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Cunctator -> Game crash (11/25/2009 11:35:32 PM)

I just bought a copy of this game installing the directx and all the other stuff required at start up.
I ran the tutorial until I reached the combat screen where the fleets never appeared.
I exited form the program and I tried a full game.
Everything was fine until i had my first battle...this time my fleets appeared but not the enemy's ships.
Then I pushed the end battle button and the game crashed.
I have some problems here...please help me

I have: Intel Core Duo 3,16 GHz E8500 with 4 GB of Ram; Vista 32 bit with Service Pack 2; Nvidia GTX GEForce 285.



noxious -> RE: Game crash (11/25/2009 11:51:31 PM)

Lower all graphics settings to their lowest in options menu (accessible from the main screen or through the M button on the advisor widget, upper left screen in-game), while Bob, aka Ntronium (one man shop, don't forget) works on a solution for certain nvidia GPUs/driver combos.
Some have been able to get around this problem just by lowering shadows, but try first by lowering all sliders.
You can then try pushing them back up one by one, one notch at a time.
Cheers !

Erik Rutins -> RE: Game crash (11/27/2009 8:37:34 PM)

Hi Fabius,

Did Noxious' advice help in your case or are you still experiencing issues? If so, could you post a DxDiag file for us please?


- Erik

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