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K.Pooley -> RE: BoB - Kevin v Swift (2/2/2010 12:32:21 AM)

Main Raid Details:


K.Pooley -> RE: BoB - Kevin v Swift (2/12/2010 11:57:48 PM)

Turn 17 – Post-Mortem

" extra AS point hopefully"
Well I did at least get that! The 11 Gp table shows how.

[1] Radar
Radar is looking good (see map below) giving me considerable freedom of action, with six to be hit tomorrow because of signs of effective repairs, and three because of out-of-date photos, out of a total of 39 sites out of commission at the moment. It certainly appears that maintaining such a large proportion of the system 'down' is feasible.

[2] AFs
Debden (50%), Hornchurch (60%), Northolt (50%), Tangmere (60%), Wittering (30%), Middle Wallop (53%) and St Eval (82%), plus see 11 GP below as usual, for more detailed results.

[3] Major Targets
See [2] above, as they were the main targets for today.

[4] Minor Targets
Some light damage to a few scattered targets.

[5] Night Raids
A number raids hitting airfields.
One of the problems with the way the game presents Action Report data is that if you perform a recce at 0800, a raid at 1200, another recce at 1600 and a night raid at 2000 you only get one figure for damage, and not one at each stage. Because of this it is difficult to estimate the contribution of the separate raids.


K.Pooley -> RE: BoB - Kevin v Swift (2/13/2010 12:34:08 AM)

11 Group AFs Chart
There are several things worth noting on this today.

1] 16 fighters seem to have moved from Hawkinge to Gravesend. Fair enough you might say, but how do I know that happened? I've maintained reconnaissance on Hawkinge so it makes sense that I know they have left there, but I didn't get a successful recce over Gravesend, so how did I know that that's where they went? Faced with a lack of hard info as to their whereabouts, have my staff just 'guessed' that's where they are? Or do they have sources of intelligence the player knows nothing about? I know this game is detailed, but surely it doesn't really model the actions of the little old lady in the cottage at the end of the runway, whose grandfather was German, and who keeps a secret wireless set in the attic?

2] Related to 1], the total number of aircraft in 11 Group appears to have levelled out, as for the last few turns it has been increasing. Maybe this is because Swift thinks this is all he needs to beat me, or just maybe it's because he can't afford to move anymore into the area.

3] Flak levels seem to have remained static today. This could be true, or it could be because of the fact that I now fly fewer low-level recce missions that I was doing. This is due to Swift taking a rather negative view of my planes going in for a closer look, although I can't imagine why. Now I'm not short of planes, in fact I have a surplus of replacements for all my recce types. Also, it's not because of morale problems. The simple fact is that I don't need my pilots to be brave, I need them to be careful. Unlike a bombing mission, which can be a great success despite massive casualties, the blokes taking the pictures need to get them home.


K.Pooley -> RE: BoB - Kevin v Swift (2/20/2010 12:41:00 AM)

Turn 18 (inc. post-mortem)

I didn't get the chance to post for this turn before sending it off to Werner, so this combines both the before and after posts for the day.

Main Raids
Today is to be a rest day - sort of. Four PRIAFs are targetted in the morning (raids 1-4 and on map) and three random industrial targets by night (36-38). Apart from the 'maintenance' raids on RADAR (5-11) everything else is recce missions.

Of raids 1-4 only the one on Kirton in Lindsey seems to have met with any success, but this was a good one, 72% damage to a previously untouched AF without one of the 84 bombers being lost.

Note to self: Remember to recce the three night targets in the morning.


K.Pooley -> RE: BoB - Kevin v Swift (2/21/2010 12:58:32 AM)

Turn 19

I've got a bit more spare time this turn, so here goes. Since damage to Sector Airfields is the major component in gaining AS points I've been running some trials to get an idea of the best tactics. As a result this turn is going to be all about bombing them, and they are going to be the main targets for the day.

The table below shows the current situation, as far as my staff see it anyway. I have highlighted the airfields by Group, with 10 Group in Green, 11 Group in Blue and 12 Group in Red. Non-Sector Airfields are greyed out. This shows very clearly, and not altogether surprisingly, that 12 Group is most in need of the LW's attentions today, although I intend to allocate gruppen to the lower eight AFs, the further down the list the more planes.


K.Pooley -> RE: BoB - Kevin v Swift (2/26/2010 9:58:49 PM)

This table shows the RADAR situation and shows which need attacking, according to my usual formula.

RED to be attacked because recce is 3days+
YELLOW to be attacked recce is 2days and damage <90%
GREEN to be attacked because recce is 1day and damage <80%


K.Pooley -> RE: BoB - Kevin v Swift (2/26/2010 10:09:22 PM)

As usual I will allocate raids firstly to the main targets for the day, then the PRIAFs, followed by the RADAR and finally all the necessary recce missions.

