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drillerman -> New Moons!!!!! (4/16/2010 2:37:59 PM)

Here are the updated links:

link removed

drillerman -> RE: New Moons!!!!! (4/16/2010 6:21:30 PM)

Some more!


Baleur -> RE: New Moons!!!!! (4/16/2010 7:46:20 PM)

Can these be ADDED with the vanilla planets? Or only overwritten?

Pocus -> RE: New Moons!!!!! (4/16/2010 8:20:27 PM)


TheSAguy -> RE: New Moons!!!!! (4/16/2010 10:10:23 PM)

Could you please uplaod these, they look awsome.

drillerman -> RE: New Moons!!!!! (4/17/2010 8:25:56 AM)


Can these be ADDED with the vanilla planets? Or only overwritten?

I don't know, haven't tried it. It would be good if we could just add more. The Devs are a bit quiet with the new upcoming patch at the moment but maybe they could answer this.

I have just replaced some of the "barren rock" planets.

I will make them available very soon.

drillerman -> RE: New Moons!!!!! (4/17/2010 2:08:20 PM)

They are now available. Please follow the link. There are 2 files of about 6mb each with 13 unique moons in each download.
I may add more if DW will recognize more. I think it does but could the DEVs confirm???

Here are the updated links:

link removed


Jaimoe -> RE: New Moons!!!!! (4/17/2010 4:04:57 PM)

So in order to use these new images, I have to replace the old ones? I can't use these in addition to the default ones?

drillerman -> RE: New Moons!!!!! (4/17/2010 6:47:21 PM)

Hi Jaimoe,
I actually tried renaming the files after the last official one ie. Barren-0029 etc.etc.
but they did not show up so I am assuming they can only overwrite the old ones

drillerman -> RE: New Moons!!!!! (4/23/2010 5:49:32 PM)

Links have been updated

gijas17 -> RE: New Moons!!!!! (5/23/2010 7:01:28 AM)

Where are the download link(s) for the new moons at?

feygan -> RE: New Moons!!!!! (5/23/2010 7:56:51 AM)



Where are the download link(s) for the new moons at?

I'm guessing he removed them due to a potential copyright issue the same as the GSB ships, pity as these were really nice looking moons, and we could do with some high resolution stellar bodies.

thiosk -> RE: New Moons!!!!! (5/23/2010 11:36:18 AM)

The Io lookalike is super awesome

Bleek -> RE: New Moons!!!!! (7/26/2012 1:45:05 PM)

Does anyone have the download links for these as they look great?

drillerman -> RE: New Moons!!!!! (5/25/2014 6:20:02 AM)

I was going to make the moons available if anyone wants them. Will update later today

Buio -> RE: New Moons!!!!! (5/25/2014 9:07:52 AM)

Looking forward to it.

drillerman -> RE: New Moons!!!!! (5/25/2014 9:24:45 AM)

OK, Here is a pic of what they look like. Just compare them with the originals, lot more colourful while still looking realistic.
The next two posts below each contain and respectively. D/L and unzip both into a folder called barrenrock. You can then either drop them straight into the:
\Distant Worlds Universe\images\environment\planets folder, making sure you back up the originals!!!!!.....or, as I did, drop them into :
\Distant Worlds Universe\Customization\DW Extended Universe\images\environment\planets
It is however, up to you.


drillerman -> RE: New Moons!!!!! (5/25/2014 9:25:53 AM)

drillerman -> RE: New Moons!!!!! (5/25/2014 9:26:35 AM)

hadberz -> RE: New Moons!!!!! (5/25/2014 10:02:38 AM)

Thanks drillerman, they look great!

rankalee -> RE: New Moons!!!!! (5/25/2014 10:08:52 AM)

The difference is like night and day. Going to use this, thanks!

WaflHead -> RE: New Moons!!!!! (5/26/2014 11:41:36 PM)

These are awesome! Thank you.

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