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Emperor0Akim -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (5/15/2016 5:14:35 PM)

Well thanks Bingeling. My thoughts on suggestions where about the same. I just had to get them of my chest.
And alone knowing for a fact that they work on DW2 is very good news indeed.

Also on my chest .. Stellaris really sucks .. Big Time .. its Beautiful and has some good ideas on empire creation .. but the way they portrait the universe .. WTF ?!?

So as final suggestion to the Great and Mighty that brought us Distant Worlds.
Collaborate with Aaron Hall :D

Hattori Hanzo -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (5/16/2016 12:04:12 AM)


Also on my chest .. Stellaris really sucks .. Big Time .. its Beautiful and has some good ideas on empire creation .. but the way they portrait the universe .. WTF ?!?

I'm interested too to Stellaris: can you be more precise with your complaints on how they portrait the universe ?

Emperor0Akim -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (5/16/2016 5:49:13 PM)

Sure, I hate to miss a chance to complain.

If I still had it on my machine, I would add some screenshots .. alas I have not here is a longy description.

The systems look like in most 4x games today. Sun in the middle, planets on rings, due to the size of both and a rather small system size it looks stuffed. I am not sure right now but I think you could not even zoom out enough to see the system as a whole.

The part that really disturbs me is how the systems are connected. One pitch of Stellaris was that there are different kinds of FTL-Travel at once. That is easy done in that they are more or less treated the same.
Systems are connected by Distance. So in Sol System there are 5 arrows which point to the nearest Systems ( Alpha Centauri .. etc. )
When you click that button you can view that System. There is a menu which lets you view your colonies in said Systems, but what I have not found is a overview Map for the Galaxy/Universe.
So lets say you have Discovered, Explored 10 to 15 Systems and are now looking for something you have to switch around between those System..
without having an ingame overview.

Which just now remembered me of the "good" old times .. of course you could draw a map yourself :)

Now that I think about it, this may have to do something with the FTL Method I used. I have to commit I did not check them all out ..
but non the less .. I think it's waiting for patch time for me.

And it was really slow and laggy on my machine .. which is about 10 years old .. so no fault for the game ..
But my machine can run Skyrim,Max Payne 3 and Dwarf Fortress without lag .. so maybe its still the game :)
I mean come on, I know Strategy Games do a lot of work under the hood that no one really notices, but still a lagging empire construction screen .. enough said ..

Hattori Hanzo -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (5/16/2016 10:15:06 PM)

are you sure ?
I have seen many screenshots of the entire Stellaris galaxy on the network


Emperor0Akim -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (5/16/2016 10:36:06 PM)

Then I was just to stupid and should try again :)

Premislaus -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (5/27/2016 6:50:13 PM)


ORIGINAL: Hattori Hanzo


Also on my chest .. Stellaris really sucks .. Big Time .. its Beautiful and has some good ideas on empire creation .. but the way they portrait the universe .. WTF ?!?

I'm interested too to Stellaris: can you be more precise with your complaints on how they portrait the universe ?

I heard about Distant Worlds shortly after release (it was a few patches). I had to play due to real time and the private sector. Recently I played a lot in Stellaris and I am disappointed, because initially I think that Stellaris will be Distant Worlds on steroids.

In Stellaris you have some nasty things like micromanagement. Why? Because without manually placing buildings on each planet, without manually managing scout and constructor ships, you will be play on max speed, and only grind for minerals and cash. This is dull.

In what place Stellaris is shining? In narrative events with multichoice, in triggered moddifers and mods. But in DW you have also anomalies like space debris and unique modifers on planets.

In some of recent dev diaries is described, they want to add a flavor animations with small ships flying here and there (like trade ships in Rome Total War). In DW this is a rock solid feature for working economy, not only flavor.

And combat in DW is very rapid and dynamic. I love how the ships accelerates in the middle of the system to appear in other part. I'm really liking to manually set up fleets. I have always five frigates or destroyers in the defense fleets, in every colonized system. In Stellaris I always must to collect all ships, from all over the empire to attack. Size matters.

DW is still the king.

This is what is missing in DW:




Hattori Hanzo -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (5/27/2016 8:16:38 PM)

very interesting Stellaris analysis: thank you Premislaus [:)]

Premislaus -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (5/27/2016 9:19:22 PM)


ORIGINAL: Hattori Hanzo

very interesting Stellaris analysis: thank you Premislaus [:)]

Thanks, no problem.

Paradox is very good in designing interfaces. And in community management. After many complaints about bugs, balancing, and espesicaly performance (I can play only on galaxy with 150 stars, in DW I always chose 1400 stars), they did this - - and this - In our case we don't know anything about DW2 (no dev diaries)...

