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Rusty1961: My apologies for not replying sooner.
Yes, he told me that after the formation broke up, they came under attack by ME109s
firing cannon from outside their .50cal range.
I would also mention, that outside of this mission, he told me that the toughest and longest,
were the missions he flew to Leipzig. He got nailed on his 16th mission. Another piece of irony was that the day he got shot down, was the day he got promoted fron 2LT to 1LT.
He d/n know about that till he was liberated. Big bucks and a better cabin on the boat ride
from France to NYC.
When I visited the UK, I went to the US cemetary at Cambridge, I think it was.I inquired about the copilot, who had been burried in Germany. His body had been exhumed, and placed in a US cemetary in France.
My dad did not fly on D-Day, but I attended a reunion of the 92d in the UK. I spoke w/the lead navigator for the group on D-Day and he advised that visual conditions were horrible.
My dad did fly "tactical" missions in D-Day support,after the landings, including, he told me, two(2) missions on one(1) day to attack airfields in Belgium.


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