -> RE: AE Really Unconfidential (except for witpqs) (11/27/2010 10:36:51 PM)

Dec 21st, 1941...

Yamamoto has officially named the invasion of Balikpan: Operation FUBAR...a Japanese word, literally translated means "Golly, this didn't go well". Balikpan and Samarinda have fallen, but only after 2 days of aborted invasions by Lt. Hiyashi, fresh on his first command, who declared that the out of supply torpedo boats defending Balikpan, "looked like battleships to me". After a reassignment to Outer Mongolia, the new commander successfully invaded, but not after Lt. Hiyashi managed to get 3 of his ships sunk by subs, while running away for the safety of Baelobob (and a sushi dinner) before being ordered back to Balikpan at gunpoint.

I'm not sure if they nerfed Japanese ASW, but it's been pretty ineffective...It's gotten so bad that Admiral Nagumo, in charge of the entire operation, ordered the supplies, which went bad waiting offshore on the ships, dumped overboard in an attempt to cloud the water and hide the Japanese fleet. In his own words, "it didn't work". One CL, 3 transports, 2 light transports were sunk and probably a patrol boat (the captain dumped the supplies, but kept the sake), limping for port.

Private Mayagi, winner of the national broad jump contest, claims he could broad jump from one side of the Malacca straights to the other on top of the Dutch subs in the straights. Nagumo will allow him to try, but only if he can drop some spoiled chicken on each sub in the hopes that the smell drives them away.

Next part of this operation, already a week behind, is Java and Koepang. A brief respite will be given, because of the extreme fast pace of this operation, to give everyone a chance to regroup, and give the ASW forces time to actually hit a sub. A reward of 10 cases of sake will be given to one who actually does.

On the China front, named Operation Ouch (another Japanese word, literally translated means ouch), Japanese forces took Loyang, causing 20k in casualties and Hong Kong today. A national holiday has been declared, sake has been liberally distributed, to which most of the air squadrons through all of the fronts have responded "we've started partying a week ago…BANZAI!". It explains the lack of planes in the air. Yamamoto has issued the following directive, "sake is to be given only to those who actually fly".

Divisions in Loyang are at 50% losses or higher, same with Hong Kong. 3 reserve divisions are moving on Chengchow to open the rail line with Sinyang. To the south of Sinyang (and if you know all these places, you’ve played way too much WITPAE), the 116th division and support regiment, were given orders to defend after a number of ineffective attacks, to which the commander gave the order BANZAI in the face of a massive Chinese attack. 90% losses later, they are “strategically” retreating. Other divisions in the area are moving to avert a total disaster.

Observations on this scenario. Planes don’t fly as much. Many more operational losses. It looks like ASW was nerfed, though I’m not sure yet. Land attacks are less effective and have higher casualties. In the face of this, auto-victory is out of the question and phase 2 attacks into India or OZ are not likely to achieve much.

To be continued….

scott64 -> RE: AE Really Unconfidential (except for witpqs) (11/27/2010 11:56:51 PM)


vicberg -> RE: AE Really Unconfidential (except for witpqs) (11/28/2010 10:37:49 PM)

Dec 23rd, 1941....

Operation Ouch continues. Chengchow falls. Makes 20k of casualties in 3 days...ouch. In this scenario, engineers are golden. Losing 83 of them is not good for him.

Allied ground losses:
9822 casualties reported
Squads: 439 destroyed, 0 disabled
Non Combat: 375 destroyed, 47 disabled
Engineers: 14 destroyed, 1 disabled
Guns lost 7 (6 destroyed, 1 disabled)
Units retreated 9

Coupled with Loyang 2 days ago:

Allied ground losses:
12208 casualties reported
Squads: 470 destroyed, 24 disabled
Non Combat: 651 destroyed, 35 disabled
Engineers: 83 destroyed, 4 disabled
Guns lost 23 (23 destroyed, 0 disabled)
Units retreated 9

Ichang is holding on by a thread. Each time they knock down the forts, we rebuild just in time. The Chinese got 2-1 odds, so, gulp, hopefully will hold until reinforcements arrive, 2 days away. The nasty Chinese forces that shocked my banzai attack by the 116th division are moving north to Sinyang. I have a division waiting for them.

Luzon has been code named Double Ouch. A "probe" attack (wouldn't that be nice) into clark netted this disaster:

Japanese ground losses:
8569 casualties reported
Squads: 66 destroyed, 347 disabled
Non Combat: 74 destroyed, 282 disabled
Engineers: 9 destroyed, 38 disabled
Vehicles lost 95 (10 destroyed, 85 disabled)

Allied ground losses:
2639 casualties reported
Squads: 12 destroyed, 68 disabled
Non Combat: 2 destroyed, 149 disabled
Engineers: 1 destroyed, 14 disabled
Guns lost 2 (1 destroyed, 1 disabled)

Looks like I'll need to pull down the 38th division from Hong Kong. I'll start that tomorrow. Airfields are being improved on Luzon and it's going to be prolonged campaign. This scenario is dang bloody!

A cheer goes amongst the navy as for the first time in 4 days, the japanese do not lose a ship to subs. A jake did report landing a rotten chicken on top of a dutch conning tower, but that’s about as close to a hit as I’ve been able to get. Balikpan is consolidating and an ampib of the 16th army HQ, plus supporting regiments are loading for the invasion of java.

to be continued...

vicberg -> RE: AE Really Unconfidential (except for witpqs) (12/2/2010 3:02:10 AM)

January 3rd, 1942.....

