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Erik Rutins -> Master Wishlist Thread (3/28/2010 8:27:50 PM)

To keep things a bit more organized for Elliot and me, can you all please post wish list items (i.e. any kind of improvement or new feature request, not bug reports) in this thread? Please be as specific as you can when posting a request. Ideally, post all your requests in one post when you've got them. Thanks in advance.

ASHBERY76 -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (3/28/2010 8:35:25 PM)

1.Auto refuel options for non automated ships and fleets.Having ships and fleets receive fuel automatically when they are patrolling you own space stations and planets would also help with this issue.
2.Visual elements on the map showing your empires battles.
3.Upgrage all ships button on the design screen.

This would cut down a lot on needless mircomangement.

x2yzh9 -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (3/28/2010 8:46:38 PM)

1. More seemless zooming
2. A travel ETA timer for when assigning a ship/fleet to travel to another star system/area.
3. Optimization of the loading/saving/startup times for the game. When I say startup i mean when you click play game in the gamemenu.

EagleMountainDK -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (3/28/2010 8:58:06 PM)

1. More readable fonts when using bigger resolutions like 1680x1050 and 1920x1200
2. Red font color on maybe a white background for us color blinds?
3. Enable the mouse scroll wheel in the different dialogs.
4. An option to set automation on/off for newly builded ships

Tycow -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (3/28/2010 8:59:44 PM)

Improve the right click context menu:
--> Have retrofit costs displayed on the menu
--> When right clicking on a moon/planet/object, have the ability to dispatch an unselected ship there to do a task, i.e. right click on a planet, choose to send an exploration ship to explore, or send a construction ship to build a mine etc.
--> Have the ability to instruct a fleet to head home for refit to the newest model of the respective ship types

Ability to force shipyards to start building a military ship, should there be a civilian ship being currently built there.
Instructing a shipyard to do this should cost more money than the ship you want building (because the State has to compensate the civilian for the loss of their ship/money thus far).

Design Ship Screen:
--> Someone else suggested this (sorry, can't remember who it was), but multiple components of the same variety should be listed as "Component x7", rather than seven entries.

Karrick -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (3/28/2010 9:00:20 PM)

Refit button on the single ship individual ships can be sent for you do not have to send all ship of single class at the same time...besides since the AI builds ships with the latest tech....not all ships with in a class will need the same degree of refit. also pulling all ships out off duty at the same time (of the same class) will put your shipping lanes at risk. I would like the capability to refit just the ships that need it most within a class....thanks for a great game...I am really enjoying it...)

Banquet -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (3/28/2010 9:07:03 PM)

Could we have Ship and station cargo info shown on the ship/station panel? Maybe a tab for 2nd screen with all this info (currently only available in F7 ships and bases)

Click and drag middle mouse button to scroll screen (a dual monitor display won't scroll in the direction of 2nd monitor)

Pedia mentions alternate gameplay which sounds appealing. How about (in possible expansion?) letting us control a private sector ship and buy and sell resources to make money. Even letting us upgrade our ship and eventually build a trading empire while the rest of the galaxy is controlled by computer? (Think a 2d X3 or Space Rangers 2)

Allow us to give orders without turning off automation. Our orders override automation but it stays on globally for everything else.

Gertjan -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (3/28/2010 9:14:35 PM)

in the automated mode, when you get suggestions, you have the option to go the location/event/whatever, however your flexibility in going to various screens is very limited so often you cant access the information to make a good decision. i think you need more options to first investigate whether you really need/want that additional space port for example. Perhaps you should be able to minimise the screen and go back later to accept or dismiss the proposal.

PDiFolco -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (3/28/2010 9:19:09 PM)

Improve the ship design screen... Window is too small, finding information is difficult, ship comparison not possible, ship components not sorted... I really have difficulty with it !

Gertjan -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (3/28/2010 9:21:17 PM)

it would be useful to have info on which/how many ships there are in a particular system when you zoom out to the galaxy view.

Wade1000 -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (3/28/2010 9:27:48 PM) ('Distant Worlds:Updates,Expansions,and Sequels.Tell the company your wish list.')

-A continually improving AI that is able to competently use all advances and features.
-To improve game AI, any design that is adpated by players and is very beneficial should be used by opponent AI's also. AI's should adapt to some degree.
-With "Normal" setting the AI should design, act, and plan, intelligently; as close to casual players as possible. Lower and higher settings should adjust based on normal setting, without giving the AI any cheat bonuses.