I'm a fan of Europa Universalis games, since I read a review of the first game from the series in computer magazine. However, some time ago, I became quite critical - DLC madness (if you think that Matrix Games are expensive, try EUIV with all DLCs). Besides, I always wanted to have pops from VIC2 in the EU. I do not like their fanbase.

You need to know that they sell you a bare version, and only DLCs and mods will make after some time you'll be eager to play. Stellaris will be cool for two years.

Premislaus -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (5/27/2016 10:01:40 PM)

In DW i really missed flavor stuff and tiggered modifers like this:


And voice over in ground battles from Master of Orion III -

Hattori Hanzo -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (5/27/2016 10:04:17 PM)

I will wait two years before buy Stellaris.. [8D]

rokho885 -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (7/9/2016 2:45:55 AM)

Thank you my friend good luck for the next topic.

Skywalker -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (7/26/2016 10:06:57 AM)

Options to to exclude some techs from the game. Say, hulls no bigger then 500 and speed no bigger then 5000.

Nen -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (9/1/2016 3:47:17 AM)


ORIGINAL: Hattori Hanzo

I will wait two years before buy Stellaris.. [8D]

I wish I had your level of patience [&o]

Stormy Fairweather -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (10/19/2016 9:37:40 AM)

New leader portraits. Tons of them. Perhaps also a random portrait folder, mebbe divided by gender. But seriously, having all leaders looks the same is easily the lamest thing in this game. I downloaded the portrait mod for humans, but they all looked, well, bad.

Serenitis -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (11/18/2016 9:07:00 AM)

The option to entirely turn off diplomacy/event music and just let the bgm run constantly would be nice.
I've found that more often than not the diplo music interrupting the background music is more annoying than anything else, especially given that other empires (pirates in particular) call you repeatedly and with great frequency for various largely ignorable reasons.

After several years of playing DW, I STILL want to terraform worlds and make them better places for my dudes to live.
That such a thing is not possible is a source of immense frustration.

I would really like to see better migration controls.
One thing above all else I would like is the ability to remove a planet from the migration "destination list" so I can grow a non-native population without it being overrun by the empire race.
Even setting "do not accept" still allows the empire race to migrate there.

Probably the single most important thing I'd like to see in whatever future iteration of DW is the ability to "quarantine" a star system and declare it off limits to any automated ships.
It is both frustrating and tedious to see the AI repeatedly send ships into hostile systems.


Better controls over your starting location would also be nice.
For instance, if for whatever reason I want to start right against the edge of the map or tucked into a corner I have no way of achieving this without multiple restarts, as the current 'edge' start setting will happily drop you almost in the middle of the map. It covers too wide an area.

SeanThornton -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (5/30/2017 7:49:35 PM)

I have a wishlist item that's pretty minor:

In screens that display a lot of numbers (like the main empire financial overview), the font is such that columns don't line up well, so it takes extra effort to see the values correctly. Please use a font where the numbers all line up in the columns correctly :)

rxnnxs -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (6/18/2017 2:01:46 PM)

My wish is: When pressing ESC, close the opened menues one by one.
right now it opens only the optins menu. this could also open, but only when all others have been closed.

i think you get the idea.
in this way it is easier to get back to the main screen, or to get to another screen that is under the topmost.

Kothyxaan -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (6/21/2017 8:38:51 AM)

I would like a way to force civilian ships to upgrade (through gui; ie click on the civilian ship and click an upgrade icon, as you can with state ships).

When a planet has built enough troop facilities you can no longer choose "pirate missions" for that planet (because the place where you clicked has be subsumed by military unit recruitment icons).

The editor... an alternative to the need to double click on something so that you can edit it. Right now, if something is covering what you want to edit, you cannot edit it. Shift and R-click, ctrl and r-click or something?

Dipluz -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (10/4/2017 11:39:47 AM)




ORIGINAL: Hattori Hanzo

I will wait two years before buy Stellaris.. [8D]

I wish I had your level of patience [&o]

Well if you prefer playing games that needs at least 2-years more in the making before its even remotely entertaining, sure go ahead.

LordMM -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (10/26/2017 4:59:14 PM)

One thing i really want added is longer ship building times. Building a Capital Ship or a dreadnought should be a huge task taking a lot of time and money. Ships as large as frigates could be built in normal space ports, but larger ships like carriers and capital ships requiring huge shipyards which should be built separately requiring its own research techs and components.

Another thing which could be added are huge Nebula's, gases and similar stuff which has the ability to effect ships, some disabling shields, other frying armor hence requiring shielded ships, others disabling hyper drive or something else. Instead these gases are not added only in the corners of the galaxy were ships rarely venture but this will expand vast areas the of map covering asteroid fields,planets etc.

