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jackyo123 -> Certain Jap Air Units wont upgrade ... (2/9/2010 3:48:06 PM)

Ive got 2 air units (well, 2 at a minimum) composed of Nates. They are not restricted anymore - they are at a level 7 airfield with 24,000 supply - but they wont upgrade. The choice for the Oscar or the AM63 are there - but when i click on the upgrade button, nothing happens.

Is there a possible reason (besides a bug) that this would happen? There are 12 Oscars in the pool, and I have had air units with 36 planes upgrade to Oscars when there was only 1 in the pool, so i dont think this is it.


Nomad -> RE: Certain Jap Air Units wont upgrade ... (2/9/2010 4:02:34 PM)

Are these units scheduled to withdraw? If so, you will have to max enough aircraft to completly fill the unit.

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