-High technology to include population centers beyond planetary(,Ring Orbitals,Sphere Orbitals,Ringworlds,Sphereworlds;ability to create & destroy planets,population centers,stars.

We should have these world destroyer weapons and other super high technologies in the research tree. SOMEONE in the lore past researched them. OH, well, maybe we'll get more technologies in updates.

-Artificial world creation: city components for ships and bases, Ring and Sphere Orbitals bases, Ringworlds and Sphereworlds bases
-further terraforming: gas giants, baren, volcanic, water, and ice
-Fighter bays
-point defense
-system warp interdictors
-worm hole/trans warp conduit gates
-more super weapons
-super shields
-phased shields
-phased weapons
-planetary shields
-planetary fighter bases
-planetary missile bases
-full invisibility cloaking energy device
-phased cloaking device
-faster engines: warp and then hyperspace travel(We have warp; ships visible warping space(or perhaps they are partially in hyperspace). Hyperspace would allow ships vanished to another level/realm of space.)

-aliens to have a variety of body shapes other than just humanoid(humanoid being 2 arms, 2 legs, and 2 eyes)
-robotic/android races (Family: Robotic)
-cybernetic races(part machine, part biological) (Family: Cybernetic)
-gas giant planet dwelling(squid-like) avian races (The Hunters of Carl Sagan's proposed Sinkers, Floaters, and Hunters) (Family: Floater)
-feathered(bird-like) avian races (Family: Avian or Reptilian)
-mammalian(bat-like) avian races (Family: Avian or mammalian)
-reptilian(Pterosaur-like) avian races (Family: Avian or Reptilian)
-Upon more thought, maybe there needs to be another race "Family" to group mammalian races that do not seem appropriate for Rodent Family and Ursidian Family, such as the feline race. Maybe call the Family...Therians.

Yes, I agree to have carriers and fighters represented in some form.

-Maybe fighter bays as another ship component and the fighters that come with(or are added to) it as another generalized/abstarcted weapon system. That would be great.

-Maybe each fighter bay could launch a group of fighters(5 maybe) that seeks to target like the missile weapon. The graphic, instead of hitting and exploding, would stay/"stick" to the target and fly around close to it shooting it and slowly damaging it.
THUS, a fighter bay "shot" would act as a "damage over time"(DOT) effect.

-These "fighter bays" might also be added to stations and planets.

-There would need to be a point defense component for ships and bases.

-There would need to be a way to have or portray fighters intercepting each other.
Perhaps, if each fighter bay "shot"(group of fighters) pass close by each other then they would stay/"stick" to each other and slowly damage over time(DOT) each other.
These "shot" interceptions, perhaps, could be unlimited in their battles and thus a concentrated mass of fighters could be slowly destroying each other.

-Replenishing the fighter numbers at bases would be good. Also, though, maybe a very advanced component to place on very large ships could produce fighters to replenish them away from bases.


ORIGINAL: Wade1000

In other cases they are simply fancier, slower-acting missiles that can occasionally double as point-defense against similar "missiles".

And, they are missiles that shoot other targets. I like that description you give. That theme with the fighter/carrier module idea I mention is my desire. (The future: DW Fighters?)

-I really wish that high terraforming or habitation technology could allow colonization of ALL planet types. Seems like high technology should allow elimination of limitations.

ORIGINAL: elliotg
Each race has a native planet type that they can colonize. In addition all races can colonize the most hospitable planet type (Continental planets). As your colonization technology progresses you can then colonize more inhospitable planet types: marshy swamp and desert planets. But some planet types can never be colonized unless A) it is your races native planet type or B) there is a pre-existing independent alien race at the planet. So ocean, ice and volcanic planets require these situations for you to colonize them.




Diplomacy suggestion: please add the option to ask what the other empire wants in return for something. Now it is just a matter of guessing, trial and error, which I find annoying. Look how Civ4 and galciv2 do it. It is very handy!


-Worm holes/trans-warp conduits to be discovered and used and in later research the capability to create or destroy and turn off and on our own worm holes(trans-warp conduits) that are held open via constructed gates than can be attacked and destroyed?

-Bonuses for less diverse populations to balance diverse population bonuses. Maybe like a lowering maintenance cost for the less diverse your empires race population is. This would be due to government and corporate expenses being lower related to not needing biological and habitational accomodation of other races. If you begin adding other races to your population then your maintenace would increase.
This lower or higher maintenance bonus or penalty due to how diverse your race population is should be minimal.

