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Erik Rutins -> Status Update (3/3/2010 5:27:53 PM)

Ok, let's start with the bad news:

Distant Worlds will not be released this week.

Now the good news:

We should know the firm release date before the end of this week. The reason for the delay is simply that the final race art is taking longer than we projected, but it is worth the wait. We are putting the time to good use with additional QA testing and polish for the game to make it as tight as we can before release. One of the things that we've been testing recently is much improved multi-core support, so that the new fast systems will be able to run even the largest galaxies at the fastest speeds without a hiccup.

We're also expecting a preview of gameplay from one of the testers to be posted this week at and we will keep sharing various previews with you to help you bide the time until release.


- Erik

elmo3 -> RE: Status Update (3/3/2010 5:30:15 PM)

Thanks for the update.

lordxorn -> RE: Status Update (3/3/2010 5:32:50 PM)

Thanks for the update, one of the many reasons I am a big Matrix customer. [:)]

Okim -> RE: Status Update (3/3/2010 5:43:01 PM)


One of the things that we've been testing recently is much improved multi-core support, so that the new fast systems will be able to run even the largest galaxies at the fastest speeds without a hiccup.

Great news actually )

drillerman -> RE: Status Update (3/3/2010 5:44:49 PM)

I think I'll be the first to ask. Will it be released next week?

tgb -> RE: Status Update (3/3/2010 5:48:55 PM)

Thanks for the update, Erik.

Webbco -> RE: Status Update (3/3/2010 5:50:13 PM)

I reckon the gameplay preview will be Son_of_Montfort's surprise thingy he mentioned...[;)]

cdbeck -> RE: Status Update (3/3/2010 5:53:22 PM)

You guys, I can personally state that this art is definitely worth a bit of a delay.  I even mentioned to the artist that much of it was desktop background worthy!

drillerman -> RE: Status Update (3/3/2010 5:54:11 PM)

Webbco, Definately!!!!!! Son_of_Montfort,  Give it to us now!!!!!!!!!!I demand it!!!!!!!![:D]

EisenHammer -> RE: Status Update (3/3/2010 6:15:07 PM)

More waiting.
Good thing SotS came out with a new patch this week.

ASHBERY76 -> RE: Status Update (3/3/2010 7:26:30 PM)


Epsilon -> RE: Status Update (3/3/2010 7:29:36 PM)

The sound of a hundred fans screaming out and then going silent. [:(]

martok -> RE: Status Update (3/3/2010 9:09:52 PM)

Thanks for the update Erik!

Personally, my disappointment is minimal -- given what you'd said earlier in the other thread, I pretty much anticipated Distant Worlds wouldn't be out this week. I'm not complaining; best to do the game well, than do a rush job and then end up missing something. [:)]

DivePac88 -> RE: Status Update (3/3/2010 9:43:04 PM)

Thank you Erik for the update... next week it is then... the wait is worth it, as I think we have a top game here.

Any chance please of posting part of the manual, so that we can learn some of the mechanics to tide us over before the release.

Gertjan -> RE: Status Update (3/3/2010 9:57:25 PM)

When is the wargamer article online?

drillerman -> RE: Status Update (3/3/2010 10:00:08 PM)

Yes, please release the manual.[sm=00000289.gif]

NavalNewZ -> RE: Status Update (3/3/2010 10:54:51 PM)


eltharion -> RE: Status Update (3/3/2010 11:10:51 PM)

Thanks for the bad and good news ;)

I think this is the right decision... "put out when all is done"
My past experience with SE5 has teach me something ;)

Please take care of any good (and reasonable)idea. the old SE4 has lived many
years with&thanks the "gentle care" of the players & modders community.

I think can be append again with DW ;)

shinobu -> RE: Status Update (3/3/2010 11:54:15 PM)

I appreciate being kept informed. Thanks for the update...

Xmudder -> RE: Status Update (3/4/2010 2:33:55 AM)

Anyway we can preorder to get access to the Beta? <g>

I need something to do while I am sick :(

Deto -> RE: Status Update (3/4/2010 5:01:23 AM)


I need something to do while I am sick :(

I suggest you sleep and rest while you're sick, then you can go crazy on release date ;D

nammafia -> RE: Status Update (3/5/2010 12:34:51 AM)

I don't know if it has been asked but I would like to know if the game, Distant Worlds, is being released on any of the online distributors beside Matrix Games. Armada 2526 was released on multiple places. Anyone? Thanks.

Erik Rutins -> RE: Status Update (3/5/2010 12:39:19 AM)

Distant Worlds will be available only through the Matrix Games Online Store, as is the case with most of our releases.

Wade1000 -> RE: Status Update (3/5/2010 1:18:44 AM)

Code Force and Matrix Games, please do not rush this game.

Deleay release for months if you have to in order to finish and include any elements you are working on or any you might like that you've seen recommended in the forum.

Some will disagree and be eager for the game release. Others will agree. In the end it's up to you to determine the quality of product you want in relation to the early release sales you might expect.

drillerman -> RE: Status Update (3/5/2010 4:23:46 PM)

Yeah, I disagree!!! The game is clearly ready for release from all the stuff I read on the forums. So.........let's get going!!!! Next week at the latest.

In the meantime, how about releasing the manual, have I mentioned that already.[:D]

ASHBERY76 -> RE: Status Update (3/5/2010 4:43:33 PM)

They are only waiting for the artist to finish the races from what I can gather.

tgb -> RE: Status Update (3/5/2010 9:03:47 PM)


ORIGINAL: Erik Rutins

We should know the firm release date before the end of this week.

And the magic date is................?

drillerman -> RE: Status Update (3/5/2010 9:11:56 PM)



ORIGINAL: Erik Rutins

We should know the firm release date before the end of this week.

And the magic date is................?

Yes, Yes!   I am listening too!

magickoji -> RE: Status Update (3/5/2010 9:44:48 PM)

Yes I agree with everyone else. Don't listen to Wade1000.

No matter how good your beta testers are. You will never find all the bugs. By releasing the game to the hordes, you will get a lot more feedback as to what is broken or needs fixing. There are quite a few other games out there that have been released and they've listened to the feedback of their customers. And thereby making their games even better. Empire of Steel is one, and so is Armada2526... and the newly release patch for War in the Pacific. They all had bugs when released. But now they are really great games, because they've listened to their customers. :)

So I look forward to the release. Also in the first post it was mentioned that a firm release date will be know by the end of the week. Does that mean by today... or by Sunday?

Thank you,


Wade1000 -> RE: Status Update (3/5/2010 10:16:30 PM)

I just was expressing that the game should be released in good condition. That should be expected...well not if amongst fans of the practice of rushing the release beta quality games of many examples lately. If Distant Worlds IS in good condition then, yes, it will be good to have and enjoy.

The forums of many rushed released beta quality games usually fill up with negative responses and huge bug lists. That impression spreads throughout the internet. I still read in various forums new comments by MANY people that talk about them remembering a game they bought that they thought was terrible and buggy...yet they didn't stay with the game or check back for updates and expansions. That just shows that rushed release is bad marketing. It may have okay short term effects but often it has very negative long term effects to a game.

We'll see how Distant Worlds forum looks after release. I HOPE that it's positive.

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