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pndrev -> Savegame location - Vista (3/31/2010 9:35:19 PM)

The savegame folder seems to be located under C:\users\<profile>\roaming

Is there any way to change that? I'd rather not have yet more apps clutter up my system partition, it's hard enough to keep clean as it is. And symlinking is starting to get messy as well. [:(]

Andrew Loveridge -> RE: Savegame location - Vista (3/31/2010 9:55:32 PM)

That is the default, but you can choose any location you want when you 'Save Game As', and that will become the default.

pndrev -> RE: Savegame location - Vista (3/31/2010 10:10:31 PM)

Thanks! Completely forgot the 'save as' feature, doh. :D

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