Haven't been able to post for a bit because of RL and the pace of the game....I'm really impressed with this scenario. I wish they would do it for scenario 2 as the base, to give the japanese a bit more punching power. It limits air, limits ground and has a very realistic flavor to it. No more level 4 airbases built in a few days....and a ground attack without adequate support....not good.

I have 4 divs plus support regiments on Clark. Daily air bombings and occasional probes are the name of the game. I can replace faster than him, so this is a war of attrition. Occasionally, I switch to ground attacks with air force...they are a good indicator of the moral and supply level in the hex. The more damage, the more ripe they are for ground attack. A probe attack is scheduled to go today.

In china, I've continued to push the chinese around as I mass troops and HQs for an attack on Nanyang. There's been minor scirmishes between some of my divisions and fleeing elements, but otherwise, not much more to report. My air force is doing between 300-500 casualties a turn. I pulled a number of sallies out of kwangtung, plus upgrades to existing units. Nanyang and Kweishien(sp?) are the currently goals for china. I'm quite happy with the bombing campaign.

In burma, japanese forces continue to mass for the attack on Rangoon. Right now, they are north of Moleumien (sp map in front of me)...waiting for the imperial division. I've moved bombers out of Bangkok and am sweeping with fighters. There's not enough air support to keep planes in bases where they aren't being used and it's taken quite a bit of time to get multiple Oscars to coordinate on the Rangoon sweeps (from the same base). It only started when I transferred all non-essentials out of the area. So I'm making headway against the AVG.

In java, I've taken Malacca and Soerabaja. A task force is in route with naval HQ, air HQ and engineers to secure the port. Minesweepers have cleared it. Witpqs has attempted to attack my TFS in the region, but a squadron of zeroes on Malacca (with an air HQ) have managed to defeat all attacks and create quite a few aces in the process. However, the KB did a dance of death with the dutch subs to support the invasion....I managed to avoid any damage until the last day. The Shokaku took a fish and has 18 sys...she's at balikpan and will be repaired in a couple of weeks. In the process, I went ahead and repaired additional CVs and BBs. I suddenly realized (too late) that I'm ripe for a 4e attack, so I moved 3 CVs one hex south of Balikpan and put all zeroes on 50 escort...hopefully, witpqs won't realize. The next goals for this region are keopang and batvia. I'm light on troops atm, as george attempted an attack on cagayan and I diverted a regiment to support the base. I'm regretting that now. Batvia is the gateway to Sumatra. So I'll need to scrape up other troops.

In the marshalls and solomons, nothing going on. Once java is secured and KB is fully healed, I'll transfer a BB sctf and the KB to truk to support the invasion of Rabual and the rest of the solomons.

vicberg -> RE: AE Really Unconfidential (except for witpqs) (12/2/2010 3:05:26 AM)

This is my industry situation...somewhat stable, but still bleeding resources


vicberg -> RE: AE Really Unconfidential (except for witpqs) (12/2/2010 3:07:39 AM)

Almost all of these losses are because of scenario 2, I usually can damage or destroy scenario 1 (or this scenario), asw is awful. I've adopted a new tactic of assigning the best commanders to my ASW TFs and converging on a sub whenever I see one. Kill the carrier, so to speak.


vicberg -> RE: AE Really Unconfidential (except for witpqs) (12/2/2010 3:10:45 AM)

Overall, I'm not unhappy...I have one CV banged up for a couple of weeks, quite a few CAs and DDs, but the japanese navy is intact...A couple of days ago I even managed to scored a SS hit (10 cases of sake to that crew)....I have almost 2 to 1 in air and 2 to 1 in ship. I'm accustomed to higher ratios, but that's in scenario 2 and usually against opponents who don't put up much of a fight. George is not giving ground willingly.


vicberg -> RE: AE Really Unconfidential (except for witpqs) (12/2/2010 3:30:48 AM)

As far as pilots go, I've maxed out pilots on training squadrons, set range to zero and training to 100%. That's working well. There's not enough 81+ pilots yet to put in each squadron, and that does seem and make a big difference along with the squadron leader, but it's still showing good results.

With combat squardons, the allied pilots are terrible, so I've maxed out these squadrons with 30s and 40s and set training to 50%. I have to watch fatigue and moral closely, but the inexperienced pilots are moving up quite fast.

vicberg -> RE: AE Really Unconfidential (except for witpqs) (12/4/2010 12:49:26 AM)

January 8th, 1942....

Haven't posted in a while because there hasn't been much to post. The kill the carrier approach against the dutch subs is working. I have 2 subs in my sunk list and a number of hits on others. The Shokaku is repairing slowly. Very little in the way of new bases...air bombardments of both Clark and Singapore, but nothing else significant. I've start arty bombardments which are actually causing damage (amazing!) that tells me that they are being reduced in supply and moral. I'll keep occasional probes going to see how the allies are doing.

There's a major change in thinking concerning this scenario. I took Soeerabaja almost a week ago and the air service damage still hasn't come down from 80. I have quite a few engineers at the base and plenty of supplies, but it won't budge. That's slowing up the rest of the java campaign in part because I need the airfield. There's another level 4 airfield 2 hexes southwest of the base that I'm driving for right now. He's stacking everything on Batvia. Once I get a functional airfield, I'll start air attacks and invade with 5 regiments at merak. The invasion of keopang is on it's way. In a few days, we'll see how that goes. The KB will be supporting so I don't have too many concerns. I'll send a couple SCTFs to support the ops.