-Also, some minimal penalties in some situations to reflect racial tensions the more diverse your population is.

-Resource quantity or Abundance percentage slowly refilling(like a bombarded planet quality).
If I understand the system correctly, maybe this could be an interesting mechanic to enable.
Perhaps you can make the quantity of a resource at a mining site slowly replenish like a bombarded planet does, instead of having the resource quantity reset back to full.
This might help balance late game by giving less advanced empires a chance against empires that have mined much resources. Resources would still be unlimited in game but slowly refill or stay evenas mining continues.
-Alternately, maybe each time the quantity gets to zero and resets then the Abundance percentage drops 1 percentage. When the Abundance percentages reache 0 they slowly refill or stay even as mining continues.


ORIGINAL: Sarissofoi
Possibility to give Fleets or Task Forces orders or missions.

For example:
You gather 10 Escorts in Task Force. You choose them base planet and give them range of operations(short, medium, long) and give them mission like:
Patroling-they patrol your territory figting enemy raiders.
Escorting-they will escort your Colony ships and constructors or other civilian ships.
AntiPiracy- they will hunt pirates(in small squads) and atack(en masse) pirate bases.
Raiding-they will scout and raid enemy instalations(in small squads). Hunt down weaker sips, blown enemy mines etc.
Defend-they will sit on your base and move only en masse against enemy bigger intrusions)
Attack-Task Force will attack enemy instalation or fleets en masse.





ORIGINAL: rickbdotcom

Get rid of random moon names and use the name of the parent planet. Like Sol 3a would be the name of Earth's moon.

When you click on a ship if would be nice if it would show the path to its destination if you have ordered it to move.

I'm so tired of "BDAX27X colonized".
Why not just use our actual irl designation, with letters after the parent planet's number.
Considering that there are almost more moons than planets, these random number-letter names gets old really quick-

I agree.

-An orders note showing what a unit is doing at any given time; such as when a constructor ship is told to construct but leaves to get materials. That can be confusing to new players.

-I recommend an OPTION to limit saves and editor use at a game start setup like in Civilization 4 to keep a player from being TEMPTED to cheat on himself. It could be used to post as a current game screen shot to show you have not cheated on yourself to prove a screen shot authenticity when showing off screen shots.
*Nevermind, skillful programmer players could also fake a screen shot that shows that authenticity mark.

-A very large fuel tanker/tender ship that has certain components allowing it to fuel/repair far deployed ships would be good. It could act like a freighter by carrying fuel from based resupply ships and bases to far deployed ships and repair them via components such as those in resupply ships and construction ships.

update: Apparently you can have 'resupply ships' and 'resupply fitted capital ships' act as in/at fleet 'resupply tanker/tender ships'. Can such ships be automated to go refill fuel and return to refuel the fleet? (Whats a good tip of refueling?)

-Unlimited fuel component. Also, a later high technology component like a reactor/generator that greatly lowers or even elimates the need to refuel. It could be very large and only fit on large ships, including tankers/tenders and bases but it gets smaller with further research.

ORIGINAL: desecrate
...Also i dont know if the tech allready exist as iv not been too far ingame yet is a nofuel needed tech for later in the game. A reactor that is beyond the need for fuel.


-I agree that, with current rules, the defense bases should target incomming troop transports as a priority.

Overall, I think that bases should remain in the control of the builder after an invasion success. The invader would then have to try to destroy the bases above their new planet or deal with trying to run the planet with them there. Maybe the bases will act like a blockade of the conquered planet. That provides a good strategic decision when invading a planet with bases.

Later, if the developers add ship and base capture via troop transports and teleporters then, during battle, it could be attempted to capture the defense bases.


ORIGINAL: Wade1000

ORIGINAL: Erik Rutins


ORIGINAL: forsaken1111
I think a better solution, if possible, would be to have the defense stations at least be disabled if they much change hands and require a repair before they are fully functional. It makes no sense that an invading team could so suddenly take control of every defense station and have them fully operational.

Perhaps have the 'defending' player's crew disable the defense platform so that it cannot be used at all until a repair ship can get to it, which would be risky in the middle of a battle.

Perhaps also prioritize defense platforms to fire at incoming troop transports, because if they're shooting at a destroyer or something they will entirely ignore the transports.

Good suggestions, could you also post these in the Master Wishlist thread if you have not already? I think some kind of disablement combined with a chance of self-destruction is probably the best way to tweak this.