LordMM -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (10/27/2017 6:30:49 PM)

Anyone wish we could have galaxy maps looking like this ?


Lecivius -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (10/27/2017 7:01:00 PM)

That's kinda cool. Where is it from?

LordMM -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (10/27/2017 7:19:10 PM)


ORIGINAL: Lecivius

That's kinda cool. Where is it from?

No clue, found it during a google search

This could be a pretty neat idea for a UI redesign as well.

Imagine clicking on one star system and seeing the miniature version of the solar system on the top right corner with all the location of ships, space stations, and mining bases(just like a minimap).

Just below that would be the list of planets within the star system where you can see all the resources if you just hover ur mouse pointer over the planet.

The empire boundaries and the map can be similarly coloured when you fully zoom out. With major trade routes posted as a line connecting two or several planets and fleets can be marked by the Empire symbol...

Hattori Hanzo -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (10/28/2017 10:33:11 PM)


ORIGINAL: Lecivius

That's kinda cool. Where is it from?

it's an impressive Milky Way Star Trek map

more of it here:

ehsumrell1 -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (10/29/2017 2:01:48 AM)


ORIGINAL: Hattori Hanzo


ORIGINAL: Lecivius

That's kinda cool. Where is it from?

it's an impressive Milky Way Star Trek map

more of it here:

How familiar! The map I referred from for the galaxy map scenario for our Star Trek The Picard Era mod!


SaltiMilk -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (11/21/2017 11:03:59 AM)

-A plague slider that controls the frequency and strength of plagues

-Custom biological weapons that isnt Xaraktor (I dont like the idea of just one biological weapon in which once you develop a cure, it becomes irrelevant forever.)

-More diplomatic events that improve/worsen relationships, cause internal strife and civil wars, etc.

-Repeatable tech so that the end of the tech tree isn't actually "the end"

-A reason besides roleplay to make the players want to do anything besides assimilate alien pops. Maybe a organic government ethics system like in Stellaris (An xenophile civilization gradually turning xenophobic over the course of 50 years and now most your population dont want aliens in their empire anymore or vise versa)

All in all Id love if DW2 was a game I could have a campaign last up to 2600 or even the year 3000 and still have the galaxy be interesting, dynamic, and ever changing. Basically like real life [:'(]

elvendeathknight -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (1/4/2018 9:08:27 PM)

As Distant Worlds II will eventually arrive, this is my wish list :
- the most important wish : I use fleets to defend a sector. I will order a bunch of ships, attribute them to the same fleet, then set them on a planet/starbase. As time passes, I will lose ships. I have to manually build ships and assign then to the fleet. On large map, when I have 20 fleets, this can be a bit boring. I would like to assign a number of ships (escort, corvette,etc) for each specific fleet and it would automatically order new ships when needed. That would be awesome.
- specific portrait for scientist, admiral, etc. It could be modified in modding.
- an option in character file to determine if a character can only be spawned by the player.
- legendary character with specific image, like MOO 2.
- when setting up a game, even more control on the game
* choosing to spawn ruins or not
* choosing what kind of special event is activated (silver mist enabled, but not the event which erases a lot of cash...)
* choosing to spawn derelict ships or not
* more information on what is activated in the storylines boxes (maybe in some sort of advanced mode to avoid spoilers)
- in race file, an option to force the starting planet of the race to be their named homeworld in the race file
- wormholes, stargate and such...
- planet destroyer as a different component than blaster
- colonization tech tree separated for each kind of planet
- I like the idea of tourism ! Maybe expand on that if possible
- Spying is already great
- expand on diplomacy :
* for allies, set specific defense or attack goal
* possibility to set specific racial policy (enslave, exterminate, etc) for each race
* on a non aggression pact, make it impossible to declare war for a period of time
* I should be able to break an embargo militarily without penalty
- for races, bonus or options that simulate droid civilization or vegetal civilization (or other weirdo). Same with government. Maybe their base consumption on planet would be different than normal biological civilizations.
- biological weapon on bombardment
- expanding on the idea of taking over planets with culture

Thanks for hard work !

elvendeathknight -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (1/5/2018 1:13:48 AM)

One post with wishes for next game is not enough : that's another ! But it's quite different...

In Distant Worlds, we have characters, empire policies that affect behavior, racial bonuses toward certain behaviors (reproduction bonus when exterminating other species...), happiness, government and rebellion. I propose to expand on these game mechanics these ways.