The name of this game from my side has been mistakes, mistakes, mistakes. Cerimonial swords and daggers are in route and heads are rolling. Multiple fragmented regiments (my fault)...I have around 10-15 ships in a state of serious damage/repair and accidently layed a minefield in front of balikpan that has cost 3 more ships a general lack of urgency in any of the operations. Still getting used to these changes plus the changes of scen 1. The dutch subs and my initial inability to stop them was definately a factor.

In china, Nanyang has fallen and the chinese are making a stand just northing in the rough. Chinese in the rough are tough, so I'm not sure if I'll proceed or try to at least take a couple of pokes at them. If that force can be serious hurt, there's not much behind for an assault on Sian.

In the air war, I've gained the upper hand against the AVG. That's a good thing. I can see that the generally poor level of training at the start of the war, both pilot quality and ASW is definately rising.

vicberg -> RE: AE Really Unconfidential (except for witpqs) (12/4/2010 3:50:42 AM)

Here's the situation in China...all the plains are in my hands and I'm moving north of Nanyang and south toward Kanhsien...The force moving south is an HQ plus 2 divs and another in support. I continue to bomb Ichang...he's moving AVG to stop that, but it's not quite working. If this continues, I'm wondering if he will abandon the city. My goal in china is simple. Force all Chinese into rough terrian. Anything in the open will get nailed.


vicberg -> RE: AE Really Unconfidential (except for witpqs) (12/4/2010 3:59:09 AM)

Here's the situation in java. Soerabaja has not repaired in a week, in spite of engineer units. Runway damage is moving down, but air services has not budged from a level of 80. The scenario is doing what it should, slowing things down. It's screwing with my time tables, but that's karma. I'm moving on Madioen to secure a level 4 airbase as well as moving more engineers down to Soerabaja. The dutch subs have disappeared, so my kill the carrier strategy has worked. George has moved reinforcements into Batvia.

Tarakan fell and I'm assembling the 4th and 124th battalions there. Once loaded, I'll pick up the 33rd regiment at samarinda, 24th, 143rd and 146th regiments from soerabaja and land at merak.

Invasion of keopang is still loading at balikpan. Once again, everything is slowed down...

I'm launching a night attack on batvia in the hopes of catching his APs that just reinforced. Make him pay for those types of move.


vicberg -> RE: AE Really Unconfidential (except for witpqs) (12/4/2010 4:01:19 AM)

Here's the situation in Rangoon...Typical stuff....I'm winning the air war and have started airfield attacks from Bangkok. The force north of Moulmien is awaiting the imperial guard division to swat away the flankers and then go to Rangoon.


vicberg -> RE: AE Really Unconfidential (except for witpqs) (12/5/2010 12:59:14 AM)

January 11th, 1942...

Well Madioen has fallen and air units are moving to the base because though I have quite a few engineer units in Soerabaja, they are not enough. The runway is about cleared, but the air services are still at 80% I'll shift operations to Madioen and start an air campaign against Batvia.

Ternate fell and I'll be picking up the 124th and 4th battalions, as well as 33rd from samarinda and anothe regiment from Cagayan. With 3 more in java, that makes 5 regiments, 2 battalions and the 16th HQ, with air support. I'll be landing at merak within a week, with mini-KB and SCTF support. I have most of the japanese surface assets in the area, so there's plenty to work with.

The dutch subs haven't disappeared, but they haven't done any damage in quite a few turns. They are becoming less of a concern. I have managed to continue to hit them.

Japanese Ships
PB Naruto Maru #3
PB Saiko Maru

Allied Ships
SS O20, hits 1

My own sub campaign around ceylon and san francisco have continued to net some kills..

Japanese Ships
SS I-124

Allied Ships
TK Manvantara, Torpedo hits 1, on fire, heavy damage

The air war over rangoon is being won by the japanese (finally)...

Japanese aircraft
Ki-43-Ib Oscar x 35

Allied aircraft
H81-A3 x 4
Buffalo I x 5

No Japanese losses

Allied aircraft losses
H81-A3: 1 destroyed
Buffalo I: 1 destroyed

The air war in china is going well also...this is an attack on Ichang...he has 20+ units there...I'm hoping my damage will force him to move forward accross the river to retreat....

Japanese aircraft
Ki-21-Ic Sally x 39
Ki-27b Nate x 6
Ki-48-Ib Lily x 15

No Japanese losses

Allied ground losses:
416 casualties reported
Squads: 0 destroyed, 17 disabled
Non Combat: 1 destroyed, 28 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 1 disabled

The ground combat in clark is ugly for both of us. Just going to have to give it time and wait for them to starve.

Japanese assault odds: 1 to 2 (fort level 0)

Japanese ground losses:
2431 casualties reported
Squads: 4 destroyed, 150 disabled
Non Combat: 45 destroyed, 83 disabled
Engineers: 22 destroyed, 57 disabled
Vehicles lost 83 (28 destroyed, 55 disabled)
Units destroyed 1

Allied ground losses:
2554 casualties reported
Squads: 11 destroyed, 135 disabled
Non Combat: 36 destroyed, 185 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 9 disabled
Vehicles lost 71 (31 destroyed, 40 disabled)

The allies have been booted out of cagayan....

But the big news is north of nanyang....I moved 6-7 divisions, plus HQs (multiple for the support) and he shock attacked. A gutsy and good call as it's possible that some units may have straggled getting it was, they didn't and he got multched....