That's the best alternative to keeping the bases under the control of the builder. I placed all this in my Master Wishlist post.


More of the great music for even more variety, please.
-Maybe tie more music to more events and actions.
-Please add more of the great epic orchestra music and the relaxing piano music. It's great that the music is similiar to the music of Star Wars and other similiar music and science fiction.
Maybe more piano music like in Carl Sagan's 'Cosmos' series, which as I understand it is a version of 'Heaven and Hell' by Vangelis.

-I wish for some post conquest alien population management options.

2. I'd like some ability to decide the fate of conquered aliens. Maybe I'm conquering them to force them to work the spice mines on Misery IV, or maybe I let them integrate, or I simply purge them from the planet...Options could be 'Form forced labour unit', 'exterminate', exile, welcome, 'farm for soylent green' , etc.


-Vector and ETA indicators. For every ship or fleet on the zoomed out map we could have a little line, triangle or arrow pointing in its general direction of movement. This will help while paused and considering strategic decisions.

Then, when we select a ship or fleet a line will show to it's destination and the estimated time of arrival.

-With a feature of endless technology there would be no final technology with no counter to it. It would be a continual evolution of technology. Each "Future Technology" could provide small bonuses to items and increase each research by 50% to 100%.

A warp interdictor component. It will stop or slow enemy ships attemting to warp into a system which you have it in. It should be high/later technology, large, and expensive; maybe placed usually on star bases. It could operate on secret frequencies that your engines and friends' engines are set to via codes to allow travel. These frequency codes could be traded or stolen from you. Through, endless research new engines can counter it and new warp interdictors could counter those engines, back and forth. (Hyperspace Void Component)

21. Troop battles
-One way to allow control of troop invasions and multiple simultaneous battles would be an update to treat them as "mini games" done in turn like in turn based games. As multiple battles begin they queue up in list on right side of screen and the main game pauses.

BUT, MAYBE, it wouldn't make sense or work in Distant Worlds because as you play one mini game battle then all the other mini game battles would be paused, waiting for your attention. Maybe that could be acceptable IF only a CERTAIN number of mini game battles were allowed to queue every day/tick.

But, then I'm not sure how it could be managed with ships leaving and entering battles at any time with similiar happenings at other simultaneous battles. Maybe you could choose to leave any mini game battle at any point. The AI would continue it and the AI would tie up any links as a result of the mini games.

-Maybe a pop up window in the corner that shows a planetary map and/or fighting representation of the troop battles taking place. (Planetary combat revisited)

22. AI empires not offended by armed private/civillian ships.
I agree with Forsaken1111. The opponent AIs should not be offended/threatened by armed private/civilllian ships. I'm very much against many types of artificial limitations. We can not even control such ships.

Military ships of certain small numbers should not offend/threaten them either if the destination is a refueling station that is protected. (Another Diplomacy Exploit)

23. Select ship to build\select fleet to merge to
-Maybe when we select a ship to build we also could select which fleet it goes to and merges with. AI opponents or Automation should do this also. It's like Thiosk states about waypoints; fleets as moving waypoints instead of traditional stationary wayponts...or I suppose both would not hurt.

If a fleet is destroyed then the first newly constructed ship that was assigned to the destroyed fleet might form a NEW fleet and wait at construction site for orders. All other newly constructed ships that were assigned to join the destroyed fleet would then form to the new fleet. Alternatively, for ease of programming, that first ship constructed after its assigned fleet is destroyed could form a fleet with the SAME fleet name. (Fleets... as institutions)

24. Internal Reputation
Could maybe some update adjustments be made then for reputation? Empires should not easily break aprat from revolution due to trying to take part in war.
-Maybe nerf/reduce the overall penalties on reputation and war weariness.
-Maybe nerf/reduce internal reputation and war weariness negative penalties to aggressive empires, especailly ruled by a hive mind race, as they are at war and bombarding
-Maybe nerf/reduce internal reputation penalties and war weariness to their populace of empires that are having successes in a war and bombarding.

-Of course, external reputation may/will still lower due to certain actions. (Reputation)

25. " station..."... or mine, or whatever.

