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Agrippa -> Error Code (9/13/2010 8:49:13 PM)

I just purchased CC Longest day and have not been able to start it up.

The download and un-zipp seemed to go fine, but it won't start up.

When I double click on the icon my Norton security ask if I want to allow the progam to continue, I say yes and then nothing happens.

When I try the quick start an error code 18 comes up saying there is a problem with the password.

Thank you for any help you can give!

Andrew Williams -> RE: Error Code (9/14/2010 1:43:06 AM)

Try re-installing with Norton disabled.

Agrippa -> RE: Error Code (9/16/2010 12:57:22 AM)

Thank you, but it didn't work.

I am using Winows Vista. The massge that come up when I try to doule click the game icon is - USER ACCOUNT CONTROL - auto run.exe unidentified publisher. The choices are ALLOW or CANCEL. I say allow and nothing happens.

Please help!

Thank you

Andrew Williams -> RE: Error Code (9/16/2010 2:04:33 AM)

disable UAC

Agrippa -> RE: Error Code (9/17/2010 12:26:01 AM)

What is that? How?


Andrew Williams -> RE: Error Code (9/17/2010 11:53:17 PM)

from your post above


type it into your search box

Andrew Williams -> RE: Error Code (9/18/2010 12:53:29 AM)

As you seem to have your PC locked down with security features there is two more things to try.

1. navigate to  C:\Matrix Games\Close Combat The Longest Day\autorun.exe

right click and choose properties

on compatibility tab click "run this program in compatibility mode for" and choose Windows Xp (service pack 2)

right click again and  choose run as Administrator

2. navigate to C:\Matrix Games\Close Combat The Longest Day\CCE.EXE

And do the sam as above.

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