Allied adjusted assault: 1689

Japanese adjusted defense: 5962

Allied assault odds: 1 to 3

Combat modifiers
Defender: terrain(+), op mode(-)
Attacker: shock(+)

Japanese ground losses:
1522 casualties reported
Squads: 37 destroyed, 33 disabled
Non Combat: 3 destroyed, 72 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 2 disabled
Vehicles lost 13 (10 destroyed, 3 disabled)

Allied ground losses:
11597 casualties reported
Squads: 249 destroyed, 396 disabled
Non Combat: 259 destroyed, 439 disabled
Engineers: 1 destroyed, 44 disabled

My own forces will be shock attacking to return the favor...if this goes well, the path to Siam is open....

vicberg -> RE: AE Really Unconfidential (except for witpqs) (12/5/2010 3:11:39 AM)

January 12th, 1942....

Sub war continues. This is the support TF for the keopang invasion.

Japanese Ships
BB Nagato
CA Kako
CS Mizuho
DD Shigure
DD Tokitsukaze
DD Suzukaze
DD Umikaze

Allied Ships
SS Snapper, hits 1

Another air assualt on Ichang.

Allied ground losses:
239 casualties reported
Squads: 0 destroyed, 14 disabled
Non Combat: 0 destroyed, 13 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 1 disabled

My counter attack north of nanyang. Didn't go as well as I had hoped. I have another deliberate attacked scheduled for tomorrow.

Japanese ground losses:
4001 casualties reported
Squads: 156 destroyed, 197 disabled
Non Combat: 55 destroyed, 219 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 24 disabled
Vehicles lost 2 (2 destroyed, 0 disabled)

Allied ground losses:
4210 casualties reported
Squads: 60 destroyed, 143 disabled
Non Combat: 135 destroyed, 150 disabled
Engineers: 9 destroyed, 3 disabled

Now this is a strange armored regiment cross the river at pegu next to rangoon....

Attacking force 384 troops, 0 guns, 95 vehicles, Assault Value = 64

Defending force 12349 troops, 66 guns, 8 vehicles, Assault Value = 306

Japanese adjusted assault: 86

Allied adjusted defense: 51

Japanese assault odds: 1 to 1 (fort level 2)

Japanese Assault reduces fortifications to 1

Combat modifiers
Defender: preparation(-), morale(-), experience(-)
Attacker: shock(+)

Allied ground losses:
29 casualties reported
Squads: 0 destroyed, 1 disabled
Non Combat: 1 destroyed, 3 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 0 disabled

One would think that 12k of defenders could do something against 50 tanks, but I guess not.

PaxMondo -> RE: AE Really Unconfidential (except for witpqs) (12/5/2010 5:40:35 AM)

Wonder if was that he had troops still in strat mode?

vicberg -> RE: AE Really Unconfidential (except for witpqs) (12/7/2010 3:33:13 AM)

Doubtful, if they were I would see an Ops Mode (-) under his modifiers...figure that of those 12k, half or less are combat (probably 25% or 3k)...probably, mostly base forces or garrisons and they've been retreating after a couple of combats, so low morale and probably little to no AT weapons. However, tanks at that time were vulnerable to grenades, stick bombs, demo charges, all available at the time. Somethings a little overpowered, but hey, I'm not complaining :)

vicberg -> RE: AE Really Unconfidential (except for witpqs) (12/7/2010 3:51:56 AM)

January 15th, 1942....

Koepang invasion succeed without a hitch. Moving engineers to the base to repair and then I'll send some netties down to see what lurking around Darwin.

Regiments are in place at soerabaja to invade merak and then batvia. The invasion force will move out tomorrow with 6 plus regiments, the 16th HQ, plus support. I'll be able to form the 2nd div from it. I still expect a couple weeks to take it because everything he has left is stacked there. I'm taking his supply out from the air daily now, since I took madioen.

In China, I took Kanhsien (in the south) and moving east. I'm moving the division from Canton north to support. I'm hoping to attack Changsha from south and from the west. In the north, he's moving everything to sian. I have 2 divs to the east of sian, one and a brigade moving north, another rebuilding in loyang and 6 on the road to the south. However, sian isn't worth the losses. He's retreating without me doing anything and I'll take the land without a fight. I'm moving 2 divs south to support the changsha attack.

In burma, the majority of my forces are in pegu, but he moved a small unit to cut me off. I have a regiment shock attacking this turn and moving a armored regiment down in case the attack doesn't work.

In malaysia, I stopped all movement onto Singapore because the river crossings cost me a couple of arty and a regiment. I thought shock attacks only occurred when odds were sufficient, (seeing one arty shock attack is silly) but they seem to be occurring whenever something crosses the river. I have 2 1/2 divisions next to shock attack, not worth it yet. I'll let the air campaign do some more work for me. Once batvia is taken, I'll move more units up (if needed) to form another div and then make the crossing with divs first, then supporting units.

Solomons haven't been touched yet. They will be once the KB supports the batvia invasion. As far as the KB goes, the Shokaku is moving to hong kong for repairs.

Dutch subs haven't scored a hit in weeks, so I've gotten the upper hand.

Industry is still bad. Resources aren't moving, at least as well as they do in scen 2. I have about double the amount of convoys that I use in scen 2 and it isn't stopping the bleed. Air and ship production is about normal for where the game is at. I'm continuing to cull pilots from units as the training program goes quite well. Using combat groups, maxed with replacements, on 50% training works quite well.