3. Micromanagement.. This is where my forum nick comes from.. For a game that advertises the automation this is way beyond acceptable.. So If I want to build a station somewhere this is what i have to do:

I have to find a constructor ship (yes i know there is a menu for this).. Leave the selection menu.. send it to its destination to build. (maybe even have to zoom in to set it exactly where it should go)... wait for it to get half there.. learn that it has run out of fuel... tell it to refuel at the next refueling station watch it IGNORE the resupply station that is right next to it and zoom off to some other system.. refuel... tell it to go build that damn station... repeat. All the while im being attacked constantly by pirates and whatnot :rolleyes: Also when this retard of a constructor is finished with its cue it is no longer set to automatic. So if i should forget about it (while doing the same with some other constructor) well.. too bad.. Its a waste of a ship/maintenance

Let me show you an alternative method that a sane game would use:

Select location for station, select space station from list, place station, "Automation" takes over the rest.

" station..."... or mine, or whatever. This would be GREAT! like in many ground based RTS games, like Starcraft 2.
There could be like a shaded or faded "ghost" image of what is being "placed" on the main screen and then it vanishes. A constructor then arrives to begin the construction.

26. Ship order queues balanced/shared in an empire-wide to do list.

Maybe ship order queues, like for construction ships, need to be balanced/shared to all construction ships in an empire-wide to do list.. Thus, one construction ship at the nearest to the specified locations will not aquire a huge list of backlog orders for constructions.



ORIGINAL: Erik Rutins

Select location for station, select space station from list, place station, "Automation" takes over the rest.

That's exactly how it works for me, using the Expansion Planner.
Well, in order to use this functionality, even under optimal conditions, requires that you go into the expansion planner, a lengthy and often incomplete list, locate a planet with an inscrutable name you cannot remember, and then pick it out of the list. Most likely the user in question has spotted the desired planet visually, by seeing it as he follows the progress of an explorer ship or finding it next to one of his colonies. Given that mineable objects typically have utterly inscrutable names like AA####, having to try to find it again in a list of hundreds of similarly indecipherable objects is not exactly convenient. And, of course, there are all the attendant caveats of order-queuing, such as that orders are not balanced between constructors. If the Order Queue were maintained in a constructor-independent manner, as an empire-level "to do" list, instead of a per-ship queue, this would probably not happen.


If the Order Queue were maintained in a constructor-independent manner, as an empire-level "to do" list, instead of a per-ship queue, this would probably not happen.

27. multiple retrofit/refuel orders then return to previous duty

That's crazy, isn't it? Suggestion: RIGHTCLICK MENU in the shipscreen (F7) to give multiple ships/bases an order. Each ship then goes to the nearest base where it currently is, retrofits there, and picks up it's previous duty when finished. (Rescue my mouse button!)
I agree. Do this please.

28. Troop entrenchment defensive percentage and beam/torpedo bombardment of them.

A subtweak would be that you could use bombardment to dig-out the defenders (think a bit how TOAW does it).

That seems interesting. The entrenched troops could have a defensive percentage that slowly rises up to 100% like cities in Civilization 4.
Maybe we could have two or more planetary bombardment options like:
-bombard population(uses current bomb types)
-bombard entrenched troops(uses ship beam and torpedo weapons). The entrenched troop defensive percentage will start lowering. (Invasion Issues)

29. I think the best approach to racial bonuses would be a gradually increasing racial bonus, starting at 1% and increasing by 1% as a particular race population grows in your empire. Why wasn't this done to start? Is it difficult to implement? (Distant Worlds Gets a Major Update!)

Ranbir -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (3/28/2010 9:34:03 PM)

I'll repeat ones that others have said for the sake of showing its popularity! :P Also, this game is a really rich, deeply satisfying game and there is a risk some of the things I ask more may be things I just haven't discovered yet! And just to say, the fact you even acknowledge the private sector manages to give this science fiction grand strategy game a level of authenticity not found in many other games.

1. Auto refuel options for non automated ships and fleets. (my standard patrol missions start to seize when I have to go around and refuel them all myself!)

2. Ships to automatically refit with upgraded components. (if idle, or if they have a continuous mission, like patrol, to do it during refuelling at a base) Private citizens to do this too, private sector always wants the best!

3. More of those exploration quest/text pop up things! Maybe even more elaborate ones too with the alternative game play mode that is suggested, especially since one mode can play like Space Rangers, which fits this detailed game superbly. I haven't checked in doing this myself with modding.

4. Private citizens to do some limited escort/defence of their own private ships/bases. Essentially asking for a level of automation where the only management I want to do with my military ships is empire(state)-empire(state) matters. Furthermore, in addition to this, state sanctioned bounties. I.E. place bounties on pirates for private citizens to collect and a flip-side, unofficial support/bounties for private citizens in harassing and pirating enemy empire trade ships.

