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kool_kat -> Make Your Views Known Now! (10/21/2010 1:55:32 PM)

Gents: [8D]

Thankfully, my perserverance to contact the For Liberty! game developer has paid off... and Hussar Games has recently responded to numerous posts here at Matrix! [X(]

Bulcsu, the developer, has indicated that a game patch correcting "minor" glitches would be considered! [&o]

I strongly encourage all For Liberty players to post their glitches / bugs / improvement suggestions to the Patch requests thread!

Here is an opportunity to suggest game improvements and engage directly with the developer! Let's all be sure to take advantage of this opportunity! [sm=character0267.gif]

sapper32 -> RE: Make Your Views Known Now! (10/21/2010 6:20:07 PM)

Hey mwest glad your getting somewhere,I have considred buying the game but have downloaded the demo only to find the main playing area of the screen are blank,I noticed on the forum that other people have had this problem and there didnt seem to be a resolution to the issue other than update your driver for your video card.
Im not prepared to purchase the full game at about 30 just to find out that i cant play the game and i guess from what has being said on the forum this patch is only for minor issues.
Shame as i realy like the look ofthis game and am a fan of the time period anyway less of my ramblings hope you get some issues sorted.

Regards Ian

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