Stacking troops for defense is the name of this game. In my other PBEM, my opponent didn't and by January 11th, 1942, I already have all of luzon, changsha, batvia (plus soerabaja and keopang), rabaul and ontop of singapore. Judging by air and bombardment losses on singapore, I'll take it next turn.

vicberg -> RE: AE Really Unconfidential (except for witpqs) (12/11/2010 3:32:59 PM)

January 25th, 1942....

Haven't posted in a while because there's hasn't been much to post...

The dutch subs continue to inflict damage. The Soryu took a fish and is repairing in Soerabaja. A few more transports have been lost. The difference is that I am now inflicting damage on them. 5 hits on 2 subs reported today. That usually means sunk.

I've landed at merak and have 7 regiments on Batvia.

Japanese assault odds: 1 to 1 (fort level 2)

Japanese Assault reduces fortifications to 1

Combat modifiers
Defender: terrain(+), experience(-)

Japanese ground losses:
1620 casualties reported
Squads: 4 destroyed, 111 disabled
Non Combat: 1 destroyed, 89 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 2 disabled

Allied ground losses:
1253 casualties reported
Squads: 7 destroyed, 75 disabled
Non Combat: 1 destroyed, 32 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 0 disabled
Vehicles lost 65 (1 destroyed, 64 disabled)

I'm trying a shock attack to see if I can dislodge. Bativa is key. With it, the remaining dutch units are isolated and I can destroy them at leisure. Some of the regiments will move to Singapore to form another division with existing regiments already there. The 2nd div will be formed on Batvia in a couple of days. More regiments are moving down from Luzon to form a 3rd division in the area. Then I have a choice. To finish Java or move one to two divisions to Sumatra for Palembang.


vicberg -> RE: AE Really Unconfidential (except for witpqs) (12/11/2010 3:41:41 PM)

This is the situation in Luzon.

Jap units are bombarding Clark with daily air attacks. It's a starving game atm. I've released the 9th div from Manchuko and have moved the 116th div (13th army) to Shanghai to pull the 21st div out of Shanghai. These 2 divs will move to Clark in the hopes of achieving a 1-1 or 2-1 against them.


vicberg -> RE: AE Really Unconfidential (except for witpqs) (12/11/2010 3:45:55 PM)

This is the situation in northern China. I have quite a few divisions in the area. Witpqs has 27 units just north of Nanyang. I'm not really worried about these yet because he's taken such high losses. Doubtful he's been able to rebuild these units yet. If he does advance, I'll start the defense in the rough. Nanyang is building forts. I can transfer multiple divisions to the area and I would LOVE to catch his forces in the open. Between air and ground, I could smash the front open. So, the 4 divs to the north of Nanyang are bait.

The plan right now is to links at least 4 of the northern divisions with 4 divisions to the south of Changsha to try to take Changsha.


vicberg -> RE: AE Really Unconfidential (except for witpqs) (12/11/2010 3:51:38 PM)

This is the situation in south china. I can move the 4 divs up towards changsha, but I'm pretty sure that he'll move the 4 units in Wuchow south towards Canton. It leaves a choice: either move the divs west along the secondary road which will take probably a couple of weeks to secure it, or move the brigade north east of Wuchow to threaten any move out of it. Not sure which I'll do yet. This is the attack just north of Kukong that have the chinese in retreat.

Attacking force 47510 troops, 449 guns, 140 vehicles, Assault Value = 1459

Defending force 19697 troops, 122 guns, 0 vehicles, Assault Value = 419

Japanese adjusted assault: 1109

Allied adjusted defense: 496

Japanese assault odds: 2 to 1

Combat modifiers
Defender: terrain(+), experience(-)

Japanese ground losses:
767 casualties reported
Squads: 2 destroyed, 42 disabled
Non Combat: 1 destroyed, 43 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 2 disabled

Allied ground losses:
7017 casualties reported
Squads: 214 destroyed, 42 disabled
Non Combat: 326 destroyed, 77 disabled
Engineers: 6 destroyed, 3 disabled
Guns lost 1 (1 destroyed, 0 disabled)
Units retreated 5


vicberg -> RE: AE Really Unconfidential (except for witpqs) (12/12/2010 5:32:16 AM)

January 28th, 1942....

In java, I continue to attack his ground troops from the air. I've also started naval bombardments.

Japanese Ships
BB Yamashiro
BB Fuso
CA Aoba
CA Ashigara

Allied ground losses:
416 casualties reported
Squads: 2 destroyed, 3 disabled
Non Combat: 8 destroyed, 40 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 2 disabled
Guns lost 26 (3 destroyed, 23 disabled)

Because of the lack of CD counter fire, I'm attacking with 3 TFs, at 20k. including escorts. I'm expecting a few hits, but hope to do some serious damage. My ground troops continue to do significantly more damage than the dutch inspite of 4 days straight of attacking, but because of high fatigue and disruption, I'm going to let them rest for one to two days. THere's nothing nearby to help batvia in terms of troops, so I'm expecting it to fall with 2-3 days.

