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junk2drive -> Hotkeys List (8/28/2010 4:13:07 PM)

The manual did not get updated with the current hotkeys. See post below.

junk2drive -> RE: Hotkeys List (5/15/2011 12:29:11 AM)

The manual did not get updated. Sorry for the mistake. You can access the hotkeys list in game by pressing and holding the K key.

Panzer Command Hotkeys

Function & Control & Alt Keys

F1 System performance statistics (FPS, memory use, etc.) on/off
F2 Show map coordinates on rubberbands on/off
F3 Create file with unit position information (disabled for PBEM games)
F4 Allow unrestricted unit placement during setup phase of set battles vs AI (disabled for Multiplayer games)
F5 Decrease size of message box
F6 - Increase size of message box
F7 - Message box on/off
F8 - Take screenshot (bmp placed in Screens folder)
F9 - Decrease playback speed
F10 - Increase playback speed
F11 - Rewind playback
F12 -

Escape key Exit current screen / Bring up menu
Esc + Arrow Keys + Enter - Select menu items
Esc + S - Save menu (no unit selected)(insert text and press enter to save and return to game)
Ctrl + Click - Set waypoint when giving orders (not all orders have waypoints) maximum 3
Alt - Cinematic view (removes HUD) Also controls tilt and rotate camera - press and move mouse
Alt + Tab - Minimise game from full screen
Alt + F4 - Kill game
Ctrl + F4 - Restart game

' - Increase unit size displayed
/ - Decrease unit size displayed
K - Keys - Display the list of hotkeys
O - Orders - View Briefing in game on/off
S Spec - Show unit specification for selected unit on/off
U - Unit/platoon/side movement and target rubberband display
I - Icon - Unit floating icons (no icons/side icons/type unit icons)
Q - Quiter - Surrender
Y - Rubberband display over/under objects
5 - Display of underlying color coded terrain map on/off
6 - Display Setup Zones
7 - Map Grid on/off (does not work with legacy maps from OWS or K)
8 - Victory Flag on/off
9 - Map Labels on/off
0 - Trees off/half/full
Backspace - Grasses on/off
| - Shadows on/off
Spacebar - Pause playback
Shift + Click - A message in the message box during replay to rewind back to the event

Camera Control Keys

~ or Home - Return camera to starting viewpoint - Commander view - center of mass of your side
- (minus) Decrease current camera zoom
+ (plus) Increase current camera zoom
Number pad 4 Rotate camera counter-clock wise
Number pad 6 Rotate camera clock wise
Number pad 9 Tilt camera up
Number pad 3 Tilt camera down
Alt - Hold down and move mouse to change view - tilt and rotate camera
Stand alone arrow keys Move camera in direction of arrow
Tab Commander Viewpoint (click unit twice to select then Tab)
Tab/Tab Unlock Commander Viewpoint
1 - View level close
2 - View level middle
3 - View level far
4 - View level far and rotate to match minimap

Unit Order Hotkeys

Spacebar - Orders menu for selected unit (press again to cancel orders menu)
Note:When a unit is selected the spacebar opens the orders menu, when in video playback, the spacebar pauses.
Shift + (order) - Forces subunits to follow Commander orders, pathing and SOP - Select unit, press and hold shift, select order, click destination.

Setup Phase Only

P Place/Mount/Load unit
G - Place group
F Face unit
V - Face group
L - Line of sight


> - Go to next unit
< - Go to previous unit
} - Go to next Commander
{ - Go to previous Commander

L - Line of sight
P - Pathing Direct-Fastest-Cover
A Advance
C - Charge
R Rush
W Withdraw
D Defend/Move
H - Orders Phase = Defend/Stay
H - Reaction phase = Halt
B Bound
M Engage/Move
T Engage/Target or Target (depending on current phase)
X - Cancel Target
Z - Infantry - Mount/Unmount
Z - Tank - Button/Unbutton

Multimedia keyboard keys can be used as follows

>/|| - Pause / Play playback(spacebar may also be used to pause)
>> - Increase playback speed
<< - Decrease playback speed
[] - Rewind playback

Main Menu Screen

C - Campaign
B - Set Battle
L - Load (saved) Game
M - Multiplayer
O - Options
R - Readme
X - Credits
Esc - Exit Game

Set Battle Campaign Selection and TO&E Screens

Enter - Advance to the next screen
R - Random
N - Next
Esc - Back
1-5 - SetBattle screen - Filters battles by las digit of year - 0 resets

Multiplayer Messaging

Enter - End turn and send
Esc - Cancel sending to return to game
? - Read opponent's message

Note: All buttons will have a Hotkey shown through Tooltips

junk2drive -> RE: Hotkeys List (5/18/2011 2:55:15 AM)


sage -> RE: Hotkeys List (5/18/2011 6:45:21 PM)

The rotate view / left right keys are on the num-pad, but are the reverse of what I am used to. Can they be remapped in an ini or cfg file somewhere?

Erik Rutins -> RE: Hotkeys List (5/18/2011 6:56:31 PM)

There's no in-game remapping at present, but there are some third party programs that let you remap any key for any game. I think Autokey is a popular one.


- Erik

junk2drive -> RE: Hotkeys List (5/18/2011 9:16:59 PM)

It's autohotkey and a good program.

junk2drive -> RE: Hotkeys List (5/21/2011 5:27:13 PM)

Markshot's endorsement of autohotkey

Maybe he will do a tutorial for PCO uses.

junk2drive -> RE: Hotkeys List (5/25/2011 1:59:20 AM)

Rick can you sticky this?

Mad Russian -> RE: Hotkeys List (5/25/2011 4:17:49 AM)

Holding down the control key when giving orders for waypoints isn't on the Hot Key list.

Good Hunting.


junk2drive -> RE: Hotkeys List (5/25/2011 4:59:30 AM)

It is on the list above.

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Gandalf -> RE: Hotkeys List (11/21/2011 8:36:32 AM)

posted in error

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