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Cuttlefish -> Cephalopod Seeks Opponent - Closed (6/10/2010 5:15:30 PM)

Rather than apologize to my ancestors for my crushing defeat at the hands of Q-Ball I have decided instead to start a new game in hopes of leading Japan to victory. I am therefore seeking an Allied opponent for a scenario 1 game. PDU on, non-historic start, Allied first turn limited to issuing orders to task forces already at sea (including Force Z), the usual bit. The only house rule I propose is that restricted units cannot cross national boundaries without the PP cost first being paid. I am willing to play either one or two day turns.

I will more than likely do an AAR for this one so an opponent who would like to write a counterpoint AAR would be a plus (not necessary, though).

So who wants to be next to bash the Cuttlefish-shaped pinata?

mooreshawnm -> RE: Cephalopod Seeks Opponent (6/10/2010 6:16:13 PM)

I am up for it if you are still looking!



vaned74 -> RE: Cephalopod Seeks Opponent (6/10/2010 7:00:17 PM)

I would definitely be up for a game as Allied. I always end up playing Japan. I'd be even tempted towards taking a stab at an AAR. I currently have one PBEM going with Khyberbill as Japan.

Your rules sound good - would prefer 2 day turns if possible to make the game move faster.

I'll shoot you a PM with contact information.

CarnageINC -> RE: Cephalopod Seeks Opponent (6/12/2010 5:19:38 PM)

Third ones the charm, I'll be your pinata partner, and I'll do my allied style AAR to boot.  PM if your interested [;)]

Cuttlefish -> RE: Cephalopod Seeks Opponent (6/12/2010 8:37:25 PM)

Thanks, everyone. Charbroiled and I have started a game and it looks like Q-Ball and I are going to swap sides and go at it again. I would love to start more games but I'm about at my limit now.

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