The KB and patched up Soryu are leaving the area northwards.


vicberg -> RE: AE Really Unconfidential (except for witpqs) (12/12/2010 5:40:05 AM)

China is where things are getting interesting. I'm very surprised to see them on the offensive, in spite of the losses they've taken. Witpqs either knows something about the mechanics that no one else does, or this scenario has somehow changed something for the chinese. Either way, he has forces moving from Inchang, east accross the river. I also see a british unit in Ichang. Doubtful he walked, so he must have been airlifted. I have 1 div, 1 brigade and 2 garrisons. All of them are depleted, but I'm not going to give up the spot without a fight. Rough terrian accross a river should inflict some degree of losses against him. If the spot holds or not is irrelevant. I want to see the AV coming at me. Recon shows 24 units. I have plenty of Divs in the area to support.

He also moved 24 fighters (probably AVG) to the base, so I did a night raid with 5 squadrons of sallies and lillies out of Hankow. Night attacks only work once, but it should get some of his units on night patrol. Then I can choose night vs. day attacks against lesser CAP.

Night Air attack on Ichang , at 83,48

Weather in hex: Light cloud

Japanese aircraft
Ki-21-Ic Sally x 4
Ki-48-Ib Lily x 48

Allied aircraft
no flights

Japanese aircraft losses
Ki-48-Ib Lily: 2 damaged

Allied aircraft losses
P-40E Warhawk: 2 destroyed on ground

Airbase hits 4
Airbase supply hits 4
Runway hits 10
Night Air attack on Ichang , at 83,48

Weather in hex: Light cloud

Japanese aircraft
Ki-21-Ic Sally x 16

Allied aircraft
no flights

Japanese aircraft losses
Ki-21-Ic Sally: 2 damaged

Allied aircraft losses

Airbase hits 2
Airbase supply hits 1
Runway hits 12


vicberg -> RE: AE Really Unconfidential (except for witpqs) (12/12/2010 7:48:58 PM)

UJanuary 29th, 1942.

The chinese crossed the river with 4000 AV!. At this stage of the war, in the attached map, this is just one of 3! major chinese stacks. The 4000 AV from a pure AV standpoint is close to equal what I have in the entire region. With 4 divisions pinned by 5 chinese units in the south (in rough terrain), there's not much I can do if he comes from Changsha. I have 2 paratroops I can drop to slow this down a bit, but they won't last long. I got dinged on supply. Not sure why since I was 2 hexes from Hankow and 50k in supplies, but whatever.

Combat modifiers
Defender: terrain(+), experience(-), supply(-)
Attacker: shock(+)

Japanese ground losses:
7385 casualties reported
Squads: 214 destroyed, 18 disabled
Non Combat: 147 destroyed, 7 disabled
Engineers: 11 destroyed, 7 disabled
Guns lost 13 (7 destroyed, 6 disabled)
Vehicles lost 3 (2 destroyed, 1 disabled)
Units retreated 4

Allied ground losses:
4204 casualties reported
Squads: 27 destroyed, 414 disabled
Non Combat: 8 destroyed, 226 disabled
Engineers: 1 destroyed, 10 disabled

Defeated Japanese Units Retreating!

Assaulting units:
86th Chinese Corps
68th Chinese Corps
87th Chinese Corps
59th Chinese Corps
32nd Chinese Corps
2nd Chinese Corps
45th Chinese Corps
8th Chinese Corps
70th Chinese Corps
77th Chinese Corps
21st Chinese Corps
67th Chinese Corps
49th Chinese Corps
75th Chinese Corps
53rd Chinese Corps
94th Chinese Corps
18th Chinese Corps
3rd New Chinese Corps

Defending units:
11th RGC Temp. Division
14th Ind.Mixed Brigade
34th Division
13th RGC Temp. Division

Since this is Da Big Babes, I've posted in the scenario thread if china has been changed at all by this mod. Japan has been nerfed in many areas (as well as allies in some), but I'm wondering if replacement rates and/or supplies have been changed. An attack of this size this early in the game seems a bit strange.

I have 4 divs plus brigades to pull into the defense. Still that's only 2000 AV. The 4 divs to the south of changsha are stalled by the typical uber chinese defense in rough, though I'm doing more damage than he is. Wenchow is diverting 1 div, 2 brgds and 2 regiments because it's a level 3 city in the rough, so it's very uber right now. My best attack so far as been a 1-3.


vicberg -> RE: AE Really Unconfidential (except for witpqs) (12/14/2010 3:08:19 AM)

February 1st, 1942.

Sigh....I'm a neophyte to scenario 1 (which da big babes is based on) and it's limitations and da big babes reduces evern further. I'm really starting to feel my lack of experience. I got the KB dinged because I didn't realize how little ASW the japs start with. As of right now, I don't enough enough AV in any one area. What works in scen 2 doesn't work in this scen, as I'm finding out.

There's 5 major battles going on.

South of Changsha

This is Wenchow:

Japanese adjusted assault: 471

Allied adjusted defense: 1714

Japanese assault odds: 1 to 3 (fort level 1)

Combat modifiers
Defender: terrain(+), leaders(+), experience(-)

Japanese ground losses:
584 casualties reported
Squads: 1 destroyed, 33 disabled
Non Combat: 2 destroyed, 59 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 5 disabled

Allied ground losses:
455 casualties reported
Squads: 2 destroyed, 39 disabled
Non Combat: 1 destroyed, 26 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 0 disabled

Assaulting units:
1st RGC Route Brigade
15th Division
26th RGC Temp. Division
2nd Ind.Mixed Brigade
102nd Infantry Regiment
138th Infantry Regiment

Defending units:
88th Chinese Corps
100th Chinese Corps
25th Group Army
14th Chinese Base Force

Yuk...though 1-3, I'm inflicting about even casualties. But it's slow going and there isn't much more I can commit to this right now. I have 3 depleted units, so I'm going to move them to the west and hope to cut off the majority of his supply lines. If needed, I'll free up smaller units to completely surround. I'm leaving around 500 AV in the hex.

