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taltamir -> economic collapse, no gas! (4/30/2010 7:32:48 PM)

I noticed my designs are oddly expensive... with a colony ship costing 200,000 to build... I looked into things and it turns out that I only have 1 source in my entire empire of hydrogen. This is a sandbox game, I am the only empire remaining, and I have 740 planets. but 1 and only 1 source of hydrogen... I manually assigned my 20 constructors to build some gas mining stations in the appropriate planets.


taltamir -> RE: AI on full auto doesn't build ANY gas mining stations (5/1/2010 6:41:17 AM)

I manually build 30 gas mines and now they are all gone, I literally fell to 0 sources on some of the gasses. Either the pirates are very effective in killing those, or the econ AI scrapped them all... I will experiment and see what happens.

EDIT... ok, i see now... the private sector is actually losing money sometimes, due to having WAAAAAAAAY too many freighters for its own good. It seems to be scrapping necessary and extremely lucrative mining bases instead of ships.

I have a few dozens of other designs, but most are of latest design... of those I have: 3496 small freighters 2740 medium freighters 1509 large freighters 486 passenger ships

plus a few dozen of non latest design. (I REALLY wish there was a way to multi delete designs with 0 active ships)

taltamir -> RE: AI on full auto doesn't build ANY gas mining stations (5/1/2010 9:55:52 AM)

CONFIRMED! The AI just scrapped my mining stations at my home system! I have a HUGE shortage of hydrogen but it scrapped it nonetheless... there was no pirate attack. I reactivated pirate attack messages and I checked the logs, there were 2 pirate attacks total since I have destroyed the last empire other then my own and neither was on that gas mining station!

I should note that I have just created a new gas mining station design... I went from "Gas Mining Station 033" to "Gas Mining Station 040"... 033 is the default auto designed GMS, I turned off auto design and renamed it. With 040 I took 033, doubled gas mining component and luxury mining component, doubled its storage capacity, double its docking bays, replaced 2x megatron shields with 5x the 480 shields (the one before it), put 5 ultra armor on it, and 5 torpedoes on it. I built 2 of the 040 model and then the first "Gas Mining Station 033" I built (the one on my home system) was automatically retired by the AI. (bringing me down to 6 GMS 033, and 2 GMS 040)... Not NEARLY enough to satisfy the demands of my empire.

uploading a file called "taltamir may 1st 2010 - economic collapse, no gas.rar" It contains my two latest saves (before and after it scuttled that hugely profitable gas mining station in my home system)

elliotg -> RE: economic collapse, no gas! (5/3/2010 8:09:38 AM)

This problem is fixed in the final version of 1.0.4 which will be available later this week.

I've fixed both the root of this problem (which was problems with retrofitting construction ships, resupply ships and colony ships) and also put some checks to ensure that scrapping of mining stations is much more careful.

That savegame was invaluable for tracking down the problem, thanks!

taltamir -> RE: economic collapse, no gas! (5/3/2010 8:21:02 AM)

thank you very much. you guys are awesome! Very glad I could help.

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