More characters
Distant Worlds feels alive because of the private sector that fields private ships. In the same manner, I suggest that there would be more characters. Each ship could have its captain, each planet its governor, etc. There is no need that each of these characters have special bonus : it's fine to have only 3-4 really special captain in a given empire. However, each of these character would belong to a faction.

Factions : Internal strive
The player forms the government of the empire. Not only is he battling against other empires, the player must contend with several factions inside his empire. A faction could want to assimilate all alien species, while another could want to research better medical facilities. Maybe these goals align with yours, but if it's not the case, factions could cause problems : lowering happiness and taxes received, giving other empire informations and techs or cause an empire-wide rebellion. As each of your ships and planet is associated to one character, this could cause a huge civil war in your empire. On the other hand, if you please the factions, you could reap award like lesser corruption. Factions would change depending of the races in your empire, your government type and your empire civics.

Civics : that's who we are
Each empire would have a civic tree representing their social values. To take the same example as before, is your empire devouring your neighbors ? Yes, you are a predatorial empire who gets bonus to your reproduction rate. If you invest in your predatorial tree, you will get even better bonuses. However, you will have problems dealing diplomatically with your neighbors. If you ever stop to eat your captives and try to form an alliance with another race, a faction might rise and demand that you eat them !

Several civic tree might exist :
- biologic predation
- science
- robotic and cybernetic
- biology
- fellowship with other race
- warfare as a way to excel as a race
- production
- trade
- tourism
- etc.

Civics could be upgraded through science or thought another new channel (facilities on planet, cash invested, etc)

Character pool
Characters are randomly generated from the races of your empire. In addition to this, I suggest that there is a pool of character that you control. In a way, it would be your own faction. These characters could be trained to be used in your empire (leader, admiral, scientist, etc.) for a cost. This would alleviate the randomness of character appearance and increase the roleplaying effect of factions.

This character pool would be different for each government. For a monarchy, it would be the children of the king. In a democracy, it would be people of your political party. Either way, they would be loyal to you to the death.

From these characters, you would choose your heir as next leader of the empire, unless you achieve immortality.

Beside the role of scientist, admiral and such, I would create the role of empress (consort). This character would give a small bonuses to the empire, similar to the leader role. So, you could choose someone loyal from your own faction with the best stats. Or, you could choose someone from another faction as a way to please them. Or, choose someone from an alien race that you try to assimilate, which would give you a huge bonus to assimilation rate. Or, you could choose someone from another empire, as a way to strengthen an alliance with them.

The many kinds of government types would be accessible through the upgrade of the civic tree on a volontary basis. Or, a faction could ask to change from monarchy to democraty.

I lost the election
What happens when your faction lose the election and another faction gets the power ? What happens when half your empire rejects your rule and revolt ? As stated before, internal strive could lead to strong demands from the factions. If the player refuses to comply, the factions could ask their independance. If you refuse them, a civil war would begin. Maybe another empire will seize that time to attack the player. If the player loses against the rebelling faction, several things could happen : a government type change, beginning of another empire, or the worst, the player could become a minor faction in their own empire. In that case, the player would not be in charge of the empire anymore, as if the automation was active, and would only control some parts of the empire (ship captain, fleet, espionnage, etc.) depending on the characters in their own faction in the empire. The player would have to get back their empire or start another, but that would be no game over yet.

Espionnage would be deepen with these game mechanics. A faction trying to kill the leader would have an easier time if the king is married with one of their own. Another empire could send spies to encourage the revolt of factions.

Faction as a tool
Finally, if the player controls a prosperous and happy empire, the player could send his spies to his neighbors to try to create a faction demanding better relations with the player's empire, even annexing some planets to the player's empire.

Ropedog -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (1/17/2018 4:32:12 PM)

I would love to see the option to just see strategic symbols instead of the actual ships (think Supreme Commander zoomed out, or CMNAO). I love the game, but the ships and stations are seriously ugly and scaled too large (IMO). I know there is a scale option in the ship build screen, but to get them to an acceptable scale relative to the planets, you can't see them anyway at full zoom. Maybe a mod could do this, or already has...

SaltiMilk -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (1/20/2018 11:36:13 PM)

More portraits variation for each species. Male, female, various different ethnicities/color schemes of the same species. Its kind of odd when everyone's portrait looks the exact same.

Primitive planets that are at various stages of civilization and population. There could be some planets that regressed to a stone age level civilization and never moved beyond that. Or there could be an atomic era Machine age type species that in the midst of a world war, etc.

And also being able to claim individual systems rather than entire planets. Wars over systems/borders might need to rely on a new mechanic to ensure it doesnt evolve to total war. (aka if you lose too much, or you win too much, youre forced to accept their terms or enforce your terms.

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