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hellfirejet -> Napoleonic era scenario ? (9/1/2010 6:50:03 PM)

Hi guys after I have completed my Tora Tora Tora scenario,I'm planning on doing a Napoleonic scenario,where by instead off having Battleships there will be 1st Rate ships of the line,and on land there will be troops with muskets and cannon,as per my Avatar I just love the Napoleonic era,and since there is very little chance that Matrix might do a game for the Napoleonic era with all the depth that War In The Pacific makes available using the editor.This is just a heads up to see if any other gamers here might be interested in this scenario when finnished or if I will just create it for my own pleasure ?[8D]

I know that the date will always be wrong because it can't be changed to 1800 ect hard coded,just think of it as we are caught in a time tunnel and pulled back in time,the date is the 1920s but the equipment used is 1800.I have made a copy of the War Plan Orange and deleted all entries in the data base,all art files will be ships with sails,no aircraft or tanks just horses and waggons plus cannon.

I have shown as a sample a typical 1st Rate ship of the line, that I will be using for creating my art work to show up in the combat screens.


Rysyonok -> RE: Napoleonic era scenario ? (9/1/2010 11:30:40 PM)

Nice. Are you going to 'inflate' cannon ranges and damages so battles last as long as they do in WPO?

hellfirejet -> RE: Napoleonic era scenario ? (9/7/2010 3:51:56 PM)

No cannon ranges will be as close to historical as possible,which is in general within 2 miles,I have not got to the stage of play testing yet regarding damage effect etc.The biggest problem I'm having is the ships graphics,the template used for War Plan Orange is not tall enough to show full spread of sails for the Napoleonic ships of the line,if I reduce there scale to fit it makes them to small to see much detail,it is going to take time to resolve the problem but I will beat it one way or another.[8D]

kirk23 -> RE: Napoleonic era scenario ? (3/14/2011 3:00:31 PM)

Alas uncle Graham never got the chance to advance this project of his,but I have managed to do a pretty decent ship of the line art,which I dedicate to him with love.


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