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Nemo121 -> Shin'yo CD Device (10/30/2010 8:46:22 AM)

The only reference I can find to Shin'yo online is for the Shin'yo suicide attack boat but the Shinyo is rated as a naval gun.

So, is the Shinyo device a way of modelling the Shinyo suicide attack boat ( which would explain the very low accuracy rating ) or is it modelling a different sort of unit?

Given the low accuracy but very high penetration and effect values it seems to me that the Shinyo CD units may well be ways of modelling the suicide attack boat. As CD guns they sure don't make sense otherwise.

On the other hand the load cost of 220 seems excessive... These were pretty light, wooden boats where only the engine weighed much. A load cost of 12 or so ( the equivalent of a fully-loaded squad ) I could understand but a load cost of 220 ??? That seems excessive for a boat - which is why I'm confused.

Can someone clarify what the Shin'yo units are intended to model?

Terminus -> RE: Shin'yo CD Device (10/30/2010 9:05:36 AM)

The 220 might have something to do with the BOMB at the front, hmmm?

Nemo121 -> RE: Shin'yo CD Device (10/30/2010 10:25:56 AM)

Aye but bombs for aircraft are generated out of supplies in the base and so they aren't "transported" as part of the load cost of the unit.

Even if we look at artillery or CD units the load cost is not the weight of the artillery tube PLUS ammo. It is just the weight of the tube. The ammo is part of the base's supply. You don't have the load cost of an 81mm mortar being 150 to account for all of those 81mm mortar shells. No, the load cost is 4 or so because you just need to transport the troops and tube. The ammo is generically created from supply at the base it arrives at. It is an oversimplification obviously but I think handling the Shinyo differently is inconsistent.

Maybe it needs to be changed just for consistencies sake.

Also, we haven't yet absolutely clarified that the Shinyo CD device IS intended to model the Shinyo boats.

Andy Mac -> RE: Shin'yo CD Device (10/30/2010 11:55:31 AM)

Well as I did them...

The Shinyo's are modelled in Downfall in two ways.

A load of very shortrange MTB's type ships with a pint blank powerfull weapon but any kind of screen will cause mayhem

A second type was the Shinyo CD device which had low accuracy and big hit if it hits.

Both are modelling Shinyo's - this was a downfall only addition I made.

All the Shinyo units start at full strength BUT the load cost is deliberate as jpan had ltd resources to replace them when destroyed. So its a cost benefit thing

Andy Mac -> RE: Shin'yo CD Device (10/30/2010 12:02:20 PM)

The CD Gun Version


Andy Mac -> RE: Shin'yo CD Device (10/30/2010 12:03:36 PM)

And as a Boat both are present but the accuracy and range are low so against a decent screen few will penetrate - but if they do....


Nemo121 -> RE: Shin'yo CD Device (10/30/2010 5:17:12 PM)

AH, now I see why I don't have them... I am basing the mod off an earlier version of your downfall scenario as that was what was hosted on Cririe's site.

Adding them now.

BTW Andy, could you show me how you have Ohkas set up ( the 1885 MXY Ohka Model 22 and whatever the device number for the Model 11 are) in Downfall at the moment?

I've tested for about a week of the game to test out the new Ohkas to see how they work ( work fine so far but awfully vulnerable to FlAK ) but I haven't had a single Ohka-equipped bomber fly an attack mission yet. I am wondering if they are, somehow, broken.

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