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mudrick -> Penalties (1/1/2010 9:19:21 AM)

For some strange reason when I set penalties to "Loose", save and then go back, it says "Normal". What gives? I could have sworn I had them on loose when I had this game awhile back. In the Database viewer it's shown as "Referee Style", am I right? Is 2 the correct number for "Loose"? Because I am sure it will still say normal if I go to the rules section.

Also, what is the difference between US-P and US-A field sizes?

Marauders -> RE: Penalties (1/1/2010 9:45:46 AM)


Also, what is the difference between US-P and US-A field sizes?

The fields are the same size, but the hash marks are not the same.  As I recall, the game also checks which field is in use for some rules differences between amateur and pro football.

garysorrell -> RE: Penalties (1/7/2010 1:22:43 PM)

Hey mudrick, I noticed that also, about the loose changing back to normal. But, I do believe that if you set it to loose, it does actually work.

I know that when I set it to loose, it does seem to behave that way. Not sure why it changes back in the menu.

mudrick -> RE: Penalties (1/12/2010 12:20:31 AM)

Thanks Gary.......I also notice a huge diff. in penalties called. So I guess it works.

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