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HsojVvad -> How do I build bases? (4/11/2010 9:39:46 PM)

I finally thought I knew how the game worked. I was even able to make my own base in space and it would be built. I start a new game, I tried to make a new base and my construction ship would not let me make it. By that I mean when I right click and selcet build, it is not listed there to be made. Everything else is but my desgin. Why would that be?

I have not obsolet my design, and I am shure it was the same size as the other base being made. This was my first guess, it was too big to make, so I made shure it was under size than some of the other bases that it would let me make.

So what am I missing? What don't I see or not understanding?

Webbco -> RE: How do I build bases? (4/11/2010 9:54:43 PM)

This sounds similar to my current issue.

I can't queue up my construction ship to build a resort base after it's current job.

The base is simply not in the right click menu to queue a job, yet its there if I want to order the construction ship to build it immediately.

This was a bug in previous versions that I think was supposed to be resolved with 1.03. [:(][&:]

Interesting -> RE: How do I build bases? (4/11/2010 9:55:50 PM)

The design might be obsolete.
You might not have the credits to make it.
You might not have the resources to make it.
Your construction ship might not have the components to make it.
The size of what you are constructing exceeds the current base size limit.

All of this have happened to me before.

Oh god the soundtrack of the game is awesome. I love this one "Striving.mp3"

HsojVvad -> RE: How do I build bases? (4/12/2010 1:30:20 AM)

Ahh, the only thing I can think of in what you said Interesting is I don't have the resources to make it. That didn't occur to me. I have lots of money so money is not an issue, as I said, I made shure the size is correct. Not shure what you mean the constructions ships dosn't has the components to make it. I thought the construction ship makes them all. If this is the case, how do I get said components then?

This is where I wish something pops up in red saying why we can't make anything.

What sound track are you refering to? I am having problems with music now. So I can't hear music play for long.

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