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vonTirpitz -> Planetary combat revisited (4/6/2010 5:39:24 PM)

I am very close to buying DW but am afraid I might be dissappointed in the planetary combat. I have read a few threads that mention units being given names and being abstracted as well as some discussions about future development in this area.

I, for one, am hooked on the idea of individual and unique combat and support units like those found in WITP AE and the like. With so much detail going into starship and planetary design I feel it would be a shame to not go into further detail or provide mods for surface units. Having the ability to invest in various combat, HQ and support units that can acrue distinction and experience seems to be a natural fit in this genre IMHO.

If there are screenshots of what DW currently has regarding this topic I would greatly appreciate the postings. I have not had much success finding any thus far.

I can imagine the scope of this topic would easily be delayed for an expansion but I would like to know if the developers and community are also thinking in this direction or if land units in DW will forever be an abstraction (based on what Ive read so far).

Thanks for your insights!

ASHBERY76 -> RE: Planetary combat revisited (4/6/2010 5:43:58 PM)

All you will do it add loads of micromanaging to an automatic system.

Wade1000 -> RE: Planetary combat revisited (4/6/2010 5:59:29 PM)

One way to allow control of troop invasions and multiple simultaneous battles would be an update to treat them as "mini games" done in turn like in turn based games. As multiple battles begin they queue up in list on right side of screen and the main game pauses.

BUT, MAYBE, it wouldn't make sense or work in Distant Worlds because as you play one mini game battle then all the other mini game battles would be paused, waiting for your attention. Maybe that could be acceptable IF only a CERTAIN number of mini game battles were allowed to queue every day/tick.

But, then I'm not sure how it could be managed with ships leaving and entering battles at any time with similiar happenings at other simultaneous battles. Maybe you could choose to leave any mini game battle at any point. The AI would continue it and the AI would tie up any links as a result of the mini games.

Erik Rutins -> RE: Planetary combat revisited (4/6/2010 6:00:30 PM)


The game does track each ground unit and ground units gain experience and strength (their base strength is determined by the race they are recruited from). You have troop transports and troop carrying ability can generally be designed into any kind of ship (by default ships smaller than destroyers do not have troop capacity). Troop recruitment takes place on each planet and it takes time to recruit and train up a new unit. Once committed, combat is handled behind the scenes - you see the top level results as units are destroyed or added to the battle and it takes time to resolve (the more balanced the battle the longer it generally takes). There is also planetary bombardment.

That's a pretty good summary - as far as adding more detail in the future, it sounds like something we can look at for a future expansion. We are always willing to add more depth as long as it does not _require_ more micromanagement.

Interesting -> RE: Planetary combat revisited (4/6/2010 6:12:37 PM)

I would like to see the invasion graphically! Each race having a different texture/animation and then a bunch of them going at each other and lots of blood colors mixing up with piece of limbs. Oh wait, I better stop now.

EDIT. No, this is good. Let me continue.

Then you could go on by yourself and control your commander unit with WASD and mouse! Each planet/colony having different terrain/building textures. Objective would be, kill all enemy units on sight. You wouldnt be alone, off course, there would be a bunch of your own race units too. Eventually you would be able to kill the other races leaders/queen/emperor etc with your own hands in some sort of "Final Battle".

EDIT 2. And then, if you have "Way of the Darkness" government you could enslave all the Securan females.. and get population reproduction bonus.. yeah.

One can dream.

Wade1000 -> RE: Planetary combat revisited (4/6/2010 6:16:33 PM)


ORIGINAL: Interesting

I would like to see the invasion graphically! Each race having a different texture/animation and then a bunch of them going at each other and lots of blood colors mixing up with piece of limbs. Oh wait, I better stop now.

One can dream.

Maybe a pop up window in the corner that shows a planetary map and/or fighting representation of the troop battles taking place.

XoX -> RE: Planetary combat revisited (4/6/2010 6:17:51 PM)

I loved MOO2 with its cool little animation and summary of all the stat bonusses and whatnot...

vonTirpitz -> RE: Planetary combat revisited (4/6/2010 9:19:53 PM)

Thank you all for the quick responses.

I agree that adding more "micro-management" should be avoided.

I just wanted to know if "Erik's 101st Legion" fought a battle and won that it would have a chance of surviving future battles and becoming a critical strategic element versus having generic 6 Legions reduced to 2, etc.

Perhaps someday in the future having a chance to "upgrade" or diversify a unit into a different type with bonus abilities would add more variety without complicating the subject.

It's enough to convince me to give it a try.


Interesting -> RE: Planetary combat revisited (4/6/2010 10:30:23 PM)

I would like to spend some credits to invest on them, making them better somehow.

Right now, troops and spy agents can improve, but its still an afterthought.

One thing you will like to know...

In one of my games I found a ruin in a planet. Every troop trained there would get a 100% strenght bonus and they would train there 100% faster. If that planet got attacked, your troops would get an extra 50% defense bonus for fighting at home.

It was named after some Fortress.

HsojVvad -> RE: Planetary combat revisited (4/6/2010 11:27:20 PM)

I would love more options for the ground combat. to vontriptiz, did you put this in the wish list thread sticked at the top? If not, please do so. The more people ask for this, CF might actually implement this in an expansion. Who knows? Lets keep asking for this.

alexalexuk -> RE: Planetary combat revisited (4/7/2010 11:39:53 AM)



I loved MOO2 with its cool little animation and summary of all the stat bonusses and whatnot...


Webbco -> RE: Planetary combat revisited (4/7/2010 10:57:16 PM)

If it can be done, then let it be done![:D]

More detail for surface battles would be the icing on the cake for me.

taltamir -> RE: Planetary combat revisited (4/8/2010 12:55:59 AM)

troops are abstracted as "troops"... you load X thousands of them, bring them to the world you want to conquer, and they fight. (note that the home field advantage is large, so you want lots of troops all at once... i think it might also depend on race).

i see no reason to overly burden the game with micromanagement of such an aspect.

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