The resulting list of raids is below (shown without the recce missions to make the list a bit more manageable). Despite my good intentions it has not been possible to attack everything I would have liked. In particular 12 Group is difficult to engage heavily due to the fact that most of the LWs forces are deployed facing the south coast of England.


K.Pooley -> RE: BoB - Kevin v Swift (2/26/2010 10:14:41 PM)

Also, the RADAR sites in the far north of England and into Scotland, as well as St Twynells in West Wales, have had to be passed over due to a shortage of suitable units. This shot shows the RADAR and PRIAF raids south of Scunthorpe.


K.Pooley -> RE: BoB - Kevin v Swift (2/28/2010 10:21:03 AM)

If you have any comments, questions, suggestions etc please feel free to chip in at any point.

K.Pooley -> RE: BoB - Kevin v Swift (3/3/2010 9:01:49 PM)

Turn 19 - PM
Kept the lid on all the radar sites, with no surprises.

A good strike against the PRIAFs, with AS up to 10 for a short time!

Coltishall 28% up to 63%
Northolt 49% up to 82%, and even better,
Middle Wallop 53% up to 94%, and
Tangmere 59% up to 95%

Now, because repair rates are tactical for AFs it is necessary to keep wearing away at them to take this into account. Also, because the way the AS score is calculated is very sensitive to the number of fighters FC has I need to be giving some thought to reducing these numbers. Because of the problem of bombers not being unable to damage interceptors this is made more difficult than would otherwise be the case.

The other thing is of course that the more badly damaged the AFs become the harder it gets to damage them even more badly (the law of diminishing returns). The obvious answer is to diversify and go for other sources of points. Since I have not already started a campaign of bombing urban areas the obvious answer is to build on the damage I have caused to IND targets.

K.Pooley -> RE: BoB - Kevin v Swift (3/5/2010 9:31:52 PM)

Forward Planning
Put this new combined strategy in place for a full week, instead of chopping and changing every other day as I have been doing.

Assign raids in order of the least damaged. If unable to assign units to a particular target move on to the next up the list.


K.Pooley -> RE: BoB - Kevin v Swift (3/5/2010 9:33:12 PM)

Assign targets as usual.


K.Pooley -> RE: BoB - Kevin v Swift (3/5/2010 9:34:57 PM)

IND Targets
I have talked (above) about the need to keep a lid on FC numbers, and looking at the a/c related industries I have caused an estimated 50% damage to the CFACs. This looks like a good one to build on. A largish night raid on each of the three chosen, using a PF unit for each.


K.Pooley -> RE: BoB - Kevin v Swift (3/5/2010 9:36:55 PM)

Minor Raids
A few strays to avoid getting too predictable, so top-off a few south coast industries (and use the Norway-based units of course).

Pre-raid for all above and possible future strikes.

I had intended to post a complete list of the raids planned for the day, but I forgot to take a screenshot before finishing the turn so... [:(]

Derfel -> RE: BoB - Kevin v Swift (3/5/2010 11:17:31 PM)

Components is easy to replace as the RAF have an abundance of factories producing them.

Go for the EFAC, as that is the least produced parts that a complete fighter need.
The biggest producer of engines is a factory that produces 8 engines a day. Destroy it and even if they get moved in total, he will be missing the 80 engines over 10 days [;)]

K.Pooley -> RE: BoB - Kevin v Swift (3/7/2010 4:02:26 PM)



Components is easy to replace as the RAF have an abundance of factories producing them.

Go for the EFAC, as that is the least produced parts that a complete fighter need.
The biggest producer of engines is a factory that produces 8 engines a day. Destroy it and even if they get moved in total, he will be missing the 80 engines over 10 days [;)]

That's a very good point, given that the Rolls Royce Derby works accounts for 9 oo 24 points production, totally destroying it would take out about 37% of his capacity. But that's a big factory to reduce since I'm already up to 50% on CFACs I think I'll stick with it - although probably my slightly obsessive nature is to blame for that as much as the actual pros and cons..

Thanks for the suggestion though, it's good to know that someone out there is not only reading this stuff but thinking about it as well [:)].


K.Pooley -> RE: BoB - Kevin v Swift (3/7/2010 4:23:11 PM)

Turn 20 <edit to correct turn number from 21 to 20!>



As the table below shows quite a good effort at keeping the lid on things, but as the map below shows, you just need one failure for things to get out of hand. A single CH station as Easington gives the enemy coverage over a huge area.


K.Pooley -> RE: BoB - Kevin v Swift (3/7/2010 4:28:00 PM)

As last turn I will not be trying to suppress the damaged sites in Scotland, and will let them gradually come back online, to save resources.


K.Pooley -> RE: BoB - Kevin v Swift (3/7/2010 4:40:29 PM)

As the table shows I have made some progress over the past couple of days in reducing 10 Group's sector airfields (Red) and for a short time AS actually hit 11 yesterday.

This is a good time to talk about Air Superiority in general as this spike has to be offset against the final score for the day of just 7.