This is the combat to the south of Changsha

Japanese adjusted assault: 807

Allied adjusted defense: 673

Japanese assault odds: 1 to 1

Combat modifiers
Defender: terrain(+), experience(-)

Japanese ground losses:
2527 casualties reported
Squads: 2 destroyed, 180 disabled
Non Combat: 5 destroyed, 178 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 19 disabled
Vehicles lost 6 (1 destroyed, 5 disabled)

Allied ground losses:
1113 casualties reported
Squads: 4 destroyed, 52 disabled
Non Combat: 2 destroyed, 95 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 1 disabled

Assaulting units:
17th Division
39th Division
22nd Division
104th Division
13th Army
4th Mortar Battalion

Defending units:
28th Chinese Corps
65th Chinese Corps
46th Chinese Corps
50th Chinese Corps
63rd Chinese Corps
5th Chinese Cavalry Corps
7th War Area
10th Group Army
12th Group Army

Once again, double yuk. For this one, I'll attempt to spread his units by pulling out 2 depleted divisions and moving them toward Wuchow. 700 AV will remain.

This is the battle in Clark

Japanese adjusted assault: 1274

Allied adjusted defense: 1927

Japanese assault odds: 1 to 2 (fort level 0)

Combat modifiers
Defender: terrain(+), leaders(+), preparation(-), experience(-)

Japanese ground losses:
4660 casualties reported
Squads: 13 destroyed, 296 disabled
Non Combat: 8 destroyed, 307 disabled
Engineers: 1 destroyed, 18 disabled
Vehicles lost 53 (5 destroyed, 48 disabled)

Allied ground losses:
1016 casualties reported
Squads: 31 destroyed, 36 disabled
Non Combat: 21 destroyed, 109 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 1 disabled
Vehicles lost 14 (1 destroyed, 13 disabled)

Assaulting units:
65th Brigade
48th Division
33rd Division
2nd Tank Regiment
38th Division
4th Division
7th Tank Regiment
2nd Ind.Art.Mortar Battalion
47th Field AA Battalion
48th Field AA Battalion
9th Ind.Hvy.Art. Battalion
2nd Ind.Hvy.Art. Battalion
3rd Ind.Hvy.Art. Battalion
20th Ind. Mtn Gun Battalion
8th Medium Field Artillery Regiment
1st Hvy.Artillery Regiment
1st Medium Field Artillery Regiment
45th Field AA Battalion
15th Ind.Art.Mortar Battalion
10th Ind. Mountain Gun Regiment
14th Army
2nd Mortar Battalion
1st Ship Engineer Regiment

Defending units:
1st PA Constabulary Regiment
86th PS Coastal Artillery Battalion
41st PA Infantry Division
102nd PA Infantry Division
2nd PA Constabulary Regiment
21st PA Infantry Division
57th PS Infantry Regimental Combat Team
4th PA Constabulary Regiment
51st PA Infantry Division
1st/45th PS Inf Battalion
Subic Bay Defenses
11th PA Infantry Division
71st PA Infantry Division
26th PS Cavalry Regiment
31st PA Infantry Division
31st Infantry Regiment
3rd/45th PS Inf Battalion
3rd/12th PA Inf Battalion
91st PA Infantry Division
4th Marine Regiment
192nd Tank Battalion
14th PS Engineer Regiment
1st PA Infantry Division
2nd PA Constblry HW Regiment
Provisional GMC Grp
PAF Aviation
88th PS Field Artillery Regiment
301st Construction Battalion
200th & 515th Coast AA Regiment
II Philippine Corps
Clark Field AAF Base Force
I Philippine Corps
1st USMC AA Battalion
Nichols Field AAF Base Force
Far East USAAF
301st PA Field Artillery Regiment

I'm doing these probes to speed up his supply depletion. I have two divisions in route to clark. Should at least get me to 1 to 1.

This is batvia:

Japanese adjusted assault: 220

Allied adjusted defense: 125

Japanese assault odds: 1 to 1 (fort level 0)

Japanese Assault reduces fortifications to 0

Combat modifiers
Defender: terrain(+), leaders(+), leaders(-), disruption(-)

Japanese ground losses:
668 casualties reported
Squads: 2 destroyed, 47 disabled
Non Combat: 1 destroyed, 35 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 0 disabled

Allied ground losses:
780 casualties reported
Squads: 50 destroyed, 6 disabled
Non Combat: 4 destroyed, 43 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 2 disabled
Vehicles lost 17 (7 destroyed, 10 disabled)

Assaulting units:
143rd Infantry Regiment
124th Infantry Regiment
33rd Infantry Regiment
146th Infantry Regiment
2nd Division
16th Army

Defending units:
1st Regt Cavalerie
1st KNIL Regiment
1st KNIL Landstorm Battalion
4th KNIL Landstorm Battalion
2nd KNIL Regiment
Batavia Defenses
1st KNIL AA Battalion
KNIL Army Command
3rd KNIL AA Battalion
Batavia KM Base Force

Batvia is being subjected to daily air attacks and naval bombardments. I have to expect them to fall soon. When they do, I can transfer a couple of regiments up to Singapore to form another div.