5. On the ships and bases management window, a way to filter out privately owned ships. I'm not really interested in a listing of them. I don't see a need for them to be in the management window since they can't be managed by the state! Allow this filter in the ship design list too, since I want to manually design state ships but leave the ships that the private sector buys to be automatically designed and unconcerned by me.

6. Maybe for the galaxy map, as private citizens do get into a routine, to mark out a well travelled space lane and then be able to give a command for ships to patrol the end points. (not sure about this myself)

7. When I tell my ships to patrol a star system, they seem to just park themselves over the star and I'm not sure if their catchment area to deal with trouble makers actually extends across the entire system. So I would like ships to be able to patrol the entire star system and thus protect any bases/ships that happen to be in that system at the time of trouble!

8. If it is possible to add more 'geography' to space, that would be great. They're a great feature and really do keep space an interesting environment to play in (most games just leave it blank and make space a boring place) Worm holes? Again, maybe I haven't discovered that yet!

9. Private research centres, private/neutral supply/trading centres.

Edits/additions obv as I keep playing this monster game.

Webbco -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (3/28/2010 9:48:13 PM)

Might be quite difficult, but would be great to have a real-time progress % bar on ships being built in construction window (rather than have to close window and reopen it to see how the progress is coming along).

This applies to other features too e.g. research.

KW -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (3/28/2010 9:51:56 PM)

Just repeating my suggestion from the tech support forum:

Please provide some kind of indicator or message if construction projects have stalled and for what reason. For instance, "Construction ship ABC has not made progress on Resort Hotel in the past 3/6/9/12 months because it is lacking resource(s) X, Y, and Z." It doesn't have to be (and probably shouldn't be) an immediate thing since the usual transport of resources may cause minor delays of a couple days or weeks. But a notification that construction hasn't progressed any in several months would be extremely helpful.

HsojVvad -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (3/28/2010 10:00:41 PM)

I will repeat what others have said as well. Bigger fonts, some of them are hard to read since they are so small.

I for one would love to have a planetary screen so I actually feel like I am building a colony. I guess this would be for an expansion.

I like the idea of an eta for when the ship will arrive. This way we can tell when faster engines are in place there is an actual change in speed.

A pre warp era chocie. So there is no mining bases at all in place. I love building everything myself. I can't delelet the mines that are already in place. In a few trial games that I did, i see I already explored other systems. I rather have the option of doing that. Nothing explored, nothing built or what ever in between.

More to come later. Love what I am seeing so far.

Nth Power -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (3/28/2010 10:04:00 PM)

-Hyperlinks to tech on the diplomacy screen would be convenient, especially on the trade proposal screen. It's difficult to determine whether a trade is fair or not without having to navigate a bunch of screens.

-An easier way to tell if a ship is under construction. An icon or tag in the main screen in Ships and Bases would make it easy to tell at a glance what is being built.



Improve the ship design screen... Window is too small, finding information is difficult, ship comparison not possible, ship components not sorted... I really have difficulty with it !

Ship comparison would be nice. Also agree finding components could be easier. The "(x)x component" is a good idea too.

HsojVvad -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (3/28/2010 10:05:47 PM)

Also more flag choices and more ship designs. Again, most likely for an expansion. You do plan on an expansion correct?

gilgamorth -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (3/28/2010 10:08:33 PM)

I have yet to be able to try this game, though it looks like it could be quite fun. That having been said, I can think of one thing I would like to see in the game: a multi-player option.

HsojVvad -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (3/28/2010 10:10:07 PM)

Sorry have to disagree with gilgamorth, no multiplayer at all. The reason I say this, is I am more of a single player and in most cases I find when a game is made for multiplayer, the single player experiance suffers. So I am in the NO camp for multiplayer.

incbob -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (3/28/2010 10:10:44 PM)

1. Autosave (hopefully with variable settings: 1 month, 6 months, 1 year etc)

2. Allow fleet automation to continue to be on, but stop the AI from disbanding fleets I make.

3. Ability to order ships of the same "class" to all refit.

4. Ability to see the "Class" of ship on the Ship's screen. The ship name is great, but if I just upgraded the Vengeance Destroyer class to the Vengeance+ I need to know so I can tell it to go refit or not.

5. The Minimap window can be shrunk down. I think the buttons on it are ingenious and the way to go, but the map itself is kind of useless.

