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HR2 -> Undo button (9/2/2010 9:49:33 PM)

Is there one? I haven't seen it or in the manual.

Couple times I've accidently moved back to the original stack not knowing I still had the unit in move mode.

Not a biggie but one must be certain where they're going before moving:)

Barthheart -> RE: Undo button (9/2/2010 10:00:01 PM)

There is no undo.

oldspec4 -> RE: Undo button (9/2/2010 10:09:45 PM)

Be very careful...there ain't no going back. No matter how careful I think out my moves, I still accidently move units [:@]. As a result, I save very often

HR2 -> RE: Undo button (9/2/2010 11:27:00 PM)

Ok thanks.............

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