Scen 2 Overconfidence
I've approached this game like a scen 2 game and it's really bit me in the....I have my troops too dispursed to be effective anywhere. I'm taking higher losses as a result and the units are rebuilding more slowly because of the lack of ground support. To make it worse, the losses are causing my experience levels to go down accross the board.

At this point, I'm hoping to unquagmire this situations through the 2 divs in route to clark and hopefully taking batvia. If I can dislodge clark, I'll pull 3-4 divisions out of luzon for singapore and/or another theatre. At this point, SOPAC hasn't even been touched. It will be soon as the KB repairs up which should be mid-Feb.

All in all, the beginning of this war has gone quite poorly. Expected blitz attacks into areas never materialized, the KB got dinged twice I need to get something moving but I don't have much more to work with. My ships losses aren't too bad and air losses are higher than they should be. The AVG nailed a unit of nates yesterday and show down 23 of them! I've transferred 3 Oscars squads to hangkow to take down the AVG.

For China, there's 2 brigades that arrived as reinforcements in Shanghai. They will meet up with their counterparts to form 2 new divisions:

South China:


vicberg -> RE: AE Really Unconfidential (except for witpqs) (12/14/2010 3:41:03 AM)

This is the situation in the north. He's retreating after crushing my defenders. I'm amassing in Hangkow to rebuild. I'm sending a div south of Sinyang to take out the chinese there and moving a few bridages, 1 HQ and a couple of tank divs to threaten the northern road to the west of Nanyang.


vicberg -> RE: AE Really Unconfidential (except for witpqs) (12/14/2010 5:15:15 AM)

Ok...the quagmire has started to loosen...the 21st div in marching on Clark and Batvia is taken.

Japanese Shock attack

Attacking force 22632 troops, 194 guns, 59 vehicles, Assault Value = 686

Defending force 10517 troops, 204 guns, 68 vehicles, Assault Value = 108

Japanese adjusted assault: 523

Allied adjusted defense: 77

Japanese assault odds: 6 to 1 (fort level 0)

Japanese forces CAPTURE Batavia !!!

Combat modifiers
Defender: terrain(+), disruption(-), experience(-)
Attacker: shock(+), disruption(-)

Japanese ground losses:
325 casualties reported
Squads: 1 destroyed, 17 disabled
Non Combat: 1 destroyed, 16 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 0 disabled
Units pursuing 1

Allied ground losses:
4487 casualties reported
Squads: 57 destroyed, 9 disabled
Non Combat: 238 destroyed, 5 disabled
Engineers: 16 destroyed, 0 disabled
Guns lost 84 (84 destroyed, 0 disabled)
Vehicles lost 77 (77 destroyed, 0 disabled)
Units retreated 10
Units destroyed 1

In this scenario, engineers and non-combats are as important as I'm going to rest a regiment awaiting it's couterparts in route from clark to form another div, move the 2nd div and 16th HQ to sumatra and move a regiment to singapore to form another div there. The 9th div is still in route to clark. Still look at end of Feb to dislodge the defenders.

If I were to do this again, I would definately choose a spot (clark or singapore) and focus everything there, including the 15th army. Lots of support and take it quick. This slow grind is costing...

vicberg -> RE: AE Really Unconfidential (except for witpqs) (12/15/2010 3:00:18 AM)

February 4th, 1942....

Sub War
Have the upper hand now, for at least a little while. Witpqs keeps sending subs into the port of Soejeraba and I keep nailing them, As of right now, there's only 2 subs left and they are either repairing or replenishing.

Japanese Ships
BB Yamashiro
CA Aoba
CL Abukuma
CL Nagara
DD Arashio
DD Asashio
DD Hamakaze
DD Kawakaze
DD Harusame
DD Murasame
DD Kasumi

Allied Ships
SS KXVI, hits 6

Air War
He's moved the majority of the AVG to Ichang. I've moves 4 squads of Oscars to Hankow...let the throw down begin...

Morning didn't go so well

Japanese aircraft
Ki-43-Ia Oscar x 27

Allied aircraft
H81-A3 x 25

Japanese aircraft losses
Ki-43-Ia Oscar: 3 destroyed

Afternoon went the early stages of the war, this is good for me. I'm taking out units hard to replace. I can replace aircraft quite quickly and I'm losing scrubs for pilots. Every 70 that gets developed immediately goes into reserve. We'lll make more. I'm also moving the uber Tojos (9 of them) to the area to have some fun. I haven't lost a single Tojo since beginning of war and that's good because they aren't even in development yet. Someone explain that if you can?

Japanese aircraft
Ki-43-Ic Oscar x 62

Allied aircraft
H81-A3 x 15

No Japanese losses

Allied aircraft losses
H81-A3: 3 destroyed


The 21st has moved onto Clark. The 9th is in route.

In the mean time, I hit daily with air attacks against ground and airfield targets and bombard as well. I like the bombardment results because it's telling me that the bombardment rules aren't totally nerfed. Can't bombard forever, but it's doing damage.

Attacking force 51764 troops, 637 guns, 292 vehicles, Assault Value = 1897

Defending force 48925 troops, 778 guns, 227 vehicles, Assault Value = 1218

Japanese ground losses:
55 casualties reported
Squads: 1 destroyed, 3 disabled
Non Combat: 0 destroyed, 0 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 0 disabled

Allied ground losses:
144 casualties reported
Squads: 3 destroyed, 7 disabled
Non Combat: 2 destroyed, 3 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 0 disabled
Guns lost 2 (1 destroyed, 1 disabled)

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