6. Ability to give orders to ships directly through the ship screen. If the screens could be made into windows that could be moved around it would be GREAT, but this might be to much.

7. Maybe I missed it, but there should be a way to order a ship to patrol a star system or around a planet.

HsojVvad -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (3/28/2010 10:16:00 PM)

Another thing I would like is a % bar telling me how much completion of a ship is done when you just click on a planet. If it's there now, I am blind. We need bigger fonts a bit.

How about being able to change screen resolution size. I thought if I played on a smaller resolution the fonts might be easier to see then.

RViener -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (3/28/2010 10:17:04 PM)

Upgrading the manual and galactopedia to reflect program changes so that they remain basic useful tools.
Bob Viener

Webbco -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (3/28/2010 10:17:12 PM)

When selecting 1 ship on the fleets menu, would be good to have the option to go back to view the whole fleet again.

PaladinOO -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (3/28/2010 10:26:47 PM)

1. I'd like the ability to obsolete a ship class from the window that lists all your ship designs.  Right now, you have to edit each individual design in order to obsolete a ship which is kind of a pain.

2. After you make a design and click save,the "only show latest design" option shouldn't default back to being on.

3. Maybe replace the "only show latest design" toggle with a "only show non-obsolete designs" since right now, you can't tell which ships are obsolete and which are not, only those which are the latest designs. The only way to do this is to go into each individual design and see if the obsolete design is toggled.

4. Make an option to have only the civilian designs automatically updated so that we can still update our combat ships manually if we wish.

5. When I upgrade some stations, either the name changes to something generic like star base from monitoring station or defense station. This requires me to go in and manually change the name back. It would be much simpler if the game would just add a MK2 or II to the end of the original name.

6. There needs to be a popup or some record made when ever one of your ships is destroyed.

Epsilon -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (3/28/2010 10:28:44 PM)

An ability to resupply a fleet with ships, for instance by "locking" a fleet, then the game will keep track of how many and what ships are there at the time, then when you build new ships they should router with the fleet until it's "full" again.
Or on the build menu set new military ships to automatically join and route to the fleet leader of a chooseable fleet.
But preferably both of those, as they'd be part of the same system.
It's quite a chore constantly managing your already established fleets during larger engagements.

HsojVvad -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (3/28/2010 11:05:41 PM)

Playing a new game, and some things came to mind. I would love to make my own race. Also not shure yet since I only tried humans, can other races colonize other type planets? If not have some races that are aquatic only or Gas bags only, Like in Moo3 forget the names of those 2 races that love giant gas giants.

Also let races that can't colonize planets research so they can colonize them. Why couldn't humans colonize oceanic worlds?

Also haven't played the game much, but by going by reading the manual, how about some racial traits so you get smarter or better spies. I loved playing the Darlocks in Moo and making my own spy race in Moo2.

lancer -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (3/29/2010 12:09:50 AM)


Some interface suggestions.

1: Whenever you open up a screen, eg. any Function button screen, it would be great to have the ability to tap the space bar which automatically closes the screen and unpauses the game. Having to mouse click shut all those screens is O.K but the space bar option would be quicker and cuts down on rodent use.

2: I second the request to somehow display cargo for any relevant ship displayed in the bottom left selector panel.

3: If you could also squeeze in how much armour a ship has (same bottom left panel) somehow that would be a bonus. Quite often in battles I'm watching the my ship's shield levels fall and wondering how much armour the ship has which will largely determine whether I hang on for a bit longer or bail out.

4: Whenever you have a ship in a construction yard that is sitting there partially built and going nowhere (stalled) it would be useful if you could find out why. If you click on the 'Resources Used' (that's not it exactly but you know the one) button next to the construction panel it shows all the resources needed to build the ship.

Having to figure out what critical resource on the list that you are missing is quite difficult at present and involves a fair bit of clicking around. Simpler if the 'Resources Used' panel highlighted the missing resources by placing a flashing red, for example, icon next to whatever is needed. Make it obvious.

5: The option to toggle a real time clock (eg. actual earth time) underneath or in place of the date display would be handy. DW is immersive and 'cause it takes up the whole screen I can't see the computer clock. An option to set a pop-up 'alert' after a set time interval, eg. every hour, would be handy.

Full screen DW runs me hard up against the 'Do I need to go to bed?' problem.