K.Pooley -> RE: BoB - Kevin v Swift (3/16/2010 11:54:10 PM)

Sorry for the long break, due for family circumstances I'm having to take some time off the forum, but will be posting again as soon as I can.


K.Pooley -> RE: BoB - Kevin v Swift (3/20/2010 11:39:41 PM)

Sector AF damage has increased every turn for 5 turns, and has nearly doubled in that time, and yet AS slumped back to 7 last turn. Why?

It's important to realise that AS is VERY sensitive to RAF ready numbers. The formula for AS is:

AS = (LW ready aircraft + Sector AF damage)/RAF ready aircraft

This means that a small change in RAF ready numbers can have a dramatic effect on the overall AS figure.

The chart below shows the figures for the past five turns, and you can see how the large increase in damage has been insufficient to keep AS climbing, because of a small increase in RAF aircraft available.

NOTE: The red star on the chart marks the latest AS figure, which is 7.958 to be more precise, but 8.0 to the nearest 2 significant figures. Just four less RAF ready aircraft would have pushed AS to 8.004, rounding down to 8.


K.Pooley -> RE: BoB - Kevin v Swift (3/20/2010 11:46:07 PM)

As victory now looks fairly close, I will be ordering more caution, so there will many fewer unescorted raids, only those against RADAR and a few other coastal targets in radar-free zones. Double missions will still be allowed though, in an attempt to crank up the pressure against the Brits.

This is the mission list for the next day, except for the 50-odd recce runs.


K.Pooley -> RE: BoB - Kevin v Swift (3/20/2010 11:56:13 PM)


Nos. 1 - 11
RADAR strikes, again leaving Scottish sites (and the one in West Wales) to come back online, as I do not consider it to be worthwhile to continue to suppress them (and in the case of Scotland probably not possible either, given the fact that I have moved some of the bomber gruppen from Norway further south).

Nos.12 - 21
Sector AFs. Church Fenton is the target of both No.12 & No.13. The earlier raid is intended as a distraction, with the second more major raid arriving by the route shown below. It is not possible to provide a significant escort to any raid against this most distant of Sector AFs hence the (hopeful) distraction.

With other Sector AFs, if it has proved impossible to launch escorted missions they have been skipped, with the next one up the list being selected.


K.Pooley -> RE: BoB - Kevin v Swift (3/21/2010 12:44:17 AM)

Nos.22 - 30

Night raids against three CFACs each led by elements of KGr100, plus some assorted day raids against IND targets, mainly to 'use up' unallocated resources.

Nos.31 - 34

FB raids against secondary AFs, avoiding heavy concentrations of LAA and hitting occupied bases.

K.Pooley -> RE: BoB - Kevin v Swift (3/21/2010 7:31:26 PM)

Turn 21



Excellent Result, with all important sites being kept well under control. All targetted sites hit for 99% damage except for Rye (72%) which was not hit at all. The decreasing number of sites needing to be hit shows that previous strikes and recce missions have worked wel..


K.Pooley -> RE: BoB - Kevin v Swift (3/21/2010 11:18:56 PM)

Sector AFs

The drive to damage 12 Group's Sector AFs is going well - sans Church Fenton that is. It may be a bit of a backwater, but it features state-of-the-art defences. The distraction raid found it, bombed it and missed, while the main raid couldn't break through the invisibility shield and instead bombed a nearby power station - and missed completely, so the defences presumably also have some sort of advanced laser system for blinding bombardiers. I am determined to get it next time [sm=mad-1003.gif]


K.Pooley -> RE: BoB - Kevin v Swift (3/21/2010 11:20:06 PM)

Air Superiority

So, what has this done for the overall picture?


I can't remember how to replace the generic '1... to 7' with 'Turn 15... to Turn 21' on the table, but I'm sure you get the idea.

K.Pooley -> RE: BoB - Kevin v Swift (3/23/2010 6:18:36 PM)

Mission List

Less and less bombers are available in most units due to the pace of operations, and the crews in most units are becoming more and more frazzled. Therefore, tackle the essentials - All RADAR targets and a few of the Sector AFs further down the list. Plus two night raids, a pair of fighter sweeps and a few miscellaneous INDs with the gruppen with the highest MOR. Hopefully the rest will do the LW some good [:)]

Edit: To add image [:(]


K.Pooley -> RE: BoB - Kevin v Swift (3/23/2010 6:22:38 PM)

My First ACE

As always I checked the 'Top Pilot List' this turn to see if I finally had an ace. Imagine my surprise when I realised that I had! The funny thing is that the day before I didn't even have a pilot by that name!


K.Pooley -> RE: BoB - Kevin v Swift (3/23/2010 7:51:20 PM)

According to Wikipedia, Fajtl served in the Czechoslovak Air Force, the Armée De l´Air, the Royal Air Force and the Soviet Air Force. No mention of the Luftwaffe though!

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