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Wraith3k -> NewB Question Part V: Snow=Drop Temp Faster? (7/30/2002 9:37:44 PM)

just wondering, does ICE/SNOW/WATER make the Tempture drop faster?

Bernd Hesberg -> (7/30/2002 9:42:48 PM)

Yup, exactly. And lava or fire will raise your titan's heat, if you stay in there for too long. Note also, that a shield can help to reduce heat effects.
BTW, didn't you d/l the guide? It's in there. ;) If you don't know where to get it, try this link

[URL=]Vicious Byte home page[/URL]

Wraith3k -> (7/31/2002 12:56:39 AM)

Thank you, but I am lazy. :)

that means i got a better chance with high temp weapons in cold weather.


Thorgrim -> (7/31/2002 8:05:28 PM)

A better chance? It dissipates heat faster, but that's about it. Your enemy's titans also cool down faster, don't forget that.
Also, if you had read the guide you'd know that ice also slows down movement, and skill checks are harder. Among other things...

PrinceCorrin -> (8/1/2002 4:43:22 AM)

Heheh. Laziness is a small excuse. I recommend taking the time and energy to read the manual.
It will improve your chances of winning by about 1000%.
Especialloy against human opponents, if you ever start playing online.

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