6: I run the game at 1920 x 1200 resolution and find the fonts just fine. I can see that others might not. If you tweak the fonts can you provide the option to retain the originals.

7: Provide some means of distance measurement on the main sector map. I have no means of estimating how long it will take for ships to jump from one star to another. This creates difficulties when I'm positioning fleets around my empire. If I put a fleet here will it be able to jump to there in time to respond to a threat? Who knows?

How to provide this information isn't clear to me but one idea would be to be able to right click on the sector map and have the option to draw an expanding circle like in naval sim games. It's just a temporary circle that disappears once you have finished with it but it provides a means of showing distance.

If you combined that with a small pop-up (better still use the info panel in the bottom left of the screen) that gave a standard range of ship jump speeds (at fixed intervals, just enough to enable you to extrapolate, eg. 50 - 100 - 150) that showed the time required for a ship to jump the specified distance (eg. it updates dynamically as you expand or contract the circle so you'd have something like jump speed 50, time required 1.5 days, jump speed 100, time required 1.0 days etc.) you would then be able to easily get the time/distance information required for strategic decision-making

8: Streamline the component and weapons displays as already mentioned in another thread. Eg. Condense multiple instances of an identical component or weapon into a single one.


DarkWraith -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (3/29/2010 12:23:00 AM)

1) Auto-resupply construction ships: if a construction ship runs out of resources before finishing whatever it's building, it should run off to find the resources needed automatically.

2) In Construction icon from the ship screen

3) Fleet Fill Troops button: A command you can give at the fleet level that will have them go off and fill their troop holds at the nearest possible place. Bonus points if they coordinate so as not to step on each others toes.

4) Fuel tankers: A ship that can be automated so that all it does is deliver fuel to ships in the field. Unlike a resupply ship in that it doesn't actually create it's own fuel, just gets it from elsewhere. Maybe this could be part of the private economy.

magickoji -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (3/29/2010 12:24:39 AM)

My list from the Most have to well can wait for that later... :)

1). Being able to make the races use their own ship set graphics. I believe right now, they use any of the ship graphic that they want, making modding them a waste of time. And not really worth it.<<<==== Never mind I was wrong you can assign a images to a race and they do honor it. :)

2). Biggest Change needed. Is either have a bigger/thicker font size, so that it's readable on Higher Resolution display monitors. Without the user having to change his screen display size.

3). In the ship list window F7, having the option of either right or left clicking on a ship and tell it to go Refit at nearest starbase. Or doing a group select from the list and telling them to go retrofit.

4). Also while on the Ship/base Screen. Having the list stay with the last selected selection/filter instead of going back to default one again.

5). When in main screen over home planet with the space dock. Have the ships that aren't completed yet be in a separate color or have a different color showing that it's being either retrofitted or being built. Right now it just lists all the ships... But you can't tell which ones are docked and ready to go, or are still being built.

6). Being able to select a few ships, without making them a fleet and giving them an order to escort or patrol. Right now, if you select more than one ship. You can not give them a patrol or escort command. Only if they are in a fleet.

7). Have an option to name the ship/starbase when your launching it so you can name it. Instead of having to do it after it's already built and named.

8). In the ship/base screen also having the name of the class of ships in the list, and not just the ships name. Otherwise, it's pretty hard to tell which ship has been upgrade or needs to be upgraded. Especially if you don't change the name of the ship.

9). In the mini widow on the Bottom right, being able to set it's zoom level. so that you can use it to move around the system quicker. While you main view stays at it's current zoom level. as an example, have the main view set to plantary view, and have the mini one set to system view, or father out then that. So that you don't have to zoom out in the main view to go somewhere and have to zoom back in.

10). if I come up with more... I will add to this list.

Thank you Erik, and Eliot for giving us the forum to let you guys know what we would like to have in this great game. :)



11). Have the option at the begining to have everything manual or be able to select exactly what is and is not automated. Instead of having to do it after the game starts. And having to figuring out where to turn of the automation.

12). Also to be able to start the game with one Planet with one or two ships. One a scout and the other a colony ship.

4xfan -> RE: Master Wishlist Thread (3/29/2010 12:26:26 AM)

I'd like to see:

More detailed economic info. Break down Star Port Income into Trade and Ship purchases

More detailed ship cost info. Display the price breakdown due to resources. When my maint fees go up, I'd like to know which resources are causing the trouble.

Show cargo (or a link to) in the freighter ship selection window.

I'd like to be able to see what a planet demands and which it is not meeting.

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