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harley -> Helpful posts thread. (12/10/2009 1:53:44 AM)

Just a list of stuff you might want or need.


Q: Does the game run on Windows 7? - A: Yes

Q: Why do I get "the users on this system are not authorised to load this saved game" when my PBEM opponent sends me his turn. - A: They probably didn't click the "end phase" button

Q: How do production and research work? - A: See this post for a quick overview

Q: Why does the cursor stay spinning on Vista? - A: You need to get the latest patch. As a workaround you can just save the game.

Q: How do Night fighters operate? A: Get a rundown here (Thanks: TechSgt)

Q: I run v1.00 and it's really slow - A: You need to get the latest patch. There are many performance settings in the Options screen

Q: what's the story with PBEM? How do I do it? - A: Simovitch posted some info that our manual designers missed

Cool Stuff

Tuk has created a neat production planner

TechSgt has a word document for the 1943 Allied TOE

more to come...

harley -> RE: Helpful posts thread. (12/10/2009 9:33:22 AM)


I've unlocked this thread for a short while. Please feel free to post LINKS to the articles you want in the top post. I will routinely incorporate the worthy submissions, and cull what's here. This will be a clean thread - I will delete everything once I've finished with it.

For those who don't know, there's a link at the bottom right of every post with the post number. Click that (not the orange button next to it) and you'll get a popup with a direct link to the post you want to link to. It's better to link to a post with information than to a thread where a question was asked, as the reader will not have to trawl every post in a thread to find the nugget.

simovitch -> Help for new players (1/23/2010 7:55:56 PM)

The attachment below is a text document that pulls together several helpful topics from this board and, more importantly, what I could find from the original BoB and BTR readme files. This stuff is a must have for those of us who did not play the old Talonsoft versions.

These readme files cover a lot of great stuff, including explanations of several "under the hood" items (like "icing damage" from high altitude flight...), and other FAQ's like PBEM, ECM/RCM etc.

NOTE: The readme files are from the old, Talonsoft versions, so use the information that you find with discretion. Some of it may not apply or may apply differently to the Matrix version (but most of it is still useful IMO.)

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