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FroBodine -> Roman elections? (9/26/2010 10:25:49 PM)

I don't understand what the Roman elections mean in the game? The manual is pretty vague in how they affect the game. Can someone please explain in detail what the elections do and how they affect the game?


mercenarius -> RE: Roman elections? (9/26/2010 11:22:35 PM)

Well, the importance is mostly that better leaders are harder for you to defeat. For example, let's suppose that the Romans have a large army in the field and Marcellus is commanding it. His base command rating is 7. That may be hard to take on if Hannibal doesn't have a big army or doesn't have a Punic Tricks card.

But if the annual elections put a leader with a 5 rating in command of that army, you can probably take it on. Also, some leaders are more aggressive or less aggressive than others. If a really aggressive Roman leader is elected you might get him to accept battle (at the Normal and Hard levels) whereas Fabius might avoid battle.

If Fabius or his nephew Otacilius are serving as Consul the Roman Senate is usually more wary of Hannibal, if Hannibal has won two or more victories against a Roman leader.

FroBodine -> RE: Roman elections? (9/27/2010 12:07:13 AM)

So, how do you know what leader in the field gets replaced by a newly elected leader? Do you just have to look at each leader stack to find out who is new each turn?

I'm definitely having fun with this game. Getting my ass handed to me each game so far, and still on introductory setting. I guess it just hasn't clicked for me yet what the strategy is.

Do you have plans for more scenarios for this game, or any new features with upcoming patches?

mercenarius -> RE: Roman elections? (9/27/2010 12:32:12 AM)

Yes, you will have to check the armies and cities to see where the new leaders have taken up their commands.

If you toggle the banners so that you have banners showing only for leaders it makes this task easier. Then you can toggle all banners back on if you prefer to see control banners or strength banners for everything.

I don't know if we'll put out additional scenarios for Hannibal or not. I am not sure how well they would work.

We aren't going to add any new features in the immediate future but at some point I would like to consider some feature upgrades, yes. Right now I want to see how the players like the game as it is before I starting thinking about that. This kind of feature upgrade would be through a patch.

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