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Gerry4321 -> Netbooks? (10/17/2010 11:02:11 PM)

Hello All:

Would this game play on a Netbook?

I assume an iPad is not able to do anything like this.



diablo1 -> RE: Netbooks? (10/18/2010 2:47:26 PM)

Well I know PC:Kharkov plays on a Netbook but if I recall I don't think the resolution goes to 1024x600 like a Netbook is setup therefore you have to scroll up and down a lot to see the map and then the UI features at the bottom. It does run though and with lots of units on the map as well.

Gerry4321 -> RE: Netbooks? (10/19/2010 2:48:28 AM)

Thanks. I need a lighter box for traveling but that small screen and resolution issue would be too hard to deal with.

diablo1 -> RE: Netbooks? (10/19/2010 12:40:26 PM)

Well I don't have an issue with the small screen as it's perfect for hiding under a newspaper if someone should come in while I'm playing. (some employers frown on you playing games at work). I just wish they would fix the resolution of it to work on Netbooks with 1024x600 resolution. Slitherine did it with Field of Glory and Conquest and I actually think they are or will try to do it for future games they make. The Netbook is growing in carry around popularity and it's cheap so lots of children can own one. Mainstream and Matrixgames should think about that.

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