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Werewolf13 -> RE: Distant Worlds Reviews (6/19/2014 4:57:16 PM)


ORIGINAL: Erik Rutins

87/100 Metacritic score - not bad! [8D]

For Metacritic that really is not bad. Lucky for me I didn't see that before I bought. Kind'a like movie critics. If the reviewers love a game - especially on metacritic - I find I usually don't and vice versa.

I've played many a 4X space game and they usually retain my attention for a few weeks at most. DW:Universe has got my attention and I don't see it going away for a long while.

Really deep game - love it.

Cauldyth -> RE: Distant Worlds Reviews (6/21/2014 2:58:49 PM)

It's not tracked on Metacritic, but here's another review (91%):

James Eva -> RE: Distant Worlds Reviews (8/24/2014 10:05:41 PM)

Another "Recommended" Review for Distant Worlds Universe - Outstanding Game!

Phuket -> RE: Distant Worlds Reviews (6/24/2015 12:55:23 PM)

Lots of amazing reviews for the game. Its not hard to see why. You can honestly dump hundreds of hours into it and every single gameplay will be different. The mods only add even more flavor to an already perfect game. Mods that advance the technology tree or add tons of more races makes things even more awesome. I've only put 50 hours in myself so far but I have no intentions of stopping soon.

Twigster -> RE: Distant Worlds Reviews (6/26/2015 4:50:09 PM)

Agreed! I have come to see DW as my gom jabbar from Dune. For example; out of the four most recent people I have turned on to DW, three have run screaming that it was "too complicated"- the fourth can't stop playing it! [:'(]

Icemania -> RE: Distant Worlds Reviews (8/16/2015 2:59:49 PM)

Here is a belated but very welcome review from eXplorminate.

Well worth reviewing for anybody working on Distant Worlds 2 as well ... [8D]

CyclopsSlayer -> RE: Distant Worlds Reviews (8/16/2015 4:25:13 PM)

Thanks for the heads up!
Excellent review, caught all the good and bad points quite well.

Lyoncet -> RE: Distant Worlds Reviews (8/16/2015 5:08:41 PM)

Thanks for posting, Ice!

-Maybe or maybe not the person who wrote that review ;)

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