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Marshall Ellis -> RE: 1.08.01 Beta (4/26/2010 1:54:51 PM)

You're right Ashtar BUT I have found that separate machines / instances is a much more complete test. I changed to this method (+ 1 player simulating PBEM game) because it just seems to catch more before going out the door so far.

Yearworld -> RE: 1.08.01 Beta (4/26/2010 3:01:51 PM)

As I said in my earlier post I am happy to play. I will need a 1.08.01 Beta version of the game sent to me(I am running 1.702 now). How many players do we have/need before we can get started?

Yearworld-My email is

Dancing Bear -> RE: 1.08.01 Beta (4/27/2010 2:53:12 AM)

We could run two games. One of just two players for the year (say Austria and Turkey), and another of 4 or 5 players for 3 months or so. That would speed things up and give us a pretty good test in a reasonable time frame.

Marshall Ellis -> RE: 1.08.01 Beta (4/28/2010 3:02:16 PM)

Hey guys:

Working the reinf issue so the version to play with will be 1.08.02!

gazfun -> RE: 1.08.01 Beta (4/30/2010 12:26:12 PM)

So is this available to download at the moment mate?

Marshall Ellis -> RE: 1.08.01 Beta (4/30/2010 2:37:24 PM)

Not yet! Will hopefully have next week!

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